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Human Trafficking: a desperate appeal from the Sinai

Globalcrisis has received the plea below from Everyone Group which was relayed to them by a group of hostages (young men and women) who are being held and tortured by human traffickers in Northern Sinai, close to the Israeli border. If money demanded by the traffickers is not received, the organs of these young people will be sold. This type of abuse, torture and murder must be stopped. Globalcrisis and Everyone group hopes that the civilized world can end this atrocity.

Rome, January 2nd, 2011. The New Year starts with a desperate plea that Everyone Group is passing on to the United Nations, the institutions of the European Union, the Egyptian authorities and the Palestinian territories (where the leaders of the trafficking in human beings and organs reside). A group of young hostages has launched a tragic appeal for help from northern Sinai, near the Israeli border. "We have been beaten, tortured, humiliated in the most atrocious fashion. We have now received an ultimatum from our persecutors: if our families do not pay $ 33,000 per head within 24 hours, we will be sold to clandestine clinics that traffic in human organs. We are calling on the civilized countries, religious people who abhor these atrocities, the United Nations and the European Union not to abandon us. If we had been Europeans or Americans, would you have left us in this terrible condition? We are young men and women who have fled from a country that persecuted us.

Help us, in the name of God and humanity.
Samuel, Oktubal, Nathaniel, Filmon, Ermias,Tesfit, Ephrem, Mussie, Frwi Mussie, Yohannes, Amanuel, Awet, Kiru".

PLEA: torture of Eritreans must stop.jpg



A report-complaint against the smuggling of migrants 
in the Sinai (Egypt)


The following is reproduced here with permission of the originators EveryOne Group
Photos from original are not included.
The original is located at EveryOne Group's site A report-complaint


Wednesday, January 4, 2012, by EveryOne Group


UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navanethem Pillay
UN High Commissioner for Refugees, António Guterres  
UN Special Rapporteur on trafficking in persons Joy Ngozi Ezeilo
President of the European Parliament Jerzy Buziek
Commissioner for Human Rights of the Council of Europe, Thomas Hammarberg
President of the European Commission, José Manuel Barroso
Vice-president and high representative of the Union for foreign affairs and security policy, Catherine Margaret Ashton
OSCE Special Representative and Co-ordinator for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings, Maria Grazia Giammarinaro
Secretary General of the Council of Europe Thorbjørn Jagland
President of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy
Egypt Embassy to Vatican
Supreme Council of the Armed Forces in Egypt, Mohamed Hussein Tantawi
Palestinian National Authority
International Criminal Court 
Civil Society

A network of robbers linked to international organized crime. The names of the most dangerous traffickers and their links with armed struggle organizations.
An appeal to the governments of the Republic of Egypt, the Palestinian territories, the United Nations, the International Criminal Court, the authorities of Israel, Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Libya, Tunisia, and those of Dubai, Saudi Arabia, the European Union and countries outside Europe where there are links with the criminal trade underway in Northern Sinai.

Rome, January 4th, 2012. EveryOne Group is continuing its campaign against the trafficking of sub-Saharan migrants and human organs in the Sinai, a criminal phenomenon that has continued for many years without the authorities of the Republic of Egypt or the institutions of the Palestinian territories doing anything to block it, despite being aware of the identity and location of the traffickers' hideouts. Before the long international campaign that EveryOne Group is conducting (alongside other organizations for the rights of refugees and the fight against people trafficking) this trafficking in Sinai was ignored by the press and both the local and international authorities.
Today, however, this terrible phenomenon has become public domain. The United Nations, the European Union and the mainstream media of the civilized world have taken notice of the horrors taking place in the Sinai: the kidnappings, the heavy extortion, murders, kidney transplants, cases of torture and rape. However, if this information regarding the plight of migrants in the Sinai dries up, this odious trafficking will continue to be carried out along with the general indifference of the world. We must therefore increase our efforts and transform our anger into civil actions, because the world must stand up and refuse to allow these crimes against humanity to take place.

With this fresh report, EveryOne Group is reporting once again the authors of some of the most heinous crimes that have ever been committed by human beings. The complaint will be forwarded to the Egyptian authorities, the authorities of the Palestinian territories, and the authorities of Israel, Sudan, Libya, Ethiopia and Eritrea. All these countries have a role in the phenomenon of trafficking of migrants and organs. It starts out in Eritrea, Ethiopia and Sudan, where gangs of Rashaida Bedouins promise a better life to young Eritreans at risk of persecution or forced conscription. Once the migrants agree to leave for Israel, the trap is sprung. As well as the Rashaida gangs, other gangs are managing the trafficking among the Bedouins of the Sinai. These gangs also use Eritrean, Ethiopian and Sudanese accomplices who communicate with the prisoners and ensure that they ask the family for their ransom money without providing any other information. Some head-traffickers hold Eritrean women prisoner, as wives or concubines, as well as young slaves who have been unable to pay the ransom. Young sub-Saharan women are also sent to work as prostitutes in Egypt and the Palestinian territories, where in recent years the trafficking of women has become particularly well-established yet ignored by the international authorities:

