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Emergency Help, Nonprofit and Development Information,
Survival, Rescue and Disaster Preparation
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CPR for baby, child, adult - instructions and links
Poison Emergency Phones Worldwide (also animal poisoning)
Heimlich Maneuver - Help For Choking, Asthma & Drowning
Emergency Phones What to Do For Snake Bites, Stings, Poisons and Antivenom Sources (also for animals)
Influenza H1N1 A - Swine Flu - Links to Information, Preparation, Alternatives, and Updates
Multi-Emergency Help Page - alerts, news, preparation, worldwide ambulance, fire, police, cpr, heimlich, snake bites, stings, poisons, antivenom information
How To Reduce Your Chances of a Heart Attack
Where To Get Help When You Need It Layoff? Is there an Alternative? Assessing your position in a changing environment.
Lightning Safety Instructions and Major Links
Instructions on Desert Survival Preparation
Forest Fires or Wildland Fires preparation, prevention, educational sites links to satellite images,
Hospital bugs, super germs: Protecting yourself and your loved ones in the hospital. Something can be done
Find antivenom international for bites and stings - phones and links
Emergency CPR - How to for dogs, cats and birds with other links
Most deadly hazards for pet birds
>How To Care For and What To Do For Pet Birds. Includes Dangers and Problems
Emergency phones whale and dolphin stranding & rescue links
Directory and links to oil spill bird rescue
Approaches to Working With Dyslexia - Links and Discussion
Women's and Girls' Education Projects Information
Prepare for Terrorist Attack - Individual & Family Disaster Plan
Emergency Planning, Preparedness and Control Centers Schools, Businesses, Small Installations
Safe room (saferoom) tips from experience and links to information on protected area for short range missiles
Links to International Nonprofit Emergency SAR Search and Rescue Teams and News
Links to emergency communications development organizations for disaster warning, disaster support and emergency telecommunications and standardization
Links to Adaptive Nonprofit Wheelchairs & Handcycles - Disability and Disabled Sports Associations, Free wheelchairs For Needy Worldwide
Computer Recycling Re-use. How to recycle, donate, get used computers local/international nonprofits, education, charity.
How to raise money for nonprofit - financing and support of not-for-profit
Charities and Nonprofit Organizations Worthy of Your Donation
Small Nonprofits Empowering People
Discussion and Links to Abuse of Street Children Sites
Water: Biosaline agriculture, water from air, rain water, fog collectors, desalination at community & individual level
Sustainable Agriculture Using Cover Crops
Links to Water Projects and Water Availability
India Sustainable Development Project Funding Partnerships and Financing Rural Focus Links
Pakistan Sustainable Development Project Funding Partnerships and Financing Rural Focus Links
HIV/AIDS: Getting a Handle on the Crisis
Hepatitis C - Discussion and Links
SARS - Perspective and interpretation
Links to information on Genetic Hereditary Hemochromatosis
How We Learn
Failures of Peace Agreements, Principles, Negotiations and Checklist
Assessment of Action and Response to Terrorism
Decision Making and Problem Solving Processes
Problem Solving - Observations and Methods
Teaching by Problem Solving - Observations and Methods
Principles and Rules of Planning and Action - Global Crisis Solution Center
Organizing For Success: Emphasizing the value of independent initiative in operation continuity and problem solving
Large Scale Crisis Preparation and Response Paradigm for terrorism, natural disasters, accidents effecting large populations
Thoughts on the Assumptions of Conflict: Securiy, Straegies, Escalation and De-esclation
Solar Cooking, water pasteurization links and videos/images
Whale and Dolphin (cetacean) Stranding and Assistance
emergency phones whale and dolphin stranding & rescue
Sustainable Development Rural Project Funding Partnerships and Financing Links
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Think Pieces On Problem Solving, Teaching Techniques and Rules For Action by Global Crisis Solution Center
Directory page: Animal Emergencies and Care including CPR Dogs and Cats, Whale and Dolphin Stranding, Bird and Animal Oil Spill Rescue, Pet Birds, Care and Hazards
How-To Preparation For Disasters and Emergencies & Resources For Response and Aftermath
Directory of Nonprofit Help (where to help, how to help) indexing Nonprofit Cycles & Chairs, Computer Recycling, Woment's and Girls' Education
Mission and Task Preparation, Response and Security, Peace Agreement Failures: Checklists and Complete Planning Details by Global Crisis Solution Center
Index to Water and Sustainable Agriculture Topics Including Desalination, Saline Agriculture, Fog Collectors, Well Water & Sanitation by Global Crisis Solution Center
Health Issues including Hepatitus C, Hereditary Hemochromatosis (iron overload), AID/AIDS The Controversy, SARS
Pressure Immobilization Method: Links to discussion
Bird personalities and stories
Bird personalities and stories
Approaches to Working With Dyslexia - Links and Discussion
Dyslexia definitions
Outline for Problem Solving Method
Types of Green Manures/Cover Crops Tropical Agriculture
Emergency Help, Nonprofit and formDevelopment Information, Survival, Rescue and Disaster Preparation, Problem Solving
Help Finding Money and Jobs the Right Way
Copy of CDC Recommendations For Handwashing in a Clinical Setting
Studies showing antibiotics destroy anaerbic flora allowing growth of Clostridium difficile (C difficile). Recommends narrow spectrum antibiotics and only when necessary
Form For Small Nonprofits Empowering People Listing At