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Small Nonprofits Empowering People

Last link check: 27 May 2008 Last Update: October 15, 2017

This list contains details of small nonprofits worldwide helping in the sustainability, education, support and growth of their community. We hope this list will promote communication between organizations, provide information to those wishing to give support, help those seeking services, and encourage others to engage in similar services in their own communities. Listings are descriptions submitted by the organizations themselves.


Notice: listing form under reconstruction. Please check back.
Any organization wishing to be listed, click here or at the bottom of the page. Requests considered upon submission. Organization must be registered nonprofit in country residing.


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  • Bhojpur Mahila Kala Kendra BMKK
    "BMKK - BHOJPUR MAHILA KALA KENDRA (NGO) is registered with the Government of Bihar (India) 13-04-2000. It is controlled by a women's group.
    Main operation area - the Bhojpur District of Bihar.
    Vision - BMKK strives to organize, educate and empower the rural poor to promote development as a liberating force aimed at justice, economic growth and self-reliance.
    Mission - To promote holistic development of the women and other marginalized sectors to establish a just society in which no one remains hungry, unemployed, illiterate or exploited. .
    We Profess - "Share your Experience, Spread your Knowledge and Expose your Caliber with each and every one. This helps in making the nation strong"
    Current Operations - Vocational Training Program for poor SC & BC women who are receiving free vocational training in Zari, Applique & Embroidery work through FVTRS Bangalore. We also run (AHVY) Ambedkar Hastsilp Vikash Yojna to promote holistic development for Handicraft Artisans under the (5) year plan through the Department Of Handicraft, Ministry of Textile, Government of India.
    Our past experience/work includes - DFID Pacs Program, Vocational Training Program, Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, Government of India, (DRDA) District Rural Development Agency, Bhojpur, Bihar, India.
    A unique free platform for concerned citizens - for social and civic issues - since June 2004.
    You can:
    - share views & news with a 10000+ discussion group & media
    - learn via 60000+ pages in 200+ resource sections
    - donate to 15000+ NGOs listed by cause, location & rating
    - comment on CSR ratings of 700+ companies
    - contact 2000+ volunteers, service providers, donors
    - get free website with templates
    - run websections or forums on a topic
    - form focus groups, area clubs, city chapters
    - announce events to 90000+ people
    - complain online to BMC
    - find emergency & government contacts
    - volunteer or offer services, materials, jobs
    - see all Government acts & schemes
    Karmayog is the Convener of the NGO Council, which has an MoU with BMC to collaborate on civic issues. It also partners with the Anti-Corruption Bureau in a "Mumbai - Pact Against Corruption" Program.


  • Social Education For Rural Development (SERD) is a non-political, non profit secular voluntary organization based in Manamadurai, constituted under Tamil Nadu Society registration act, and the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act 075990079 since 16 July 1999.
    SERD works in various development supports and strengthens the poorest among the poor and socially, economically disadvantaged community groups, working in Sivagangai, Ramnad and Virudhunagar districts of Tamilnadu, south India. SERD has been working in a total of 386 villages of 3 districts in Tamil Nadu with the following purposes:
    - To eliminate extreme poverty, hunger and malnutrition
    - To combat imbalance, in human treatment, violence and discrimination and to build a human rights culture
    - To remove illiteracy
    - To foster solidarity, peace, secularism and non-violence in domestic, social, and political life.
    Vision Statement: SERD has a vision to achieve a safe and just world free of poverty, violence, discrimination, man induced calamities, child labour, untouchability, illiteracy, abuse and pollution. Core values of SERD in the application of project activities: Gender equality, Social justice, Community participation, Democracy, Self- reliance.
    Mission: SERD strongly believes in change for generating mass re-evaluation through the empowerment of grass roots groups. Generating a grass root movement for total transformation to alter the unjust social system is the core of its mission. Building community competence and community self-help skills are to be accelerated for an equitable, social, economical, cultural and human development.
    Examples of programs: Training camps organized: Training camps organized Group training in first aid, child care, rural women leadership, saving Group trainingFor other programs, see Programs and Overview
    ANNUAL REPORT(2007-2008)(doc)  ANNUAL REPORT(2006-2007) (doc) Contact: E-mail:


