Emergency phones and references for assistance in whale and dolphin strandings

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Hotline Phones in Whale and Dolphin Strandings
Last Link Check: 8 October 2008    Last updated: 8 October 2008
Please send us information on other teams worldwide. webmaster@globalcrisis

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    Phones to Call for Help in live strandings

    This page lists phones for groups which rescue live animals, rehabilitate if necessary, and return them to the sea. Hopefully this information will increase the odds of survival. Contacting one of the groups listed will help alert other groups in your area able to help in rescue efforts. Groups not dealing with whale-dolphin strandings not generally included.

    Asking for details of rescue in progress, or finding a dead animal
    If you have questions to ask about the progress of a stranding or find a dead whale or dolphin, please click on source next to organization name below for number to call or go to Reporting ProceduresHotline numbers below generally only for live strandings.

    Stranding Rescue On finding a stranded whale or dolphin, see what to do and then call a rescue team in your area (check listing below)

    Calling for Help Numbers below to specially trained groups worldwide. If your area does not appear, local information services may be able to advise.
    When you call, have as much as possible of the following info: Exact location, type of animal, and description of bodily features, numbers if more then one, approximate size, coloring, physical condition, apparent wounds, breathing rate, kind of beach stranded on-sand/rock, and whether animal in or out of the surf, rescue attempts already made, your return phone number.
    Helps determine the advice given over phone, type emergency equipment brought by rescue team, number of team members, other groups called.
  • World Animal Net
    Select category: 'Marine Animals' or 'Wild Life Rehab Center'. "World Animal Net is the world's largest network of animal protection societies with over 2,000 affiliates in more than 100 countries working to improve the status and welfare of animals."
    World Animal Net
    United States
    Tel: + 1 (617) 524-3670
    Fax: + 1 (360) 364-7347
    email: info@ worldanimal.net
    United Kingdom
    e-mail: info@worldanimal.net
  • Orrca Marine Mammal Rescue and sighting in Australia 24 hour hotline +61 2 9415 3333 source
    Brazil International Wildlife Coalition Imbituba, SC, Tel/Fax: +55 (48) 255.2922 source
  • BDMLR national hotline 01825 765546 click on 'rescue' and then near top of page on 'help page', other 01825 767688 (British Divers Marine Life Rescue) Gillingham, Kent, ME7 1SB source
  • RSPCA cruelty hotline 0870 5555999 (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) source
  • listing of phones for live stranded and dead animals British Isles listing of phones in British Isles
    Many phones: British Isles & European strandings.
  • The Marine Mammal Rescue Team (MMRT) hotline: 283 0800 UNIT 13 99 66 and (mobile: 087 2333406) (acc WDCS) source
  • Irish Whale and Dolphin Group for number to call stranding coordinator E-mail: strandings@iwdg.ie
    Excellent interactive map and tables of strandings by species and period, with some photographs. Map Legend gives color coded numbers by size and species.

