Help in the development of emergency control centers for small installations - preparations, responsibilities and evaluation, site links with many links to biological chemical terrorism, links to emergency news sites

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    Emergency Planning and Preparedness Schools, Businesses, Small Installations
    with Links to Emergency Sites, News, BioChem Terrorism including control centers

    Last Updated: 17 May 2006 Link Check: 17 May 2006

    Index to Links
    Emergency Plans/Preparedness Schools, Businesses, Small Installations
    Food and Water Storage and Safety
    First Aid, Decontamination, Characteristics of Chemicals Used in Warfare
    General Preparation and Safety - Major Listings of Sites
    Emergency and Disaster News Updates

    Emergency Plans and Preparedness to top

    Notice: Although the links below have been categorized, sites within different categories may be helpful in the development of your own emergency control center.

    Emergency Response Plans for Individuals
    Business and Employee Plans
    City and County Plans
    University Plans
    School Plans
    General Plans

    Emergency Response Plans for Individuals and Families

    to dev plans index
  • FEMA's The Extension Agent's Handbook for Emergency Preparation and Response Complete coverage individual and family preparedness
  • Self-Help Advice for Families and Individuals Be Prepared, Not Scared Public Safety and Preparedness Canada. Includes: Contents Be prepared -- plan for emergencies, What to do before a disaster, What to do during a disaster, What to do after a disaster, Watch for hazards, Be ready to evacuate, Emotional reactions, Checklists Additional information,
  • If you cannot find what you are looking for, see: Emergency Measures gives a listing of general and territorial publications related to emergencies.
  • Evacuation Preparedness Guide See other formats of this guide (PDF, MS doc, Text) Emergency Evacuation Preparedness: Taking Responsibility For Your Safety By June Isaacson Kailes, Disability Policy Consultant 2002: June Isaacson Kailes, Disability Policy Consultant, Playa del Rey, California and The Center for Disability Issues and the Health Professions, Western University of Health Sciences, Pomona, California, main site
  • Emergency Preparedness Initiative by National Organization on Disability. Half way down the page gives links to Prepare Yourself: Disaster Readiness Tips for People with Disabilities and various links to information for people with different types of disabilities.
  • Disaster Preparedness For People With Disabilities See FEMA material "Are You Ready? An In-depth Guide to Citizen Preparedness". Also contains materials on Preparedness for people with disabilities.
  • How Schools Can Become More Disaster Resistant FEMA Resources for Parents and Teachers
  • Facing Fear:Helping Young People Deal With Terrorism and Other Tragic Events American Red Cross. Directs you to a downloadable copy.

    Business and Employee Plans to dev plans index

  • Emergency Preparedness for Business
    Planning Guides, Facility Protection, What To Do In an Emergency, Related Topics
    CDC National Institute For Occupational Safety and Health
    A comprehesive overview of links related to critical topics.
    Be sure to follow end of page continuations to next page of links.
  • Preparing Your Business for the Unthinkable
    American Red Cross Business & Industry Guide -
  • Emergency Procedures for Employees with Disabilities in Office Occupancies (pdf) Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and United State Fire Administration Covers: Introduction: Detection, Notification, Movement, How to Proceed; Planning; Special Equipment/Devices; Providing Assistance
  • Command Centers "A critical part of the business continuity planning process involves preparing to operate an emergency command center". While connected to an enterprise, this page gives a good thumbnail sketch of crisis event strategies. Links to books, articles, links to various command center software, notification systems.

    See in particular two Word Documents under Articles: Making Your Command Center a Success and The Incident Command System (ICS) "The Incident Command System (ICS) provides a management structure and system for conducting on-site operations. It is applicable to small scale daily operational activities as well as major mobilizations."

  • Crisis Management Series: Virtual Emergency Operations Centers Risk Management Magazine Discusses using the internet, telephone, wireless networks, handheld devices, etc. to overcome inherent emergency operation center participation problems.
  • American Red Cross Personal Workplace Disaster Supplies Kit
  • Emergency Preparedness and Response Includes among other topics: Safety and Health Topics, Small Business Training, Emergency Preparedness and Response Planning, Chain of Command, Communications, Accounting for Personnel, Emergency Response Teams, Training, Personal Protection, Medical Assistance, Security. "...the basic steps to handle emergencies in the workplace. These emergencies include accidental releases of toxic gases, chemical spills, fires, explosions, and bodily harm and trauma caused by workplace violence. This discussion is intended to assist small businesses that do not have safety and health professionals. It is not intended as an all inclusive safety program but rather to provide guidelines for planning for emergencies."

