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December 11 2023 NEW MESSAGE DRAFT

- nanotech you need to know about
- clearing the body
- unrelated tips and comments

For Incredible video

IF YOU DO NOTHING ELSE, view this video. Nanotechnology has been worked on in the human body for over 30 years. It has amazing capabilities for health for humanity, but it can also be used to control, surveil or even to kill. You may not believe it, or not be interested, but you do so at your own risk

This is one of the most important thing you can do for life if you have taken any of the Covid shots or boosters, or are UNVAXED, or even have taken the current flu shot

One of the best interviews between two MDs I have seen about the COVID Jab on what has been found in blood at the nano level
An Interview With Dr. Rima Laibow Dr. Ana Maria Mihalcea

TO REPEAT - What we found at the nano level

Dark Field Microscopy Reveals Nano-tech in Vaxxed & Unvaxxed Blood.

If link does not work, search on any search engine for the single word MIHALCEALAIBOW

For deeper dive, history and update
Maria Zeee Uncensored Dr. Ana Mihalcea - NEW EVIDENCE - Uninjected Unable to be Mind Controlled?

There are several things which have been proven to do more in this instance than much of the surgery and normal Allopathic medicine can ever do for you
1 . Heavy Metal DETOX and Nicotine Patch/nicotine gum

2. C60 (one of the carbon molecules)

3. EDTA (heavy metal detox) and support supplements (turmeric or curcumin, zinc, vitamin C etc.)
At the bottom, I have added tips, suggestions comments and other information which can be useful .

Each of these will be treated below.

TO REDUCE THE SIDE EFFECTS AND CLEAR THE BLOOD of anyone who has taken the COVID or flu jabs, through shedding or absorption from the environment.

1. Dr. Bryan Ardis
2. C60 (carbib 60)
3 Dr Ana Maria Mihalcea and Dr. Rima Laibow
4. Dr. Josh Axe

There is much overlap, but some of the additional suggestions will help the overall health of the body greatly, so it is best to take a look at each of the doctor's protocols.

1. Dr. Bryan Ardis
Doc's Natural Detox Kit - Recommended Supplements for Natural Detox and Immunity Support
Also go to Shop All for detox supplements Detox Kit

For DETOX, Dr. Ardis recommends to take:;
EDTA - 500mg twice daily
Apple Pectin - 1400mg daily
Melatonin - 3-5mg supplement at night
Zinc - 20-50mg with food twice daily
Vitamin C - 5000mg/day

21 Covid Symptoms CURED with 7mg NICOTINE Patch for 6 Days. Dr. Bryan Ardis
December 2023
Best to start off slow by cutting the patch or gum into 3 to 6 pieces and work up to singe per day after so as not to feeling like throwing up or actually doing so.

Nicotine patches and gum - spike protein gone. How? Dr Bryan Ardis

Symptoms Of Long COVID Dr. Bryan Ardis about study of long covid symptons.

2. C60 (carbon 60)
I strongly recommend that you look at C60. You can get it at Amazon but look at these two descriptions and where else to buy. C60 EVO
press here for link
In my opinion, this is the best four dollars a day for amazing health worth every cent. Also see Purple Power below for slightly less. And even one month may be enough to clear the system and get you back on track.

- ESS60 delivers more than 172 times the power of vitamin C as an antioxidant! - C60 Evo can slow down the aging process by reducing cellular damage.

- C 60 Evo users consistently enjoy better sleep and wake up feeling refreshed. This alone is worth the cost of the bottle!

- ESS60 can improve your immune system and reduce inflammation naturally.

- Testimonials have reported substantial weight loss after taking ESS60 for more than a year when paired with a healthy lifestyle.

- People have reported improved vision, substantially keener mental focus, and emotional balance with C60 Evo.

- Racers, runners and hikers enjoy the advantages of more endurance, power and strength with C60 Evo.

- Some claim to feel more virile and romantic when taking our formulation!

- C60 in oil is a powerful antioxidant that moves through the body like a magnet to attract and neutralize free radicals.

- Make sure your C60 products are 100% ESS60 - purchase directly from the lab at

Second, be sure to see the article
'C60 Benefits: Is This a Miracle Molecule?' by
Press hereWellness Mama

According to the article, C60 can be purchased from
click here Purple Power
In my opinion, do not worry about the calcium in the ingredients. It is not the material that is the problem, it is what the body does with it.


Their recommendations of what to take to help reduce effect of jabs or sheddingon or absorption by the body from external sources.

EDTA is what you want. although liposomal EDTA is better absorbed by the body/. check it out here from Amazon It may not be available in some States or countries.Dr. Ardis has it,

ten thousand millagrams vitamin C
curcumin or turmeric . Add dash black pepper if use powder
nettokinase twenty thousand units

Nattokinase: Benefits, Side Effects, and Precautions
Be sure to check out before using
   - "Nattokinase may help to prevent heart attacks and improve heart health
   - Lowering blood pressure
   - Preventing blood clots
   - Slowing atherosclerosis:
In other words "Nattokinase may help to prevent heart attacks and improve heart health. Research shows it offers cardiovascular benefits, including:4
Lowering blood pressure: Studies show nattokinase helps to lower both systolic and diastolic blood pressure in people with hypertension (high blood pressure). This effect seems to be more pronounced in people assigned male at birth.5
Lowering cholesterol: Research shows nattokinase may lower total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, and triglyceride levels.
Preventing blood clots: Nattokinase has fibrinolytic and antithrombolytic properties, which may prevent blood clots from forming and potentially even dissolve blood clots.3
Slowing atherosclerosis: Nattokinase has antiplatelet and anticoagulant effects that may help clean arteries and slow the development of atherosclerosis (hardened arteries)."


Dr. Josh Axe Healthy Heavy Metal Detox Benefits of doing a heavy metal detox include:

Reduced free radical damage/oxidative stress
Improvements in energy levels
Enhanced immunity and gut health
Better digestive function
Improvements in mental performance (attention, memory, learning, etc.)
Improved skin health
Better protection against diseases cognitive disorders and autoimmune disease

Related: Brain Detox: Is It Time for a Cleanse? (Plus How to Do It)

MRM Nutrition, Cardio Chelate with EDTA, 180 Veggie Capsules Made by MRM Nutrition 958 Reviews | 0 & 0 In Stock - 91 available Best for use until: August 2026 Date First Available: May 2007 Shipping weight: 0.23 kg Product Code: MRM-31011 UPC Code: 609492310118 Package Quantity: 180 units Dimensions: 13.7 x 7.1 x 7.4 cm, 0.23 kg T

You can go here to find good natural medicine doctors near you U.S. Natural medicine doctors near you

IF YOU ARE ASKED TO SIGN SOMETHING WHICH YOU HAVE NOT READ CAREFULLY AND FULLY In my opinion it may be very important if you or someone with you has to sign an agreement or a paper to receive a service which may include your authorization to receive certain shots, drugs, medical procedures , or hospital admission which could incapacitate you or even kill you. Under your signature write the words 'signed under duress" so you can say that you were forced due to the emergency situation.
I first heard of the concept from an interview between two doctors, and I am trying to find the video.
Reference: Amaze Law - Signed Under Duress (Explained: All You Need To Know)


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