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CPR No Breathing - HANDS-ONLY for teen adult, Full for infant child, CPR animal
Poison, Swallowed Batteries, Pill database, Choking, Stings - worldwide, also animal poisoning

First Aid, Safety, Emergency Wilderness Medicine

Decrease Risk of Heart Attack - Dehydration possible high risk factor.

Surviving Hospital Germs.

US & World Alternative Therapies, Cancer

The Controversy
Health, WHO, CDC, Mayo clinic index, emedicine specialities
HOSPITALS worldwide (Wikipedia), Medicineplus, directories

If you love your birds. Most deadly hazards. Things to know to safeguard

Whale Dolphin Stranding, Wildlife Oil Spill Rescue

How get out of debt, find jobs, get loans, grants, gov. benefits, benefits of volunteering
Who among us would not have been homeless or hungry at a certain point in time, if it were not for someone else in our life

Multiple approaches to working with dyslexia

Prepare for disasters: Red Cross,, CDC Emergency, culturally diverse communities

Preparation and aftermath of disaster
International News, Disaster News & Alerts, interactive up - to - date maps of disasters & environment

International CNN Weather, Weather Underground
Red Cross, Red Crescent, CARE, Oxfam, Doctors Without Borders, Mercy Corps
UN OCHA, IRC, Urban SAR System, U.S. Coast Guard Search and Rescue

Cycles, Chairs, Computer Recycling, Select Right Charity, Nonprofits Empower People

Universal Declaration, rights by country, Amnesty Intl, Protection of Human Rights
ENOUGH Project to end genecide, International Crisis Group working to prevent war, build more peaceful world

Water Availability - how to harvest, reclaim water, well water sanitation
Sustainable Agriculture, India Sustainable Development, Pakistan Sustainable Development

Preparation for house fire. What to do if trapped. Also, how to prepare for wildfire.
Great perspective on Desert Survival. What you need to know on lightning safety

Negotiation strategies, why peace agreements so difficult to achieve, sanctions often detrimental, factors in breakdown

Finding solutions, different approach

The clarification process, decision between alternatives,negative thinking

Rules of action, planning, accounting for all parties, the DON'TS

Learning for the 21st century, impediments to learning

Ways we learn best, steps in helping students

Stages of the planning and execution process, independent action initiation, major causes of failure

Response types, shifts in power, decision making, honor as fuel to confict, perceived weaknesses

Achieving security, assessment of strategies, factors leading to escalation, de-escalation

Principles, preparation & response, segments too often ignored

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  • CPR
  • Infants, Children
    Hands-Only CPR Teens, Adults
  • Poisoning Emergencywho to call, also pet poisoning
  • Choking & Asthma
  • Snake & Venom Bites Stings what to do, sources worldwide
  • Influenza H1N1