    City and County Plans to dev plans index

  • Baltimore County Maryland Disaster Plan with extensive annexes
  • Emergency Operations Plan for the City of San Francisco In PDF form Part 1 - overview of the emergency management system at the policy and operations levels. Part 2 - detailed and restricted information used by (EOC) personnel in performing tasks consisting of checklists, contact information and other reference data Plus a set of functional and hazard-specific annexes examples which are Care and Shelter, Evacuation and Volunteer Management. Examples of hazard-specific annexes are Earthquake, Oil Spill and National Security Emergency.

    University Plans    See also School Plans below to dev plans index

  • Columbia University Health Sciences Division Emergency Response Plan Very detailed. The Overview page is only one of 6 pages (5 of which are here).
    Emergency Management Plan
    Emergency Operational Center
    Checklist for Emergency Response Plan
    Summary/Recovery Phase/Critique
    Do's and Don'ts
  • UC Berkeley's Office of Emergency Preparedness (oep). One of the most detailed and complete Emergency Plans viewed. "Our mission is to promote campus disaster planning, mitigation, response and recovery. Included in this site are guidelines for what to do in case of various emergencies. The kinds of emergencies that can happen on our campus include: Earthquakes, Power Outages, Fires, Hazardous Materials releases, Floods, Terrorism"
  • UC BERKLEY DOC Plan (pdf)(pdf 88 pp) Very detailed activation, responsibilities, organization, training, check lists. University of California Berkley. Document to be used for nonprofit purposes only. Proprietary and confidential to the University of California, Berkeley. Otherwise, contact the Office of Emergency Preparedness at or (510) 642-1258 regarding the use of this document.
  • Disaster Preparedness by University of Wisconsin Disaster Management Center Developed in English and Spanish as lesson plans covering phases of Disaster planning and response.
  • Planning Guidelines for 15 sectors of the community such as Warning System Evacuation, Search and rescue, First aid, Hospitals and Public Health Organization, Police, Cooperative and food stores, Electricity, Public water supply, Schools, Highways, Airports, Railway, Irrigation, Public buildings. University of Wisconsin Disaster Management Center
  • Gap Identification for Disaster Planning gives forms for evaluation of the completeness of crisis emergency responsibilities and plans Tables 3,4,5,6 Predisastser and Emergency Operations. University of Wisconsin Disaster Management Center
  • Institutional Emergency Response Plan - Chemical Hazards Institutional response plan for chemical emergencies and terrorist attack. Radford University
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology Business Continuity Plan Preparation for, response to, and recovery from a disaster affecting the administrative functions of the Institute requires the cooperative efforts of many support organizations in partnership with the functional areas supporting the "business" of MIT. This document records the Plan that outlines and coordinates these efforts..."

    For use in the event of a disaster, this document identifies the computer recovery facilities (hot sites and shell sites - see Page 33) that have been designated as backups if the functional areas are disabled.

    School Plans to dev plans index

  • Model Emergency Plan for Schools Plus other plans and drills Provided by the Contra Costa County (also in Spanish). Very well thought out and executed.
    See in particular: Prepare for Emergencies: All School Drill Many schools participated in 2004. Nothing mentioned about 2005
  • Emergency Planning U.S. Department of Education. Many resources in emergency planning for schools. Also examples of promising practices in emergency response by three schools.
  • National School Safety and Security Services "...National consulting firm specializing in school security and crisis preparedness training, security assessments, and school safety..." Gives detailsed check lists and advice together with excellent links.
  • Practical Information on Crisis Planning (pdf 146pp) The Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools. A Guide for Schools and Communities.
  • Secret Service Safe School Initiative United States Secret Service. Threat Assessment in Schools: 2004
    Final Report and Findings: Implications for Prevention of School Attacks in the United States (pdf)
    A Guide to Managing Threatening Situations and to Creating Safe School Climates (pdf)
  • Washington State School SAafety Center Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Response - Emergency Response Planning Tools Many resources and Links
  • Resource Lists - Disaster Preparedness and Response For Schools National Clearing House for Educational Facilities (NCFF) including practical information, resources, assessment checks... on emergency planning and response by Homeland Security, American Red Cross, Federal Emergency Management Agency, School Districts, etc.
  • Resources for Safe Schools Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. Many links to Resources for state as well as natinalwide. See in particular additonal websites at bottom of page.