  • The Society of Daughters Mary Immaculate and Collaborators (DMI)
    Slogan: "Fully Human Fully Alive"
    Mission: To enable the poor and marginalized women and children in the process of socio economic and political empowerment.
    Main Activity Area: Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Bihar and Andaman
    Description: The Society of DMI wants to create a world where love, peace, equality, justice and brotherhood are ensured for all.
    Services: 1. Contextual awareness 2. Socio economic empowerment of women. 3. Addressing various women issues. 4. Micro economic activities. 5. Capacity building. 6. Leadership development. 7. Development of women's union. 8. Gender sensitivity. 9. Political participation 10. The community development services. 11. Rights Based Approach and Programming
    History: The DMI Society was founded in 1984 by Rev.Fr. J.E. Arulraj OMI, in Keechalam, Tamil Nadu, India with the objective of promoting sustainable community development and socio economic development of the poor and marginalized. Right from the inception, the sisters have been toiling tirelessly in the field of evangelization, education and social mobilization of the poor and less privileged sections of the society. DMI strongly believes in the inner capacity of every person, to think, to reflect and to react. By mobilizing the collective power of people DMI fulfils its mission to help the poor to be fully alive and fully human.
    Statistics: The DMI's service reached more than 2000 villages in 5 Indian states and also in the countries of Tanzania and Zambia. More than 1,50,000 women are active in various women's forums developed by women. 450 women are promoted as Panchayat president and councilors. In a year, more than 100 million worth of Government schemes are mobilized for the welfare of women. More than 1750 are promoted as volunteers. Health seeking tendency is observed among women. Nearly 9000 self help groups are involved in self help economic activities. 52 Tsunami affected have been the beneficiaries of crisis counseling.. 15932 Tsunami affected have been individually counseled. 7418 Tsunami affected have come to the normal life through group therapy. 300 Tsunami affected children were admitted in the care homes.
    Categories: 1. Women and Child Development Programs 2. Micro Credit activities 3. Livelihood programs for poor rural women 4. Income Generation trainings 5. Children Homes 6. Human Rights Education 7. Health Camps and awareness programs 8. Safe Drinking water to the remote villages 9. Awareness on ecology and Tree plantation 10. Sanitation facilities 11. To help the special children towards their education
    Projects: 1. Economic Empowerment of Tsunami affected Dalit women- More than 5000 families at Nagapattinam have been covered under rehabilitation programs. They are given a chance to have a continuous source of income through various income generation programs. 2. Disaster Preparedness- Under this program 25 of the most vulnerable villages in Nagapattinam severely affected in the Tsunami disaster were covered. They are trained to reduce the risks during the time of disasters. 3. Safe potable drinking water program- More than 1000 families receive safe drinking water in their vicinity. 4. Nearly 7500 saplings were planted in our target areas to save mother earth. 5. Nearly 50,000 people were given awareness on the dreadful disease HIV/AIDS. Regular Heath Camps and awareness programs are conducted to improve the health status of the target beneficiaries. 6. Right Based Approach training was organized in all the target areas. The women collectively fight for their rights.
    Programs: 1. Formation of Self Help Groups and Federations, 2. Livelihood Programs, 3. Income Generation Trainings, 4. Provision of seed money to poor rural women to embark in self employment programs, 5. Trainings on Rights Based Approach, 6. Health Camps and awareness programs, 7. Tree Plantation, 8. Awareness campaigns on HIV/AIDS, Ecology, Child Labor eradication, 9. Celebration of World Women's day, Human Rights Day, 10. Community Based Disaster Preparedness Program in the Tsunami affected villages in Nagapattinam.
    Address: Amala Bhavan, Rudra Road, St.Thomas Mount, Chennai-600016, India Tel: 91-44-22342821, Fax: 91-44-22346265, Times: 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Saturday
    email: dmimission@gmail.comKey Person: Sr. Maila emails:
    SiteAddress: DMIs Women's World, Chettipedu Village, Thandalam Post, Sriperumbudr, Kancheepuram District, South India.
    Coverage: Misereor-Germany Kindermissionswerk-Germany, local and international donors, key sponsors: Associated Country Women of the World-England, World Women's Day Prayer-German Committee.
    Staff: Full time: 164, Part time: 850, Volunteers: 1766, Trustees: 7, Registered under Societies Registration Act of India
    Comments: The society has more than 600 committed sisters at present who serve unconditionally the marginalized people particularly children and women who live in human bondage such as ignorance, illiteracy, ill - health, unequal opportunities and economic slavery in the countries like India, Tanzania and Zambia. We are on the process of covering many more remote villages who are in utmost need in the above said countries. Your generosity will help us to work effectively for the poor and the marginalized towards their emancipation.