    Ireland National Parks and Wildlife Service tel: +353-1-8882000 fax: +353-1-8883272 LoCall 1890 202 021 (from Republic of Ireland only)
    Israel Israel Marine Mammal Research & Assistance Center (IMMRAC) Gives current phone numbers and response protocols if a stranded animal is found. "...Nationwide, 24 hour alert net which responds to real-time reports of distressed-at-sea, floating, beached and stranded dolphins, as well as a modest rehabilitation facility for sick/injured animals." Details of IMMRAC
  • Cetacean Research Unit (CRRU) (+44) 1261 851 696    (local rate, UK only) 0845 1081422 source
  • RSPCA on 0870 555 9999 for rescue of live stranded marine animals in Wales. source WDCS
  • WDCS listing of rescue organizations in Australia, England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, New Zealand source
    Brazil International Wildlife Coalition, Imbituba, SC P.O. Box 201 Tel/Fax: +55 (48) 255.2922 IWC-Brasil Home Page
  • Wildlife Rehabilitation Directory Emergency Phone Numbers by Province and Territory source
  • Nova Scotia
    Yarmouth - Marine Mammal Stranding Network c/o Yarmouth SPCA Yarmouth, Nova Scotia Phone: 902-742-9767 soource
  • Prince Edward Island Environmental Emergencies (oil, pesticide and chemical spills, defective aids to navigation, marine mammal strandings, inland wildlife) 1-800-565-1633 (unverified) source
  • P.E.I. Marine Mammal Stranding Network source (902) 892-1190/1191 FAX: (902) 892-3617 Part of the Canadian Animal Distress Network. Tel: 902-569-4803, Fax: 902-569-2839. (unverified) Contact: Patricia Gray (email: pgray@islandtelecom.com). Call 1-800-565-1633 to reach the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, the P.E.I. Marine Mammal Stranding Network, or the Atlantic Veterinary Hospital. source
  • Whale Emergency Network: 1-888-854 4440 source Established in the Bay of Fundy. This team is primarily focused on right whales but will be capable of disentangling other species as the need arises.
  • Caribbean Stranding Network (Website down when checked) Phone: 787-766-1717 ext. 6600 Fax: 787-751-5840 email rcv@caribe.net Emergencies Auspciado por cingular wireless: 787-402-2337 or 402-7243 Unit 990-0440 Emergencies Auspiciado por cingular wireless: 787-399-VIDA (787-399-8432) source (English and Spanish)
    The Danish Stranding Network is based on a contingency plan developed and managed by the National Forest and Nature Agency in cooperation with the Zoological Museum in Copenhagen and the Fisheries and Maritime Museum in Esbjerg.
  • National Forest and Nature Agency
    Palle Uhd Jepsen Senior Adviser Nature and Wildlife Section Danish Forest and Nature Agency Oksbol Tel: +45 76 54 10 40 Fax: +45 76 54 10 46 E-mail: puj@sns.dk (per communication 27 May 2002)
  • Zoological Museum (ZM), University of Copenhagen, Universitetsparken 15, DK-2100 Copenhagen, Denmark (cckinze@zmuc.ku.dk). Tel: +45 3532 1073 Fax: +45 3532 1010 E-mail: cckinze@zmuc.ku.dk Director Museum Tel: +45 3532 1103 Fax: +45 3532 1010 (unverified)
  • Fisheries and Maritime Museum in Esbjerg Tel: +45 7612 2000 Fax: +45 76122010 e-mail fimus@fimus.dk (unverified)
    Gran Canaria
    General emergency hotline 112
    Fundacion Aspro Natura "Foundation staff systematically organize cetacean stranding support actions and run an information network that operates a 24-hour telephone hotline connected to the general emergency hotline 112. Activities include the preparation of records, gathering biometrical data of all stranded specimens and providing assistance to surviving animals. All dead cetaceans in good state of conservation undergo necropsy and sample taking operations. In addition, both a database and a large photographic archive are kept up-to-date at all times."
  • Europ Assistance source Europ Assistance (+39-02-58240050) Also, to report a stranding: Service to the stranding network by collecting all the sightings related to the presence of a strandled, stranded or beached cetacean 02-58241
    In case of animals stranded alive along the Italian coastline the contact persons are: Dr. Marco Borri, Museo "La Specola" di Firenze, Sezione del Museo di Storia Naturale dell'Universit? di Firenze 055-2288255 or Dr. Alessandro Bortolotto, Zo?nomia e Universit? degli Studi di Padova, Agripolis (Legnaro) 339-2615116 / 38-ZOONOMIA
  • Red de Varamientos de Yucatan, A.C., Yucatan Stranding Network, Reseau d'Echouages de Yucatan source
    tel: (999) 946 55 58 E-mail: revay@revay.org y (999) 948 36 10 Cel. 044 (999) 148 45 77
    New Zealand
  • Department of Conservation DOC For Conservation emergencies (marine mammal stranding, injured wildlife and law enforcement): For Conservation emergencies (marine mammal stranding, injured wildlife and law enforcement): 0800 DOCHOTline (0800 362 468) source