    General Plans to dev plans index

  • A Building Occupant Emergency Plan - US Department of Energy (pdf 55 pp) A Model Occupant Emergency Plan [For a Building] - Office of Environment Safety and Health (EH) "This document is intended to serve as a model to modify in preparing emergency plans under the requirements of the General Services Administration (GSA) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). It is based upon an actual plan for a DOE Federal Building."
  • (doc) Emergency Management Plan - US Army Center for Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine Emergency Emergency Management Processes Includes: Hazard Vulnerability Analysis, Plan Activation, Community wide Emergency Response, External Authorities Notification, Staff Notification, Personnel Identification, Personnel Assignment, Support Activities; Logistics; Security; News Media Management, Facility Evacuation, Alternate Care Sites, Recovery and Restoration, Essential Utilities Contingency Plans, Communications Contingency Plans, Chemical & Radioactive Decontamination Plans, Alternate Roles & Responsibilities, Orientation & Education Program, Monitoring Performance, Annual Evaluation
  • Guidelines for Developing an Emergency Action Plan (pdf) for dam safety but may provide some background in preparedness in other areas

    Training to dev plans index

  • EHS freeware - Emergency Response Training Provides free training software and materials and online training in a number of fields related to emergency response: fire safety, communications, command center experience, first aid, hazardous substance training . Also available through the site are commercial training programs. Free software includes: First Aid InteliTool, Hazards Analysis for Toxic Substances, Hazard Communication Training, Hazmat for Healthcare Training Modules, MediaLab First Aid, MediaLab OSHA Fire Safety, MERITS, OR-OSHA Workshop Materials, Public Health Preparedness and Response Series, Smallpox Preparedness.
  • Safety Training's Achilles Heel Discusses misdirected safety objectives, flawed course content development processes, and ineffective feedback can be observed in most safety courses.
  • Protecting Emergency Responders Conference Proceedings (pdf) published by RAND Science and Technology Policy Institute "This report presents a synthesis of the discussions held at the December meeting. It is intended to help federal managers and decision makers
    Understand the unique working and safety environment associated with terrorist incidents.
    Develop a comprehensive personal protective technology research agenda.
    Improve federal education and training programs and activities directed at the health and safety of emergency responders.
    The report should also help state and municipal officials, trade union leaders, industry executives, and researchers obtain a better understanding of equipment and training needs for protecting emergency workers."

    Evaluation to dev plans index

  • Gap Identification for Disaster Planning gives forms for evaluation of the completeness of crisis emergency responsibilities and plans Tables 3,4,5,6 Predisaster and Emergency Operations. University of Wisconsin Disaster Management Center Disaster Preparedness by University of Wisconsin Disaster Management Center. Developed in English and Spanish as lesson plans covering phases of Disaster planning and response.
  • SEMP Compliance Questionnaire - 12 Audit Protocols covering most management, training and emergency operations (pdf files are most readable) Safety & Environmental Mgmt Program U.S. Department of the Interior developed for Minerals Management Service which has asked that industry voluntarily adopt the program.
  • Mass Casualty Disaster Plan Checklist: (doc) A Template for Healthcare Facilities The Center for the Study of Bioterrorism and Emerging Infections (CSB&EI) is part of Saint Louis University, School of Public Health. For all reference material related, see Bioterriorism - Quick Reference Material "Emergency management for healthcare facilities includes elements of mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery. These plans should take into account such factors as the appropriateness and adequacy of physical facilities, organizational structures, human resources, and communication systems. The checklist is designed to provide facilities with questions that stimulate assessment and dialogue with key stakeholders both within the facilities as well as at the local level and beyond."
  • Example evaluation from the state and local perspective in the activation of state and local community emergency operations centers.
  • Business Continuity Planner University of North Carolina Charlotte detailing forms and functions needed in response and recovery.

    Food and Water Storage and Safety
    to top
  • Are You Prepared in Case of Disaster? Government of Canada. Very detailed measures to take on food, water, clothing, first aid supplies in an emergency.

  • Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
    (pdf) Preparation for Food and Water in an Emergency ... Cope with Disaster (FEMA478) (A4499) Preparing for Disaster for People with
    Also food and water preparation for those with Disabilities and other Special Needs. CSope with Disaster (pdf)
  • FOOD CONTAMINATION AND DECONTAMINATION NATO Manual FM 8-10-7 Appendix F. Food Protection and Decontamination from NBC attacks
  • Excellent Links to Food Storage Guidelines Water Storage According to Food Science Specialist, Utah State University. Amounts for storage, Containers, Treatment, and Emergency Disinfecting

    First Aid, Decontamination, Characteristics of Chemicals Used in Warfare - Reproduced from Terrorist & Disaster Planning
    to top

  • Chemical Agents - Indiana State Department of Health. Description of major agents used in chemical warfare. See Signs and Symptoms and also section on decontamination in particular.
  • U.S. Center for Disease Control information on the following including symptoms and generalized treatment Smallpox Ricin Botulism VX Sarin Cyanide Radiological Emergencies Anthrax
  • Worst-case scenario protection and decontamination methods" Potential agents of chemical warfare - Postgraduate Medicine
  • World Health Organization South East Asia Seven Steps For Preparedness In Case of Biological and Chemical Emergencies
  • For a general overview of warfare chemical characteristics, effects, first-aid, see Chemical Warfare Agents, Properties, Diagnosis and First Aid but for each chemical, see specific write-ups Chemical Warfare Agents, Properties, Diagnosis and First Aid
  • Bioterrorism and CAM: What the Public Needs To Know National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine In summary: while complementary and alternative medicine "...may prove beneficial for some illnesses, and is a focus of much research funded by NCCAM..., there is no scientific basis to believe that CAM is likely to be of value against virulent infections spread by biological weapons.