jerusalem post: Rare report on prostitution in Palestinian territories

To effectively combat trafficking in human beings, we must understand its structure and dynamics. Thanks to witness accounts from refugees, NGOs and human rights defenders are in possession of the names of traffickers, who are members of Palestinian terrorist groups. Jihadist fundamentalism is self-financed by criminal activity. Not surprisingly, jihadist leaders are also members of the Arab-Mafia.Weapons, drugs, prostitution, the slave trade and trade in human organs are sources for funding of the terrorists who have adopted the motto that "the end justifies the means". They work alongside the world's criminal organizations.

The paramilitary political organizations work just like the Mafia, making use of cells around the world. Not surprisingly, relatives of prisoners in the Sinai do not only send their payments to Egypt, Israel, Ethiopia and Sudan, but also to Saudi Arabia, Dubai, and in Europe (Switzerland, United Kingdom, France, Sweden). This movement hiding behind pseudo-political ideologies is called  the "Arab Mafia" by some analysts. Fundamentalism and armed gangs work together and make the international trafficking of human beings, organs, drugs and weapons the foundation of their criminal activities.
To combat armed fundamentalism, we must fight the Mafia, to which it belongs. Money gives power to the criminals and, consequently, the fundamentalists (like the Mafia) always have more political weight. The reason Egypt is not able to eradicate the trafficking is the economic and political power of these armed movements. It is the same reason the Italian authorities, for example, cannot defeat the Mafia or even reduce its turnover. To get some results, they should fight the corruption of the authorities and then make use of collaborators of justice and private citizens who report - for a reward - the movement of human traffickers with their victims. It is important to keep in mind the links between organized crime and politics: Muslim Brotherhood egypt muslim brotherhood

Sinai, an almost lawless land, is the base of religious and political movements of armed struggle (from Egyptian Islamic Jihad to Hamas), and the traffickers in human beings and organs provide the means of financing these movements: Muslim Brotherhood Terror in Sinai

In Rafah, Al-Gorah, al-Arish, Sheikh Zuweid and other cities in the Sinai, Palestinian smugglers operate through the tunnels between the Egyptian and Palestinian sides of Rafah, along the "Philadelphia corridor". These are the barons of weapons, migrants and human organs trafficking. These powerful criminals have possessions in the Egyptian Sinai and in the Palestinian territories, where they move about freely, making use of the workers who until a few years ago worked in the transport of goods through the tunnels, but who in recent years have lost their jobs after Israel granted the free import of many goods: 2010/07/2010 Gaza tunnels going out of business

The head-traffickers control most of the 1,000 still active tunnels between Rafah and Palestine. The entrances to the tunnels are often within fenced-in Bedouin properties bordered by orchards. After the fall of Mubarak, the traffickers have had even more freedom in the Sinai: Egyptian military begins closing smuggling tunnels near gaza/2011/09/04/

As well as being an important base for Hamas and other organizations of armed struggle, Arish, the capital of the North Sinai Governorate, is a stronghold of Arab and international organized crime: Summer 2011 El Arish and the Sinai Peninsula Underworld, Egypt

Recently, thanks to the campaign against the trafficking in Sinai carried out by EveryOne Group, the New Generation Foundation for Human Rights, ICER and other NGOs, as well as CNN's important contribution with the "Freedom Project" (a key event in the fight against the trafficking of migrants and human organs), several traffickers have spontaneously released hundreds of sub-Saharan refugees:

everyOne Group: 2011/11/18: Slaves freed after CNN documentary

In addition, Bedouin members of the Al-Tiaha tribe clashed with a gang of traffickers from the Nakhalwa tribe and liberated a large group of hostages, most of them Eritreans. Many traffickers and some of the prisoners were killed in the crossfire:

usa today: Human organ trafficking war between Sinai Bedouins

everyOne Group: Notorious human smuggler shot dead; 611 Eritreans released

At the same time, thanks to an initiative by the Salafi groups in Sinai, small Bedouin security forces have been seen in Northern Sinai collaborating with the police. According to the activist Hamdy al-Azazy, president of the New Generation Foundation for Human Rights and observer for Everyone Group, the Bedouin tribes of Sinai are in the process of reaching an agreement to fight the trafficking in human beings and organs alongside the police, and go
after the major Palestinian traffickers: Abu Abdullah, Abu Mahmoud, Abu Musa, Abu Khaled, Abu Ahmed and others:

everyOne Group: Sinai_-_An Important Step in the Campaign against the Slave Trade

