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updated January 20 2021

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The most important video you may see in this generation
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: Int'l Message for Freedom and Hope 10/24/20
analysis Dr. Joseph Mercola 11/6/20
Site mentioned in video: the Defender, Children's Health Defense

All COVID-19 Articles

Without Our Awareness It is starting now. We think we are fighting a disease - but we are entering into the Great Reset. We are already so far in, there would appear to be no escape. 


Dead Sea desert

Conspiracy Theory and Survival Plan Part I - Surviving the great reset Conspiracy Theory? and a blueprint for hell on earth, Reaction, The Challenge, What you can do for yourself, Where do you stand at the present time, Where we all stand 



We are at war All that is needed is pulling the trigger to unleash its most deadly and final phase. Highlights different ways to control a population.
What you can do to improve your chances of surviving regardless of any pathogenic virus we will encounter.



Don't let them experiment on you  plus a must see video.
If you do not know whether or not to take the vaccine when it becomes available, or for that matter, the annual flu shot this year, it is very important that you see this.


CONTACT TRACING - Its Effect On Society
The worst idea to come out of the COVID-19 experience.
Contact Tracing is basically the destruction of society from within (the real virus has very little to do with it).
It doesn't matter whether we know or don't know if contract tracing is valid. Just outlining it makes it seem obvious that it would work, just as it is logical to assume that the sun goes around the earth - flat or not.
Contact tracing increases the overall death rate in the population both from the virus itself as well as other morbidities, and potentially treatable critical accidents or conditions. But the negative effect that contact tracing has on the individual, the society and on mortality far surpasses any possible 'stopping' the virus, or flattening the curve.
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This affects us all - left center right - No one is left out
Because of our recent reaction to COVID-19, we, as a civilization, are now sliding into a world where leaders, gov/non-gov health agencies, and assorted individuals are using fear of a virus (or the next wave) to maintain/extend control over the population, or to fulfill personal agendas. This places us in a position where we will be mandated to receive a vaccination which may not protect us, can cause horrible side effects and even death, produced by those who cannot be sued. It is a new world order in which contact tracing will be used to control the virus and us, and in which we will gradually lose trust in one another, and can be separated at any moment as individuals or as communities from economic viability and from loved ones regardless of which virus is or is not present.
If you think it won't happen, think again.
If you think we can handle it, read the article.
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1 Quarantines and shutdowns save nobody. 2 Possible more deaths from quarantines than corona itself. 3 We are NOT doing what will save us next time. 4 There's an easy way to protect ourselves right under our noses.
This virus is a warning
Coronavirus (COVID-19) is the dress rehearsal for a really big one - a pathogen taking no prisoners which could wipe us out, coming from within our own environment, or a mutation of a weak virus, or one totally different from our endogenous pathogens, coming in from elsewhere in the universe. What we are now going through may give us a fighting chance to survive.
COVID19 appears to be a relatively weak virus which has taught us a lot, and will most likely peak within a short period of time.

However, we are placing the world in such disarray economically and socially, that if a truly virulent mutation or a new viral or bacterial pathogen hits, we will not be able to handle it. By our fear, our social distancing, our quarantines, and our preparing for handling such an event once we finish with this one, we are actually setting ourselves up for 'global' termination on a scale not seen since the black plague (biological) or the Spanish influenza (viral). But this time affecting not just specific areas, but the entire globe because of an interconnectedness and interdependence which never existed in the past.
What we are doing right now is actually contributing to the spread of the virus. By inciting panic and upsetting normal economic and social integration, we are making mistakes on a global scale.
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Vaccine News

1. This is a must read.
Flu Misinformation and Coronavirus Fears: My Letter to Dr. Sanjay Gupta by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Children’s Health Defense, Apr 16 2020

2. Robert F. Kennedy Jr's Response to Criticism from his Family that Politico Would Not Publish: Americans can Handle an Open Discussion Click here for one of the most important publications to date on a health issue affecting not only the United States, but the world.

3. Incredible 3-minute official trailer: Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe investigates claims that vaccines have nothing to do with the autism epidemic.



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