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global crisis solution and information center
Emergency Pages top
Poisoning Emergency
   who to call, also pet poisoning
Choking & Asthma
Snake & Venom Bites Stings
  what to do, sources worldwide
Influenza H1N1
Emergency Sites Worldwide
  early warning alert systems, search & rescue, first aid, hospitals, relief agencies (NGOs), human rights, major news groups, environmental safety, weather
Survival top
new page Help For Homeless

Decrease Risk of Heart Attack
Finding Money, Jobs
and Social Services

Alternative To Layoff?
Lightning Safety
Desert Survival
Forest Fires
Surviving Hospital Germs
Anti - venom Sources
News Links JSS/RSS
Feeds Worldwide
Pet / Wildlife Rescue top
Animal CPR
Pet Birds-Deadly Hazards
Pet Birds Care & Safety
Animal Poisoning
   what to do, who to call
Whale Dolphin Stranding
Wildlife Oil Spill Rescue
Education top
Approaches To Dyslexia
Female Education
   in developing countries
Preparation For Disaster top
Emergency Plans
   for families and businesses
Emergency Control Centers
Safe Room Tips + IDF Link
Aftermath of Disaster top
Emergency Shelters
Rescue Teams
Emergency Telecom
Local Level Communication
Immediately After Disaster
Nonprofit Help top
Nonprofit Cycles Chairs
Computer Recycling
Supporting Nonprofits
   how to raise money in support
not-for-profit groups/websites

Selecting The Right Charity
Nonprofits Empower People
Street Children
Sustainable Development top
Water Availability
  Desalination, Saline Farming, Rainwater Harvesting, Fog Collectors
Sustainable Agriculture
Well Water & Sanitation
India Sustainable Development
Pakistan Sustainable Development
Health top
Influenza H1N1 A
   the controversy
Hepatitis C
Iron Overload
Editor - Theoretical Pieces top
Modalities of Learning
Why Peace Fails
Response to Terrorism
Realistic Decision Making
Problem Solving
Teach Through Problem Solving
Principles for Action
Mission Planning
Crisis Response Paradigm
Achieving Security
Post Carbon top
Solar Cooking
   includes solar water
Important Pages

Help For Homeless

How To Get Money, Jobs and Social Services
Layoff? Is There An Alternative?
How to Decrease your risk of Heart Attack
Highly Recommented External Sites

Anup Shah's Global Issues
Up-to-date coverage and discussion of major global issues

ENOUGH Project
Initiative to end genocide / crimes against humanity

International Crisis Group
working to prevent wars and shape policies that will build a more peaceful world

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