The situation in Arish, controlled by trafficking members of the  armed struggle movements, is well described in an article published in the Daily News Egypt: tunnel business security vacuum main concerns for arish residents

With regard to the identities of the traffickers, EveryOne Group has reported them to local and international authorities. In this report we have added some details that may be useful in ensuring their arrest, not only in the Sinai but also in the Palestinian territories

- Abu Abdullah is about 35 years old. He wears a beard, has a large family and several Eritrean concubines. He is one of the most violent traffickers, responsible for numerous murders, mutilations and torture. Sadistic with young prisoners, he is a rapist, and often carries out the most brutal crimes himself: Refugees: Smugglers raped us

He is very powerful in the Sinai and is well-known in the Palestinian territories where he is one of the leaders of Hamas, as well as a trafficker that Hamas has entrusted with controlling  some of the main tunnels. We must point out that Hamas has full control of the network of tunnels that link the two sides of Rafah: Gaza Strip smuggling tunnels smugglers back at work in tunnels beneath gaza hamas already plotting to nab more jews emboldened by release Terrorists say 'ceasefire' enables arms smuggling and training

- Abu Mahmoud is also a Hamas man, and he too controls several of the tunnels: Egyptian unrest undermines gaza tunnel business

- The same goes for Abu Khaled, who declared his belonging to Hamas in an interview with The Telegraph: 2010/12/17_Dove sono i profughi eritrei. Chi sono i trafficanti Egypts Gaza smugglers shrug off reports of border barrier Roads to riches run deep in Rafah

- Abu Ahmed is a Palestinian Bedouin, considered a Hamas activist, who works between the Palestinian territories and Northern Sinai. He is a member of the notorious Sawarka family of traffickers: In Egypt's Bedouin Badlands: No Police Allowed Egypts Gaza smugglers shrug off reports of border barrier  hundreds of refugees held hostage in sinai torture camps need rescuing

Recently, another member of the Sawarka family freed, on his own initiative, 32 young Eritreans hostages, enabling them to reach Israel. The trafficker agreed with the leaders of the Bedouin tribes of Sinai to put a stop to trafficking in human beings and organs: 2011/12/25_Sinai slave trade 32 more refugees released

- Abu Musa is another dangerous criminal who operates mainly in Southern Sinai. We have already provided his details and the location of his hideout to the authorities: EveryoneGroup12-2-11.pdf Group Locates Hideout of the Trafficker Abu Musa locates the hideout of the trafficker Abu Musa

With this report, EveryOne Group is appealing to the Egyptian Government and the Palestinian authorities to undertake investigations aimed at dismantling the hideouts of these traffickers, and to free the hostages, granting them the right to international protection, in consultation with UNHCR, as refugees and victims of trafficking. We are asking them to prosecute the leaders of the people and organ trafficking, their collaborators, and the criminal network that works directly or indirectly with them through collusion, bribery, corruption, and contact with the organized crime groups linked to these terrible acts against humanity. At the same time, EveryOne Group is appealing to the United Nations and the International Criminal Court in The Hague to prosecute - according to the authority granted to those organizations - the abductions, murders, episodes of torture and rape, extortion, and the illegal removal of kidneys and other organs that has been going on, unpunished, for years in the Sinai. Finally, EveryOne Group, which is based in Italy, has appealed for help to the governments of Egypt, Palestine, Israel, Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Libya, Tunisia, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, the European Union and those countries outside Europe that have links with the trafficking in Northern Sinai, particularly regarding the deposits - through money transfer agencies or bank accounts - of the ransoms paid by the families of prisoners being held hostage.

Awaiting an answer and a promise of urgent action aimed at combating the phenomenon of criminal trafficking in the Sinai, we send you our best regards.

Roberto Malini, Matteo Pegoraro, Dario Picciau - co-presidents of EveryOne Group

Gruppo EveryOne
Tel: (+ 39) 393 - 4010237  |  (+ 39) 331-3585406
Everyone :: Contact

