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Funding Sustainable Development
Focus Pakistan

Last Link Check: 7 January 2009 August 2007    Last Updated: 2 August 2006
This is a developing and evolving resource. Please help us complete the information on this page.

Series for specific countries worldwide on project funding by NGOs and agencies. Listings helpful for one country are in many cases valid for others.
The major resource here:
Sites providing extensive lists of links to funding agencies given without, in 99% of cases, reproducing their listings. Also see organizations at left which have large listings.

This page focuses on Pakistan
Representing only small proportion of available funding.
See Major Links Resources on right side of page

Index Pakistan
Partnerships towards development sustainability
Development Rural Projects Receiving Funding
Examples of Investments In Rural Pakistan
International Help
Sites providing extensive lists of links to funding agencies
Micro Development
NGOs In Support of Development, Fund Raising
BLOGS On Development
Training Programs Community-based Development
How to Find Funding
For Consideration
National and International Agencies For National Level Implementation
Note: [IR] denotes international resource affecting a number of countries worldwide.

Partnerships towards development and sustainability

  • LEAD Pakistan Inspiring leadership for a sustainable world. Projets - CSR & Partnerships. A number of significant listings.
  • BOND (British Overseas NGOs for Development) the United Kingdom's broadest network of voluntary organisations working in international development (often called non-governmental organisations, or NGOs). Membership search page. As an example: Select Pakistan in 'Location' and rural community development in 'Sector' . Some 40+ organizations">SPO Strengthening Participatory Organization [Arabic English] Islamabad, Pakistan. "To strengthen rural and urban community-based organizations (CBOs) to assist poor and disadvantaged sections of the communities to achieve their goals for sustainable development through a participatory approach."
    "For SPO, funding of CBO projects enables it to help CBOs put into practice the learning (like needs identification, effective community participation, planning & implementation and resource mobilization) they have achieved through the partnerships. Of equal importance is the opportunity to help CBOs to address developmental concerns of gender equity, environment, health, water, power and poverty through these projects."
  • GVEP Global Village Energy Partnership - Finance Facilitation GVEP is providing support to entrepreneurs in business planning and operations, supporting the development of training programs for bankers, micro finance institutions and others to increase their awareness of clean energy projects, their risks and rewards, links partners to a range of financing sources worldwide, supporting the design of risk mitigation instruments in a number of countries, working with multilateral donors, bilateral donors, investors, foundations, private firms and others to increase financing and technical assistance services for its partners.
  • Partnerships for Sustainable Development - CSD Partnerships Database Un Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Division for Sustainable Development. Searchable by title, geographical scope, lead partner, simple search. set up 2004 and updated 2006

    Development Projects Rural Pakistan Receiving Funding

    Investments In Rural Pakistan

    International Help

  • [IR]IFAD in Pakistan Agricultural Fund for Agricultural Development, financing management and development projects.">IFAD Grants: An OVerview, Eligibility Criteria, Grants by Theme
  • Funding-Pakistan World Bank Small Grants Program "...supports activities of civil society organizations whose primary objective is civic engagement of the poor and marginalized populations..., the Small Grants Program helps facilitate ownership of development initiatives by a broader sector of society." "...the program is administered through the Country Offices. NGOs and other civil society organizations who are interested in participating in the Program should contact local World Bank Country Office
  • World Bank Group - Pakistan: Data, Projects & Research
  • [IR]Leadership for Environment and Development (LEAD) is a global network of individuals and non-governmental organizations, committed to sustainable development. LEAD is an independent, not-for-profit organization, established in 1991 by The Rockefeller Foundation. "LEAD’s mission is to create, strengthen and support networks of people and institutions promoting change towards sustainable development – development that is economically sound, environmentally responsible and socially equitable." Map of membership offices
  • Canadian Official Development Assistance Government of Canada "international cooperation program is implemented largely by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). CIDA programming in developing countries focuses on six priorities: basic human needs; women in development; infrastructure services; human rights, democracy and good governance; private sector development; and the environment."">Aga Khan Foundation " Its mission is to develop and promote creative solutions to problems that impede social development."
  • Aga Khan Foundation "The Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) focuses on health, education, culture, rural development, institution-building and the promotion of economic development. It is dedicated to improving living conditions and opportunities for the poor, without regard to their faith, origin or gender."
  • The Global Environment Facility Small Grants Programme "supports activities of non-governmental and community-based organizations in developing countries towards climate change abatement, conservation of biodiversity, protection of international waters, reduction of the impact of persistent organic pollutants and prevention of land degradation while generating sustainable livelihoods." National Coordinators The National Coordinator, working with the NSC, reaches out to the NGO community and CBOs to inform them of availability of grants, and receives and screens proposals and together with National Steering Committee monitors and evaluates progress. "SGP complements the large and medium-sized GEF project funding by providing a window for the direct participation of NGOs, local communities, and other grassroots organizations... Grants are made directly to community-based organizations (CBOs) and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in developing countries in recognition of the key role they play as a resource and constituency for environment and development concerns. The maximum grant amount per project is US$50,000, but averages around US$20,000. Grants are channeled directly to CBOs and NGOs." Eligibility Quiz
    Example: Maisoon Zamir, Escorts Foundation, a Lahore based NGO, funded by GEF/SGP for promotion of fuel efficient stoves in Changa Manga won the Ashden Award for 2004 for their SGP funded project, wins the award for Food (£30,000) for providing rural women around the Changa Manga Forest in Pakistan, with a cooking stove which is both simple in design..."
  • UNFPA Pakistan Main Site.
    Past and Current Programs
    Also see Overview and focus on Funding UNFPA United Nations Population Fund Linking Enviornment, women and population promoting reproductive health saving women's lives
  • Focus Areas For Social Funds "The World Bank Social Funds Team is committed to fostering innovation and heightening the impact of social fund investments, to improve the well-being of poor and vulnerable groups served by these programs." Links to countries and regions
  • Development Marketplace (DM) is a competitive grant program of the World Bank that funds innovative, small-scale development projects that deliver results and show potential to be expanded or replicated. Country Development Marketplaces (CDMs) Grants
  • Department for International Development (DFID) - UK Gov See Funding Schemes for overall view. DFID operates a number of different funding schemes to promote sustainable development and eliminate poverty. Example: Pakistan increases access to financial services for the poor

