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Problem Solving and Techniques For Teaching

  • Realistic Decision Making
                Includes discussion on the clarification process, decision between alternatives,
                a realistic assessment method, negative thinking plus selected web resources
  • Problem Solving
                Finding Solutions, Example Problem, Possible Solutions, Relevant Sites
  • Teaching Thru Problem Solving
                Ways in which We Learn Best, Steps in Helping Students in the Problem Solving
                Process, Assumptions, Examples
  • Principles for Action
                Basic Principles of Action, Rules of Action, The DON'TS, Planning of an Action,
                Accounting for All Parties to an Action, Related References
                "Principle I: No act is trivial. All acts have consequences which radiate from them.
                Principle II: Assumptions are the downfall of actions. An assumption is a belief or
                knowledge which is taken for granted as being true when in fact it may not ...more

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