E. Coli in Europe - Possible Help In Dealing With The Situation
10:30AM GMT 2 June 2011

The current E. coli outbreak in Europe has been identified as a rare form of Escherichia coli EHEC O104:H4[1] which has only one previously documented case, a woman in Korea in 2005[2]. A certain percentage of the current cases have developed haemolytic uraemic syndrome (HUS) less than 30% of the current EHEC cases, which can in certain instances cause kidney failure, neurological complications and death with the percentage of these cases low (approximately 4% of those with HUS May 31, 2011). There are a number of spices and herbs which have a strong anti-microbial effect on E. coli, and against viruses, fungi and the like. What we normally use judiciously to season our dishes may, in slightly greater amounts if added to our food, actually act as a bulwark against the current illness spreading across Europe. And when I say greater amount, I mean really pouring them on, as I normally do. Although regular use of any of the group may in fact be helpful. The ones I will mention and reference are only some of those which may be of use but are the ones mentioned the most in the anti-microbial literature: cinnamon, turmeric, thyme, oregano, sage, garlic[see garlic precaution below], rosemary[see rosemary precaution below]. Perhaps this possibility of using these against E. coli should be checked out more fully. But in the meantime, you might stock up on spices.
See Referencesand A word of precautionbelow.

A word of precaution: the spices mentioned are generally safe to consume with food in normal cullinary use. However, if you are unfamiliar with one which you wish to use, wish to substantially increase the amount of fresh or dried form used, or wish to take in a different form e.g essential oil, it is best to check for possible side effects if any e.g allergic reactions, interactions with medications such as blood thinning medications or during pregancy, and general effects on the body other than its effect as an anti-microbial. See "Adverse effects and toxicology" for garlic. In the case of rosemary, be sure to use the powdered form as some supplies of dried leaves may include parts of dried stems which could be dangerous when ingested. Also "Rosemary essential oil is potentially toxic if ingested. Large quantities of rosemary leaves can cause adverse reactions, such as coma, spasm, vomiting, and pulmonary edema (fluid in the lungs) that can be fatal. Avoid consuming large quantities of rosemary especially if pregnant or breastfeeding" rosemary

Possible sources to check for interaction of the listed spices/herbs are as following:
Search within each of the sites for each spice. Not all of the spices are covered by each source. at
University of Maryland Medical Center at at List_of_culinary_herbs_and_spices cinnamon, turmeric, thyme, oregano, sage, garlic, rosemary

Selected references of anti-microbial action of each spice:
1. Cinnamon Is Lethal Weapon Against E. Coli O157:H7
2. Inactivation of Escherichia coli O157:H7 by Essential Oil from Cinnamonum zeylanicum
3. The Study of Turmeric as an Effective Antiseptic Agent against Escherichia coli Strain K-12 Bacteria
4. Antimicrobial Activity of Turmeric
5. Ginger and garlic shown to have antimicrobial effects in tests by National Center for Food Safety and Technology. Surprisingly turmeric had none against E. coli O157:H7. A comparison of the antimicrobial activity or garlic, ginger, carrot, and turmeric pastes...
6. Effects of spices on growth and survival of Escherichia coli 0157...
7. Oregano Oil Kills E. coli, Influenza
8. Thyme
9. Sage Benefits and Information 
10. Sage
11. Potential of rosemary oil to be used in drug-resistant infections

Part of the text was previously published on
keywords: food, E. coli, EHEC, HUS, spices, herbs, cinnamon, garlic, turmeric, thyme, oregano, sage, rosemary, health, germs, microbes, viruses, fungi

Perspective on Allied Response In Libya
We must never lose sight of our overall values and philosophies of life in the setting of goals, the furtherance of our planning, and the means used in fulfilling the operations towards our goals. 
We must be clear with those we are helping as to our goals, our basis for aid, the extent to which the aid is forthcoming, the limits, timing and method of its provision, and of its uses. 
We must be ever aware of the ways in which those involved are attempting to further their own goals. In any operation there will be those who are following, or attempting to orchestrate the means available in furtherance of, their own agenda. In some cases this may be antithetical to our goals, but this cannot stop the overall purpose and steadfastness of our involvement. 
We must constantly improve our ability to collect as much information as possible on all action-relevant factors. We must employ different ways of assessing events, remaining open to new ideas and capabilities, and interpret facts from different points of view in order to avoid being stonewalled into perspectives which may blindside us to what is occurring in real time as well as what can occur in the future.  
All possible options must be constantly generated and checked, and countermeasures prepared to handle all eventualities. These possibilities must include direct as well as indirect maneuvers to include those outside our own frame of reference and the limits of our own actions and philosophies in order to preclude unanticipated results. There should be no surprises, and when there are, we should have the information, the mindset, and the alternative capabilities available to deal with them.  
We must use all available resources to enable us to see the situation from the perspective of the opponent in terms of all possible actions. In this regard, never forget the Battle of Thermopylae. 
We must constantly evaluate the overall effect of processes in terms of the potentialities for subsequent steps, but most importantly in terms of possible consequences for the future.  We must never lose sight of the final results of our actions, and their effect on all participants and non-participants to include a global perspective, for nothing occurs in isolation. 
And most importantly, we must act completely within the framework of our belief system, and the initial rationale for involvement and the goals set, with constant evaluation of the tremendous pressures from all sides to redirect operations and change the type or limits of operations. To allow pressures based on finances, fears, or cross purpose perspectives to sway us will only denigrate who we are and what we can accomplish, not only in the present but for all future generations.