  • Institute for the Handicapped & Backward People
    Mission: Institute for the Handicapped & Backward People seeks to bring about positive changes in the lives of all people with disabilities, children, women, old age and backward people through a range of policies and service provisions to enhance their sustainable skills and knowledge and give them opportunities to exercise their constitutional rights and fully participate and contribute to the community in the country. Our organization is non-religious, non-political and non-profit in nature. Our goal is to initiate a social and economic process which will ensure better economic opportunities for the poorest of the poor with disabilities to achieve a healthier living and equal social status irrespective of caste, creed, and to create gender equity in society.
    First objective: We are promoting humanitarian services for the care, education, training and rehabilitation of disabilities, orphan children, destitute, and senior citizen who are helpless. Second objective: Reduce the uneducated people in rural areas. Main focus is rural women, old age people, handicapped and child education. Conduct free computer training, artificial & mobility accessories for handicapped persons.
    Third objective: The aim for the children is to get education and care. We assist them in education both primary and secondary up to college to see that they get future employment to be able to assist others in the community. For the widows and poor families and even the adult youth, we give training in different fields to enable them to obtain skills which can help them in starting small businesses or even get employed to earn a living. We encourage self reliance in the communities we work with: Widows, poor families and those who are neglected in rural or urban areas and slums here in Kolkata.
    Slogan: Delete the name of Handicapped Vision: We dream of creating a harmonious society and we work to make it true. We believe that poverty is the worst violation of human rights and thus we work with poor, deprived, differently able, and marginalized sectors of society to create a social condition where everybody will be recognized as equal human beings in dignity and rights.
    Estab: 2001 History: The ? Institute for the Handicapped & Backward People? was founded and established in 2001 by the noted revolutionary and dedicated social worker Dr.M.A.Hasan Sahani. Seventeen members of his family i.e. father's and mother's sister and brothers are totally handicapped. Dr.M.A.Hasan Sahani is 65% (Muscular Dystrophy Myopathy ) handicapped and he runs and management the Institution in its day to day affairs. Dr Hasan practices Medicine of Homoeopath and has a small homoeopathic medicine shop, and his wife Mrs.Laily Khatun is a Pharmacist and Specially Trained Teacher assisting in cooperation with Dr. Hasan.
    Description of Services and Number of Beneficiaries: 1 General Services 102  2. Medical Services 200  3. Behaviour Modification 50  4. Special Education 110  5. Physiotherapy 80  6. Occupational Therapy 21  7. Parent counselling 200  8. Early Intervention Services 50  9. Speech, Language and Hearing 105  10. Community Based Service 54  11. Home Based Vocational Training 15  12. Multiple Handicap Unit 1  13. Autism and Intellectual Impairment 41  14. Detailed Hearing Assessment 45  15. Slow Learners 20  16. Special School for Hearing Impaired Children 58   17. Special School for Intellectual Impairment & Cerebral Palsy 37
    Project: Click to see Individual Sponsorship Programme For Cerebral Palsy & Mentally Challenged Children.
    Address: Institute for the Handicapped & Backward People, 44, Chanditala Branch Road, Behala, Kolkata, West Bengal-Pin No.700053, India Tel: 91-033-24032550 and 9836211718 or 9883305988 Contact: Dr.M.A.Hasan Sahani Budget: 150000 Indian Rupee FulltimeStaff 21, ParttimeStaff 7, Volunteers 8, Trustees 7, OtherStaff 5
    Trustact: a) Duly registered under West Bengal Societies Registration Act.XXVI 1961, Registration No. S/IL/6247 of 2001 b) Recognised by the Commissioner of Persons With Disabilities Act, Govt.of West Bengal. c) Registered under F.C.R.A No.147120819 d) Pan No.AAATI5984P
    email: Contact: Dr. M.A. Hasan Sahani, Founder Director,