    NGOs In Support of Development, Fund Raising

  • Acumen Fund is a global non-profit venture fund serving the four billion people living on less than $4 a day. Our aim is to create a blueprint for building financially sustainable and scalable organizations that deliver affordable, critical goods and services that elevate the lives of the poor. We adhere to a disciplined process in selecting and managing our philanthropic investments as well as in measuring the end results.
  • Association for the Development of Pakistan (ADP) "The Association for the Development of Pakistan (ADP) is a Boston based non-profit organization founded in May 2003. The mission of ADP is to enhance the lives of the poor, neglected and underprivileged of Pakistan by providing support for carefully selected social development projects in a range of sectors including infrastructure, environment, healthcare, education, gender equality, labor and food rights" Projects are found through "...personal recommendations, NPO outreach, and web submissions." See Overviw article

    LISTS of Foundations and NGOs providing funding for projects

  • Both Ends A major resource for funding leads. See the Resources Page - Resources on Donors and Funding Opportunities (Donor Newsletters on funding opportunities in the field of development and environment) with descriptions of some 30 organizations worldwide providing assistance in the area, and Resources on fund-raising and on local funding. Also see Both Ends below under 'Organizations Performing Support Functions'.
  • World Bank Group Funding Pakistan: Data, Projects & Research
  • GlobalGiving Lists and descriptions of the many and various corporate/institutional partners, project partners, and funding partners involving funds and philanthropic organizations cooperating with GlobalGiving.
  • Direct Project Giving by Global Giving - a direct donor to project way of giving which has helped in many areas of the world. How it works: " is an online marketplace for international giving. Potential donors can browse and select from a wide offering of projects, organized by geography or by themes such as health care, the environment, and education. Once a donor chooses a project, he/she can contribute any amount, using a credit/debit card, check, PayPal, or stock transfer. Gift registries can be set up for special events, and donors can "give" any project as a gift. These contributions directly support the entrepreneurial work of project leaders throughout the world, who are bringing innovative, empowering solutions to challenging social problems at the local community level." Projects are identified by project partners

    Micro Development

  • Article on Micro Financing "The Hidden Wealth of the Poor' discusses the pluses and minuses of microfinance.
  • Microfinance rated Enterweb - The Enterprise Development Website contains links to microfinance groups, sites, development portals, summits, resources and evaluation.

