Passionists came to India in 1981 in Cochin, Kerala. Now it has spread in four different states of India and has established nine houses. In India, Passionists are involved in parish ministry, retreat ministry and prison ministry. We have 25 Indian Passionist priests, two Passionist brothers and 65 students are in their formation in India.

Mission and Congregation Details:
I am Fr. Joseph Xavier C.P. belong to the congregation of the passion of Jesus working in the Mission Parish Randham in the diocese of VELLORE, Tamilnadu.

The Mission Parish Randham was established on July 24th 1996 and handed over to Passionist religious. At present , three Passionist religious priests are working in the Mission Parish Randham.
The Mission Parish Randham is a remote and backward village in Arni, north Arcot district and VELLORE diocese in Tamilnadu state. This mission parish has eleven substations scattered over 15-20 kilometers. The people of this village are agricultural laborers. There are no industries or factories. People live in the village and villagers depend on seasonal agriculture. Agriculture is their livelihood. Agriculture also depends on rain. When the rain fails the crops also fail. Some of them are looking after sheep and cattle. About 50% of the people are illiterate. Medical facilities are available only in the towns. There is no way that people could support us to construct a School for educating the poor children in and around the villages. Our financial position in the congregation supports us with our daily living expenses, and no funds are available to construct a school to support the ministry.

We have been working in this place for the past 12 years. God has blessed and guided our past years. People of the area are happy and benefited by our work. The Lord has given us all that we need for our Mission service to the people.