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Choking, Drowning or Asthma - Heimlich Maneuver
Last link check:8 April 2007

The Heimlich Maneuver used by bystanders has saved many lives

How To Do Maneuver
  • The Heimlich Institute - How To Use Heimlich Maneuver choking
  • Heimlich Maneuver Asthma Attack and preventive measure
  • Heimlich Maneuver for Drowning
  • Heimlich Maneuver - How to Help An Animal
  • Background & Warning against incorrect use on infants
  • The Heimlich Institute Home Page

  • MEDLINEplus use of Maneuver. Links to convulsions, unconsciousness.
  • Harvard Medical School Family Health Guide - Choking & Heimlich
    Do NOT do this procedure to practice
    This maneuver should only be done when a person is actually choking and it may save the person's life. Do not do it just to practice since it can cause harm internally. This procedure is currently considered by authorities to be an effective emergency method to remove something blocking the windpipe or for asthma attack to expell trapped air. If you wish to practice how to hold your hands and where to place them but not actually perform the maneuver, this may reduce confusion and pressure when and if the occasion arises to use it.
  • - Virtual Training - Heimlich procedure included as part of CPR Simulations. Gives simulations in all types of situations. Select CPR simulation for individual affected. What would you do if something happened? Very educational and helpful.

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