  • Project Jonah Auckland 24 hr. Hotline:0800 4 942 537 (08000 4 WHALE RESCUE) / (025) 941 772 email: orca@ezysurf.co.nz source
  • Marine Watch Trust New Zealand rescue line: 025 358 909 contact Jim Lilley source according to report, normally called out by DOC Email: jimlilley@free.net.nz
  • La Organización Científica para Conservación de Animales (conocida como Orccamm, y actualmente ORCA) in English: Scientific Organization for the Conservation of Marine Mammals (ORCCAMM or ORCA) Their two emergency telephones are connected 24 hours a day: Call:(1) 9938-9430 / 9392-5656 / 9410-9840 or Nextel: 410*9840 / 407*4804 / 816*2371 source
  • Whale Hotline: 0427 – WHALES (0427 942 537) Department of Primary Industries, Water and Environment (DPIWE), Nature Conservation Branch - Parks and Wildlife Service Fax: Fax: 03 6233 3477 email: NatureConservationEnquiries@dpiwe.tas.gov.au source
    United States
    Nationwide Major Listing of Groups and Phones
  • Stranding Network Participants Hotline
    Lists all phone numbers for US main continental coastal areas plus Alaska, Hawaii, and including Puerto Rico, and Virgin Islands. Also includes British Columbia. National Marine Mammal Fisheries Service & Marine Mammal Conservation
    Marine Mammal Stranding Network NOAA Fisheries - Office of Protected Resources Gives listing of all network participants with phone numbers and addresses in each region of the U.S. source
  • U.S. National Marine Mammal Health and Stranding Response Program (MMHSRP) giving networks, coordinators, stranding networks, stranding reports, Sea Turtle Stranding and Salvage Network (STSSN) ,responses/investigations of mortality events, biomonitoring, tissue/serum banking, and analytical quality assurance, publications and many other issues, analyises and reports. source
  • National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration's 24-hour phone line 1-800-853-1964
  • Whale Disentanglement: Disentanglement Network and Rapid Response - Center for Coastal Studies Providence, MA email: ccs@coastalstudies.org source Disentanglement Network: source PLEASE REPORT WHALE ENTANGLEMENTS TO 1-800-900-3622 or Coast Guard Station nearest your location - channel 16, VHF Radio "Since 1984, the Center for Coastal Studies has freed more than ninety large whales from life threatening entanglements, using techniques developed by Center staff. The Center is the only organization on the east coast of the United States federally authorized, by National Marine Fisheries Service, to disentangle large, free swimming whales, such as the humpback and the critically endangered North Atlantic right whale*. Over the years PCCS has also disentangled other marine animals, like dolphins and porpoises, seals and sea turtles."
  • Marine Mammal Center California source Map: source
    San Luis Obispo County through Mendocino County 24 hours hotline 415.289.SEAL (7325) (to report a stranded marine mammal)
    Not in the above ranges, call: National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration's 24 hour hotline 1.800.853.1964
    California - Southern California
  • The Whale Rescue Team - Marine Mammal or Sea Bird Emergencies 1 (800) 39-WHALE source
    Marine Mammal Stranding Network NMFS Pacific Area Emergency Toll Free Number 888-256-9840 Office source

    Maine USA
  • Maine Marine Animal Reporting Hotline. Stranded Marine Animals - what to do.source Tel: 1-800-532-9551. Centered at the University of New England in Biddeford.
    Massachusetts, Cape Cod, Long Island, New York
  • The Cape Cod Stranding Network 24 hr hotline 508-743-9548 source Fax: 508.759.5477
  • International Fund for Animal Welfare International Headquarters Yarmouth Port, MA Phone: 1 508 744 2000 Phone: 1 800 932 4329 Fax: 1 508 744 2009 info@ifaw.org source For other work of the IFAW worldwide, see source
    One of the founding members of Cape Cod Stranding Network. Other founding members: Humane Society of the United States, Pegasus Foundation Partners,
  • New England Aquarium New York/Long Island 24-hour Marine Animal Rescue Hotline: (617) 973-5247 source "Established in 1968, our Marine Animal Rescue Team has responded to thousands of calls to provide medical treatment for whales, dolphins, porpoises, seals and sea turtles."
  • National Marine Life Center source Buzzards Bay 508-743-9888
    One of the founding members of Cape Cod Stranding Network. "A STRANDING HOT SPOT The region is a stranding "hot spot" More marine animals come ashore alive in this area than anywhere else in North America"

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