    Organizations Performing Support Functions

  • Both Ends "Both ENDS supports the work of environmental organisations, primarily in the so-called South (developing countries) and the Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries. We support organisations through information, research, advocacy, campaigning, networking and capacity-building." "...Both ENDS produces funding guides, research and lobby documents, support campaigns and help build coalitions. The Service & Resources section offers basic information packs and information newsletters on environmental topics, helps fund-seeking organisations in locating donors through donor newsletters and fact-sheets on fund-raising, and assists in identifying the right expertise or partner by one-to-one assistance. The links section guides you through the labyrinth of environment sites around the world."
    Overview of Funding Agencies that Fund Forest and Forest Related Projects 2005 UPDATE
  • The Resource Alliance an international network working to build the capacity of not-for-profit organisations to mobilise funds and local resources for their causes. We achieve this through training, knowledge sharing and networking activities worldwide. The Resource Alliance is a UK registered charity and has 501c3 status in the US. Site has "...resource mobilisation techniques, latest news, case studies, useful contacts and links, fundraising training through conferences and workshops around the world."
  • NGO Resource Centre NGO service provider. "...enhance organizational effectiveness and improve systems that promote gender sensitive participatory approaches to sustainable social and economic development." Includes: management and leadeship training, management consulting services, information and research, communication of information.
  • Both Ends Resources on Fund Raising Instructions Includes: "General information on fund-raising • Financing your project without asking for grants • Fund-raising through a donor • How to write a fund-raising proposal • The budget • After the money comes • The Dutch Co-financing Scheme in revision"
  • Social Edge Guides on Funding Not available last time checked. Also see: esxamples of funding during year
  • Project Governance Training and support programs. listed by LEAD Pakistan

    BLOGS on development

  • Acumen Fund Blog Entrepreneurial Solutions to Global Poverty. Very active.
    Training Programs in Community-based Development
  • The International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) provides innovative training courses to organizations and individuals who work with village residents to achieve a plan for sustainable community-based development. Training Programs in Community-based Development hosted by Colorado State University
    How to Find Funding
  • Social Edge Resource Index - Grants Not available last time checked Many resources including discussions and advice on application for grants, how to find gifts, funding research: Developing Funding Proposals, Guide to Funding Research, How to Solicit Major Gifts, Securing Corporate Sponsors, How to get Online Donations, How to Write a Business Plan for a Micro Enterprise Program, Raising Significant Capital through a Network of Volunteers
  • Grants and Related Resources Found through
    For Consideration
  • Community Sustainability Environmental Improvement Zones. International Institute For Sustainable Development "An "EIZ" Plan is an action plan to improve the environment within a neighbourhood, by asking the residents to identify their concerns, to fill in their information gaps and to put in place mechanisms to collectively address environmental issues. The plan is developed in partnership by all parts of the neighbourhood, including, but not limited to, the residents, special interest groups, local government, local industry and other agencies. The objective is to improve and sustain the local environment for everyone, through collective action."
  • How to Create Market-Based Strategies that Benefit Low-Income Communities contest on market strategies. 128 entries received from 38 countries. From Ashoka Change Makers.
  • SDdimensions United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Discussion of "SUSTAINABLE RURAL DEVELOPMENT: PROGRESS AND CHALLENGES: Access to Land, Natural Resources, Inputs, Markets and Services"
  • [IR]Donor Developing Country Dialogues on National Strategies for Sustainable Development Background
    National and International Agencies For National Level Implementation
  • Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency department of the Ministry of Environment. responsible to implement the Pakistan Environmental Protection Act. Provide for the protection, conservation, rehabilitation and improvement of environment, for the prevention and control of pollution, and promotion of sustainable development.
  • [IR]FAO Country Profile and Mapping Information System [Arabic Chinese, English, Francais, Espanol] Includes: "FAO-GeoNetwork is a web based Geographic Data and Information Management System. It enables easy access to local and distributed geospatial information..."
  • [IR]Asian Development Bank
  • [IR]The International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources "In its projects, the Union applies sound ecosystem management to conserve biodiversity and builds sustainable livelihoods for those directly dependent on natural resources. The Union is actively engaged in managing and restoring ecosystems and improving people’s lives, economies and societies."

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  • Major Links Resources

    Sustainable Development Networking Programme, Pakistan "...envisioned [as] a one-stop Web resource for all significant development information pertaining to Pakistan. Some of it's unique features include Information about Pakistan from more than two thousand websites...searchable through an online database." Guide to NGOs in Pakistan. See International Donors source:
    Extensive organization database. 'sustainable development Pakistan' 130+ organizations and 320+ total organizations listed
    Partnerships for Sustainable Development CSD Partnerships Database UN DESA. Searchable by title, geographical scope, lead partner, simple search. set up 2004 and updated 2006 "This site provides practical information on partnerships working to implement sustainable development goals, as well as a range of services designed to strengthen and complement partnership implementation."
    International organisations and development agencies working with South Asia Extensive list of International, National and NGOs working with development. by the Swedish South Asian Studies Network with related web page: Swedish developmental organisations working with South Asia
    ProPoor a service of ProPoor is an internet portal that provides information, resources and news about development work in South Asia. very large database source
    The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) IFAD is dedicated to eradicating rural poverty in developing countries.