    Diseases like anthrax and smallpox progress too rapidly for our immune system's natural ability to control them. Simply stated, these diseases can kill us before our immune system can rally to defend against them. While many CAM practices do have a place in treating other conditions, especially in relieving symptoms, and in improving one's quality of life, in the case of bioterrorism, there is no CAM practice that has been shown to sufficiently stimulate the immune system to fight these deadly diseases. Nor do any dietary supplements or other CAM products have the potency to eliminate highly lethal microorganisms and toxins, once they have entered our systems." see FTC Cracks down on Marketers of Bogus Bioterrorism Defense Products

  • Chemical Terrorism Preparedness and Response Card from New York State Department of Health Biological (Listing) Chemical (Listing) Radiological Emergencies Preparation & Planning, Emergency Response, Lab Information, Mass Trauma
    World Health Organization (WHO)
  • Public Health Response to Biological and Chemical Weapons
  • Biological and Chemical Agents "...dissemination, routes of exposure, and general characteristics..."
  • eMedicine: Emergency Medicine - Warfare Emergency Medicine - Warfare - Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear And Explosives
  • Rapid Field Decontamination - Handling Casualties and Decontamination (pdf) Rapid Contingency Plans for Responding to Victims of a Chemical Attack. Office of Public Health and Environmental Hazards, U.S.
  • Among other information and internet references, contains pdf versions of a number of medical handbooks relating to chemical, biological and radiological casualties. Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.

    General Preparation and Safety - Major Listings of Sites
    to top

  • U.S. Center for Disease Control information on the following including symptoms and generalized treatment Smallpox Ricin Botulism VX Sarin Cyanide Radiological Emergencies Anthrax
  • Google Directory Biological and Chemical Terrorism Google Directory listing of links to related sites including preparedness, response, prevention, medical and safety materials
  • DMOZ Listing Biological and Chemical Terrorism DMOZ Open Directory Project listing relevant sites.
  • up-to-date comprehensive [slow open but worth it] Comprehensive list of internet sites for emergency planning, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Emergency Management and Medical Web Sites
    State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations Department of Health.
  • Terrorism Naval Postgraduate School. Extensive listing of Bibliographies, Directives & Executive Orders, Discussion Groups, Lists & Databases, Reports, Documents & Articles, Federal Agencies, Web Sites
  • Counter-Terrorism Coordination and Health Information Networks (CTCHIN) Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Resource Links (CBRN). Canadian Office of Public Health Security. Links to Canadian, U.S. and Australian sources.
  • Jim Placke's NBC-LINKS Impressive listing and resource locator
  • Canadian Center for Emergency Preparedness and Response Links CBRN Resource, The Federal Nuclear Emergency Plan, Food Safety in Canada, Health Canada's Emergency Preparedness Website, Health Canada - Home, Health Security Preparedness, Material Safety Data Sheets, The National Emergency Services Stockpile System (NESS), National Microbiology Laboratory, Revised International Health Regulations (IHR)

    Emergency and Disaster News Updates - Reproduced from Terrorist & Disaster Planning to top

  • Reuters ALERTNET Up-to-date News. "AlertNet provides global news, communications and logistics services to the international disaster relief community and the public. Reuters 150 years' experience reporting from disaster zones around the world allows AlertNet to give disaster relief organisations reliable information, fast."
  • Emergency Net "24 Hour News, Information, Analysis and Coverage of Disasters and Major Emergency Events All news articles appear here first, before being moved to the specialty pages for long-term archiving and reference purposes."
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency News (FEMA) - all the current FEMA news
  • CBS News Disaster Links Containing links to web sites covering different categories of disasters and emergencies
  • Disaster News Network Disaster News Network (DNN) is a news service that tells the story of disaster response and suggests appropriate ways the public can help survivors. It also facilitates information sharing among disaster responders. How to Help, Preparedness, Farm Disaster, Public Violence
    Regular News Services
  • New York Times
  • CNN News
  • WORLD CNN News
  • ASIA CNN News

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