    Activitiesarea: Bengabad block, Giridih district; Gomia block, Bokaro district & Ranchi in Jharkhand (India).
    Slogan: An organisation with a difference.
    Vision: Jan Sarokar visualizes creation of a just, equitable and prosperous society based on human values, dignity and self-respect.
    Mission: To initiate and strive for new standards par excellence to promote a meaningful, sustainable balance between human and fundamental natural resources of current and future generations in all walks of life for common masses through community intervention, gender equity and capacity building.
    Organization General Description: ?SHG Promotion & linkage in 15 Gram Panchayat of Bengabad; 5 GP in Gomia under progress ?Gender Equity & Violence Against women in Giridih district ?HIV & AIDS awareness ?Drug awareness ?Environment Awareness. ?Skill Development Training- Bamboo craft, Pattal plate etc ?Computer Education ?Training, Research & Documentation
    Services: Trg & consultancy to CSO as per assignment.
    History: Estab in 2000, Jan Sarokar is a small NGO registered as a Trust since the year 2000 and was formally started by a group of XISS alumni due to their concern for issues of rights and control over resources of marginalized communities, need for lending a voice to voiceless in order to bring a holistic development with a positive thinking & progressive outlook for a collective effort to negotiate from a position of strength. Statistics = WE EAN CAMPAIGN in Giridih district covering 4 blocks of district amonng various institutions such as 3 colleges, 10 High School, ICDS workers of 3 blocks promoting change makers >10,000. Drugs awareness in 5 High school & 5 community covering >500 students & 500 community members. Promotion of HIV/AIDS among Truckers, MSM, FSW, Migrants >10,000. Health checkup & camps >2000 population.
    Categories: Ongoing activities of Jan Sarokar
    ? SHG Promotion & linkage
    ? Gender Equity & Violence Against women
    ? HIV & AIDS awareness
    ? Drug awareness
    ? Environment Awareness.
    ? Skill Development Training- Bamboo craft, Pattal plate etc
    ? Computer Education
    ? Training, Research & Documentation
    Projects: Change makers formed under WE CAN CAMPAIGN at GIRIDIH >10,000 SHG promoted & linkage >60 covering 1000 women belonging to socially excluded group. Pressure group formed in 10 villages consisting of average 10-12 members male & female pro-active and taking action for awareness & counseling.
    ? SHG Promotion & linkage
    ? Gender Equity & Violence Against women
    ? HIV & AIDS awareness
    ? Drug awareness
    ? Environment Awareness.
    ? Skill Development Training- Bamboo craft, Pattal plate etc
    ? Computer Education
    ? Training, Research & Documentation
    Details: Coverage by Govt & Oxfam; Budget: 10 lakh; Audit: Choudary Mukherjee & associates FulltimeStaff = 8, ParttimeStaff = 4, Volunteers = 15, Trustees = 9   Registration under: Indian Trust Act 1882, No. IV, 23 dated 02.05.2000   Income Tax Exemption: Technical/12A-20/2001-02 Dhanbad dated 25.09.2002/1.10.2002   Regd under u/s 80 G: F.No CIT/DHN/Tech/80G-25/06-7/Dated, Dhanbad 30.11.2006 for 2006-07, 2007-08 & 2008-09   FCRA :337730013 dated 17th June 2004; PAN No: AAA04280H
    Address: Manohar Kumar, Secretary & Chief Functionary, H/O Sri Rudreshwari Prasad, Meera Deep Sikha, North Office Para, PO Doranda, Ranchi-834002; Tel: +91 9471313371; Manohar Kumar-
    To Contact:
    Comments: Willing to forge allaiance & get support for the downtrodden from donors or supporters to strengthen the institution to fulfill the dreams of millions of downtroden & needy to get their rights and have decent living.