Libyan Crisis
If you agree with this and know someone who can make a difference,
please send this to them.
Thanks, The Editor

To the Security Council, leaders of the Arab League nations, and the leader of any nation with the military capability to put into immediate force the necessary military and preventative actions in the Libyan conflict 
What I would do if I had the power: 
The Arab league has requested Security Counsel Action. If the Security Counsel cannot act within the time frame necessary to prevent the occurrence of those threats within Libya which prompted the Arab League request, I would take the following steps: 
1. Place my forces at the behest of Arab League nations, with necessary veto power,  to implement those measures, both diplomatic and military, necessary to create an immediate buffer zone between warring factions, and a cease fire which would provide for reconsideration regarding the future of their country by forces on both sides to the Libyan conflict. 
2. Protect natural resources and methods of extraction and their utilization from sabotage. 
3. Make it absolutely clear that any further actions, trade, economic activity, protection of wealth in the future by the current regime will be blocked worldwide. Start the initiation process of such a blockade by all participating countries to give the pronouncement immediate validity. 
4. Under the premise that with nothing to lose Qaddafi will not halt the aggression and subsequent repression, promise that in exchange for immediate abdication, planned worldwide sanctions on his person will be lifted. Otherwise, make it very clear that all international legal sanctions will be implemented against him and will be carried out. In exchange for cooperation or immediate release of power, provide the leader and family with a safe haven, and a release from proposed sanctions. 
5. And, set in place an international framework for helping the divergent political forces within the country to come together in creating a viable and stable transitional period toward a popularly elected constitutional government which will adequately safeguard all peoples, national aspirations, economic, cultural and political structures, and provide for future development as a nation within the community of nations. 
But this must be accomplished now, within hours, and not after the fall of the popular front, and its attendant repression which may be too horrible for the world to witness, particularly knowing that it could have been prevented. 
Another group of African hostages in Northern Sinai.

Milan, February 28th, 2010. Yesterday EveryOne Group and Agenzia Habeshia heard that a group of 30 African migrants in the northern Sinai (Egypt) had fallen into the hands of some Rashaida Bedouin traffickers who are asking their families a total of EUR 20,000 for their release. The migrants had hoped to take refuge in Israel.

"We immediately established (together with Don Mussie Zerai of Habeshia Agency) direct contact with the hostages by phone. Yesterday one of them died from the torture and harassment carried out by the traffickers," say Roberto Malini, Matteo Pegoraro and Dario Picciau , co-presidents of EveryOne. "Today, at the other end of the phone we heard the migrants' screams and moans as they were beaten by traffickers who ordered them to pay the ransom, or be killed."

EveryOne Group and Agenzia Habeshia immediately contacted the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and the Special Procedures Branch of the United Nations. "Unfortunately, so far we have not had a satisfactory response from these organizations, or from the European Commission and EU Parliament, with rare exceptions, as the case of MEPs Tavares, Farage and Watson. However, it is essential to urge international politics to put an end to this carnage which, among total impunity and indifference, has gone on for too long.

To obtain more attention from local and international authorities we have asked the Arabic television stations Al-Jazeera and Al Arabya to convey our message directly to the Bedouin communities in North Sinai, asking them to take urgent action to ask Rashaida Bedouin, Sawarqa and al-Tarabin leaders to stop the inhumane trafficking of immigrants and the violence and torture against hundreds of innocent people who wish only to escape wars, famine and persecution". 

In Libya, refugees face genocide.

If the situation of African migrants in the Sinai takes our thoughts back to the times of the slave trade, on the Libyan front their condition is no better. After the alarm raised by EveryOne Group, Agenzia Habeshia and the Facebook Group "For the release of prisoners in the Sinai," numerous witnesses and reports from Tripoli have confirmed the persecution of African refugees residing in the country. Saad Jabbar, a professor of contemporary history of North Africa at the University of Cambridge says: "In Libya there is a risk that African refugees are facing genocide...
Continue reading at source:  EveryOne Group 

Appeal To Countries Bordering Nations In Unrest
Global Crisis Solution Center

 It is imperative that the deportation of undocumented migrants not take place into countries which are currently
going through unrest. If the enclosed account from EveryOne Group is true of even part of the unrest taking place, the deportation of individuals into such a situation would be extremely dangerous
from a humanitarian standpoint. 

