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There are 11 required items marked with * (asterisk). These items will be used to make up the listing on the nonprofit page describing your organization. Fill out the rest which you feel comfortable completing. They will be added until the 400 word limit is reached (see under important note below). The main purpose is to get people interested in going into your website. So choose extra fields carefully. However, if you do not have a website, we will place all extra information provided onto a separate page linked to your description.
Completion of other fields will help potential funding sources, other groups, researchers, potential recipients of your work find you.
Please Note: We do not solicit funding for nonprofit organizations nor do we ourselves give funding. The page at is an informational page only which may help charitable organizations, or individuals find you.

Important Note: In the required items (*) total words of all *items together cannot be more than 400. There is no limit on other fields. Please note also that all boxes which are more than 1 line are unlimited multiple line fields.

If a required item is not applicable, please insert N/A.

Country of operation
If country is not in list, select 'written in name' and write in here:

* Names of area, districts, counties, cities which are main focus of activities :

* Generally recognized name of organization (official name, if different, enter further down) :

* One line descriptive slogan :

About us :
* Vision :

* Mission :

* General description of org :

* Services offered :

* Year established :
Brief history :

Impact data / statistics :

List of major categories of service/work/projects/fundraising :

Brief projects / achievements :

Information sources :

Programs organized during the year :

Information on other sites :

One moving testimonial :

* Official full name of organization :

Physical address of organization :

Times of operation :

Key persons or officers (optional email, telephone):

Contact person:
Site address :     

Financials :
Major coverage by :

Revenue sources :

Key sponsors :

Approximate yearly budget :
Currency If Other, please write currency name:
Accounts audited by :

Organization :
- Full time :    
- Part-time :   
- Volunteers :
- Trustees :   
- Others :          Please specify :

Registration Data:
* General Name of Law Under Which Registered
* email : 


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Brief explanations of items to help in filling form

If you feel that a question is already covered in another answer, leave the question blank or type in N/A if a required item.

  • Country - select country in which your work is done, even if you are registered in or do fund raising in another country. If your country is not listed, choose the selection 'written in name' at top of list, and write in the name in the space underneath.
  • Name of area... - List only major centers of activity. If you also do some work country wide or in several countries, you may list these also.
  • Name of Organization - Generally recognized name of organization (official name, if different, to be entered further down the page.) Include initials if used and any name by which your organization is known or recognized.
  • Slogan Put in a descriptive phrase which indicates what you do or what your organization means to those it serves.
  • Vision - The basic idea behind the organization.
  • Mission - A broad definition of what services and presence you present to the community.
  • General Description - General idea of what you are doing at the present time to fulfill the vision and mission and any other goals which have arisen during the time.
  • Services offered - Specific broad categories of different services which your organization provides and to whom.
  • Brief history Very brief history of the organization and its major achievements and the hurdles overcome. Major milestones.
  • Impact data/statistics Give round figures here of achievements, people served.
  • List of current major categories of service/work/projects/fundraising
  • Brief projects / achievements
  • Information on other sites Where else can information be found about your organization and your work.
  • Programs organized during the year Major programs started during the previous 12 month period
  • One moving testimonial something someone has written or said which reflects the accomplishments of the organization
  • Official full name of organization This is the nonprofit registered name of your organization.
  • The following are self explanatory:Physical address, Tel, Fax, Times of operation, Key persons or officers (optional email, telephone):
  • Contact person This may be a department, individual, or general information center
  • Site address Internet site address: http://
  • Major coverage Who or what organization provides the major funding base.
  • Revenue sources What are other sources of revenue. You do not need to be specific here. Just general information - no amounts.
  • Key sponsors Who are some key sponsors who are not necessarily the major funding base.
  • Approximate yearly budget The average per year over the last 5 year period.
  • Staff Round figures on different types of staff: Full time, Part-time, Volunteers, Trustees, Others.
  • General Name of Law Under Which Registered The exact name does not need to be given here. Just the type of law under which you have nonprofit status and from whom.
  • Notes/Comments Any additional information you wish to give, comments on this form, or related to what globalcrisis is doing. Also place here continuation of any lines of information where there was insufficient room on the form itself.
  • Form modelled after template for nonprofits from -- for concerned citizens.