Global Crisis Solution Center suggests that the handling of undocumented individuals be reviewed in the interests of providing some protection during these unstable periods, when undocumented migrants, regardless of their origin, would be at the total mercy of various groups, 
each with its own agenda.
                              Global Crisis Solution Center

African refugees:
news from Northern Sinai  by EveryOne Group

Rafah, January 28th, 2011. The precarious political situation in Egypt is also being felt in the Sinai, where groups close to the Muslim Brotherhood (including Al-Qaeda and Hamas) have taken to the streets, taking advantage of the protest movements organized by students and social networks. In the streets of al-Arish, Rafah, Al-Gorah, Shaykh Zwayd - the cities where the groups of African immigrants are being held -  armed gangs of Bedouins have taken control of the protest: we are talking about the same traffickers who trade in slaves, human organs, drugs and weapons. An alarmed aid worker describes the local climate: "There have been several clashes, but the authorities have no control whatsoever over the situation. The protest is no longer in the hands of the young people and intellectuals, the situation has been exploited by fundamentalists to make an appearance, show their teeth and make converts. We are about to fall into a regime much worse than Mubarak's. In the streets of the cities of the Sinai, traffickers and terrorists are laying down the law, with warlike intentions...
continue reading at EveryOne Group site 

EveryOne Group
+39 393 4010237
+39 331 3585406
+39 334 3449180 ::

Answer to a revolution
 Immediate steps towards a participatory democracy
A guide for all societies in which a coup d'?tat (masked as an insurrection)
or a revolution puts the possibility of democracy in danger.  
A must read
 Generally, if the current form of government has been stable (regardless of its form), rapid change should be forestalled until all of the necessary elements to provide a stable representative government are in place. Any push to create rapid change or move too fast can only spell disaster in a majority of cases, since forces which may be organized and intrusive, but antithetical to democracy, can often divert the process to its own ends. 

Determine what has made the country great in the recent and far distant past. 
Form an identity with the goal to continue this tradition and not be sidetracked or diluted by particular interest groups, or foreign powers. 
Transitional Commission
Form a commission of top independent academics, scientists, legislators, religious leaders, labor/trade organizations to outline a viable plan for the institution and development of elections of a representative body truly reflective of the diverse nature of the society. Form this transitional group of the representatives of those groups which do not have strong ties to groups in other countries in order to maintain the distinct character of the nation and its peoples. 
Preservation of Order
Detail the steps necessary for the maintenance of order during the transition so that social processes, trade, internal and external communication will be preserved thus enabling the transition to take place without being dominated by any particular interest group. 
Appoint individuals from each of the different major sectors who have distinguished themselves in their particular areas to head up the various branches of the government on a temporary basis until a truly representative government can be established.  
Economic Base
Identify what is lacking with the current economic situation, and start arranging for internal growth within each sector in order to truly provide what is needed for the survival and growth of the population. 
Identify areas of the society and the environment which need basic improvement in terms of paving the way to faster economic growth.
Identify the major income producing areas in the economy, and determine how best to protect the resources, and increase their production and development. Identify those areas in which substantial resources, and therefore the basic wealth of the nation, are leaving the country without adequate compensation.
Form a committee to determine areas and sources for new income generation. Seek funding to put measures into effect, but beware of international loans which will be difficult to repay. Provide for the capability to put the recommendations into practice at the earliest possible date. 
Institute a jobs program in those areas which will immediately employ a significant proportion of the population, and request help from outside to provide the economic base. Form a committee to identify possible sources of income for such an enterprise, and actively implement its recommendations. 
Identify job specific training/education as a top priority, and allocate funds to provide for its initiation. Also, help employers train workers who may be unskilled for a particular job. 
Provide funds, both directly to individuals from the federal level, as well as through communities, for job development and 
  implementation, with federal oversight and accounting to avoid misuse and diversion of funds. 
Most importantly, remove past restrictions on commerce, innovation, entrepreneurial startups which have reduced the   entrepreneurial capacity of the people, and provide for basic freedom to operate in the economy with minimal governmental intervention or control, while requiring in return a fair contribution to the government which is providing the security, order, and focus for the growth of the nation as a whole. 
Institute a major program to encourage greater tourism through the relaxation of monetary, procedural, legal, and tax barriers to innovation and entrepreneurial spirit which have made it difficult for the industry to grow in the past. Individual initiative will very quickly provide the basis for growth. 
Ask the world for help in those areas which will need time to reorganize and develop. 
Start a new slate in terms of graft, corruption, fraud, and personal aggrandizement on public funds at all levels. Make running a clean shop paramount, and implement the necessary safeguards to insure compliance. 
Set up a review panel to assess the integrity of the justice system toward a fair and impartial review of sentencing within the penal system in order to provide for a truly fair, nonpolitical, and protective system for the safety of the country and its citizens. Provide it with a time table and the budget and connections the panel needs to complete its work within a short period of time. 
Honor those within the security and policing sectors who have contributed significantly to the overall security, and smooth operation of daily safety of the population and smooth commerce. 
Most Important - Safeguards To A New Democracy

Since any new democratic government would be weak relative to the organized forces against it, there must be a number of safeguards built into the structure which might not be considered for a fledgling democracy in a region where some form of representative government is a given. Every possible way in which a strong anti-democratic force might use to gain control must be blocked. This can include the following among others:  
1. Government should be a form of coalition in which no one party or group is allowed to hold a majority position, possibly no more than 15-20%.  
2. A massive educational campaign of the population of the meaning of democracy and its benefits. 
3. Using graphic descriptions of what is happening in other countries worldwide which were commandeered by a radical, nondemocratic force initially playing by the rules, but which imposed their brand of authoritarian rule once the coast was clear. This must be driven home to people who are not familiar with a democratic way of life, and basically have nothing with which to compare. The strength of an autocratic state against the apparent weakness of a newly formed democratic government may actually be attractive to many people who have known nothing different. 
4. The development of a strong free press and communication system must be a priority, regardless of who doesn't like some of the negativism of a free press toward events, decisions, policies, etc. This is one of the strongest safeguards of a free society if the press is independent of the government. 
5. An independent and fair judiciary is especially crucial to a fledgling democracy, and should be chosen with care by the legislature to insure the impartiality of the members of the bench in upholding the rule of a democratically derived law in their hands.  
6. The professionalism of the police, and adherence to its primary objective to safeguard the civilian population is paramount.
7. Basic human rights must be outlines and adhered to at all times.
8. Be particularly wary of overriding or nationalizing local groups or areas of the country which have enjoyed long standing political, social or economic autonomy in certain areas.
9. Provide special protection for all minority groups.
10. All possible ways in which a takeover might occur must be detailed, rehearsed and widely known. Knowledge of what might have forestalled takeovers in recent history would be instructional in this regard. A number of emergency measures must be available to forestall takeovers. The development and instituting of these measures should be the first order of business of any popularly elected government. 
After hopes were raised for the rescue of refugees in the Sinai, the tragedy continues
Milan, January 23th, 2011. The plight of the African refugees in the Sinai is not over yet. The authorities in Rafah and El Gorah have cancelled the security operation to try and free the African migrants. According to authorities, the special body will not be used...  continue reading at EveryOne Group site

Refugees in the Sinai. Another group has been located at El Gorah
Rome, January 19th, 2011. Trafficking in human beings in the northern Sinai is a plague that Egypt is preparing to face in 2011 with a special anti-terrorism unit.
"The Egyptian government is setting... 
continue reading at EveryOne Group site

Dealing With Undocumented Immigration 
by Global Crisis Solution Center

One of the causes of the type of violence, organ trafficking, murder, torture and holding for ransom which currently exist for illegal migrants who are trying to better their life and that of their children, or escape a repressive situation, is the low esteem which the receiving (host) nations have towards the undocumented individual. Since nobody wants them, they are open for anyone to take unscrupulous advantage.  
If this could be changed through a number of measures, it would provide an incentive to others to join the fight against the worst abuses of  trafficking in human beings worldwide.  
The fact of the matter is that while migrants crossing borders without papers are not generally wanted by the host country, it is a phenomenon which cannot be stopped, and which has proven to be of major benefit to the host country in many cases, although often denied, due to many economic and social factors at different level of the social structure. 
Therefore, to acknowledge openly the currently undisclosed permissive attitude of many host countries, and to highlight the benefits received through the acceptance and assimilation of illegal migrants, would provide a first step toward alleviating a situation in which many horrific crimes are currently being perpetrated.  
In one country, for instance, approximately 200,000 'illegal migrants', henceforth 'undocumented immigrants', are estimated to being resident, settled or assimilated. There are a number of voluntary associations within each country which play an active role in helping these immigrants, and even governmental social services play a supporting role in a growing number of cases. In fact, one NGO involved is a group of doctors providing medical first-aid on the border to those who are successful in crossing and have suffered terrible physical and psychological torture. 
One of the factors which weighs strongly in favor of actively doing something to create a more positive atmosphere is the fact that many undocumented immigrants who are successfully settled, even if for a short time, are suffering from gross physical and psychological trauma due to experiences encountered during the journey.  
So the question is: What can countries do to ameliorate the current conditions suffered by many undocumented immigrants. 
First, make known the actual current statistics related to the acceptance and assimilation for these undocumented immigrants. 
Secondly, provide for safe passage. How could this be accomplished? One way is to offer a certain set amount of money to be paid to guides or transporters upon successfully and safely reaching the border and crossing into the host country. This could become institutionalized within those communities which are actually providing the guides. Since there are many more individuals and groups which would be willing to partake in such a service, it would establish an effective counterweight as against the groups of human traffickers. Also, in exchange for help, the host nation could provide for various forms of recognition, support, and remuneration either through trade, diplomatic support, guest worker programs, or other forms of appreciation to those communities and/or nations which help in safe transit. 
While some would argue that to do this would only encourage a flood of migrants which could not be accommodated by the host country, there are certain measures which could be put in place to mitigate against this happening. I will treat this point further below. 
Third, since it benefits the society to have undocumented immigrants who have not suffered horrific traumas in the transit, a specific budget could be allocated by the community to provide certain support and rehabilitation services.  

Fourth, to fund studies of all the positive sides, as well as the negative sides, of undocumented migration, the part these individuals play in the society, the assimilation process, the value added, as well as the costs incurred by the host nation through deportation.
. One of the costs, is the cost of shipping undocumented immigrants back to countries from which they have come, or to other countries which accept them on a temporary or permanent basis.
. Another cost is the knowledge that in many cases, by transferring individuals back to their home country or third country, or by refusing entry, we are signing the death warrant or years of imprisonment to many individuals who only sought freedom or a better life. In many cases the undocumented immigrants are not simply returned to a situation similar to that from which they came.

Dealing with the flood of migrants.

Fifth, in a cooperative agreement between nations, it could be determined how many undocumented immigrants can be supported by each country in realistic terms. In other words, legitimize the status of 'undocumented immigration', and accept the true needs, capability, capacity and possibility for integration and assimilation for each country. Once the quotes are set, then there can be trade-offs between nations. For instance, a country acting as a major transit point for migrants can request help from another member of the community through a number of economic, social, and diplomatic tradeoffs. 

Sixth, the institutionalization of training centers in the country of origin. In many cases, would-be undocumented immigrants do not have the necessary training or education which would provide for greater assimilation into the host country. Such training could be done in the countries of origin in agreement with the EU or other host country. Or, the centers could be established in the host country to provide a certain basic level of education and training leading to more successful assimilation. This might include the provision of funding for the development of worker training program, and stipends for worker-in-training participants and families. And further, the granting of allowances for those hiring undocumented immigrants.  

All of this is starting to sound as though it is simply increasing the current scope of 'legal' immigration between countries. The fact of the matter is that most of the undocumented immigrants come from countries which are not normally on the list of countries generally providing 'acceptable' legal immigrants. The migrants come from cultures which have not provided the necessary education/training needed by the social/industrial complex of the host country. In other words, we must emphasize the fact that these are 'undocumented' migrants, many of whom fill roles in the host country which are not often considered in the assessment and procedural activities for documented workers, or for potential 'new' citizens. 

Seventh, more funding could be provided to countries of origin to provide for the type of low level social/economic/educational opportunities which would keep many of the would-be immigrants from wanting to migrate.  We need to determine what it is that leads individuals in any specific country or community to seek migration even with the possibility of death. Such funding could be funneled through NGOs within the countries of origin for potential migrants, or through the offer of help to specific institutions in the country of origin which will provide an alternative where no alternative currently exists. 

Eighth, actually providing transportation and a form of documentation which could ease the personal and institutional costs of the current journeys.  

And from where would all this money come? 
Currently, large sums of money are being expended to: . build walls 
. deploy advanced monitoring systems 
. train and station guards 
. provide return transfer to country of origin or alternative locations 
. provide medical and psychological services for those who have undergone physical and psychological trauma 
. provide for constant policing, detention and imprisonment of 'illegals' until they can be deported 

On the other hand, significant revenue is being lost through disruption and incapacitation caused by: 
. disrupted industrial or social situations when deportation takes place 
. tension and fear of discovery and deportation under which many individuals and families live, with its attendant costs  

These are huge costs which could be otherwise used to actually help ourselves, as well as those who seek a better life, or a life free from persecution.  

In fact, in many cases the cost would be less because there would be many NGOs and individuals who would be willing to volunteer their time and talents to make such a system work. 

We owe it to ourselves as part of the human community to see to it that the current system is changed. We can contribute to a community which fosters growth and hope in a world in increasing turmoil and change.  

Migration will occur whether we want it or not. The world is on the move, as were our own parents and ancestors as part of previous movements across the face of the earth. We can create a positive response which will ameliorate the tragedies and hardships currently experienced by those who do not deserve what they presently endure. 

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