    Activitiesarea: Thiruvallur, Tamilnadu, India
    Vision: An NGO dedicated to the cause of training children, youth and faculty members in educational and development centers. Registered as a trust, we have been managing this with our own resources of sales of our books and training cost.
    Mission: To help rural poor children and youth be empowered with soft skills of life management and enter into good occupations
    Organization: Three member trust with an executive committee as an advisory board guiding us. A Catholic priest is helping us as youth counsellor and guide occasionally. Services: Soft skills training of communication skills, interview facings skills, documentation skills etc., Have brought forth ten volumes of ENCYCLOPEDIA OF SOCIAL SERVICE PROJECTS for effective NGO management and waiting for support to produce it.
    History: 2005 registered as a trust in Dindigul, tamilnadu, india.
    Statistics: Have trained more than 10000 children and youth. About 1000 teaching faculty and NGO heads.
    Categories: Human resource imparting through soft skills training programmes and dissemination of NGO management skills through our books and articles highly applauded by Hindu, Indian Express, New Leader, Nam Vazhvu etc. magazines
    Projects: There are 7 trainers who are associates. We do not have a project to run. Hence we book programmes in schools and colleges and make some income for maintaining our NGO and meeting the actuals and honorarium of each expert trainer.
    Progams: All programmes on invitation from NGOs, schools, colleges, forums etc.
    Testimonial: This finance year we have reached out to 1000 youth among whom 100 are placed in MNCs. We brought forth ten volumes of ENCYCLOPEDIA OF SOCIAL SERVICE PROJECTS for effective NGO management. With these two sources of income of about 130,000 we have met the office expenses, rent, travel, offered gifts to our children in two tuition centres which we feel is a great experience and a success story. Of course, we need support to reach out to children and youth in Govt schools and colleges. We will be very grateful to any forum, or individual ready to support training children and youth govt schools and colleges with corporate skills of coping with the competitive life.
    Tel: 044/27697656/09445020873
    Times: 9 TO 5 PM and any time as it is residence cum tuition centre.
    KeyPersons: Mrs.Emelda - Trustee, Mr.Selva Kumar - Trustee, Mr.J.A.Arockiasamy - Founder trustee
    Contact: J.A.Arockiasamy
    Coverage: Own resources selling books, VCDs
    RevSources: Training costs and remenerations
    KeySponsors: None - Self managing and require sponsor to help children and youth
    Budget: 200,000
    Currency: Indian Rupee
    Audit: To be audited shortly before 31st March 2010 by Mr. Manimaran and his associates
    FulltimeStaff: 3 ParttimeStaff: 4 Volunteers: 7 Trustees: 3 OtherStaff: 12 Other: Advisory and executive committee
    Trustact: Trust Act of India


  • ST.Gemma Matriculation School
    Activitiesarea: ARANI, VELLORE, INDIA
    Slogan: SERVE THE POOR
    Vision: Passionists and their mission Passionists are a religious congregation founded by St. Paul of the Cross in 1720 in Italy. The mission of the Passionist is to proclaim the crucified love of Christ and also to work among the crucified of today. Now the Passionists are involved in different ministries around 57 countries in the world. Our ministries are: Retreat ministry, Parish Missions, education and working among the marginalized in the society.
    ESTABLISHMENT OF RANDHAM MISSIONPassionist established their mission in Randham Korattur, Tamilnadu, in 1996. It is a remote village, 20 kms from Arni and 65 kms from ARANI, VELLORE, 140 kms from Chennai. There are not enough transport facilities or medical facilities for these people in the village. In spite of all this, we have taken this parish which has 11 small mission stations. All the people in these villages are daily wage workers in the agricultural fields. We are working among the scheduled castes in the villages.
    Mission: PASSIONIST AND THEIR MISSION IN RANDHAM In our Mission Parish Randham, with all our sub stations we have 1047 Christians and 3000 Hindus. Our ministries reach out to both the Christian and Hindu communities. We are involved in religious activities, medical care, cow programme, milk society, forming small men and women groups for self developments, building homes for the poorest in the villages and educating the poor children in and around the villages.
    Click here for History of Passionist in India and the Rabdgan Mission
    COW PROGRAMME Most of our villagers are working in the field as daily wage earners. Since they do not have a regular income, we have started this cow programme which gives a monthly income. It works like this: We give a loan of no interest, to purchase a milking cow. They repay their loan in 10 months by selling the milk to our milk society. Once the loan is repaid, the cow belongs to them and the loan is given to another needy family in the village. In the past six years, we have given more than 360 families in our villages both Catholic and Hindu communities.
    MILK SOCIETYWe also have a milk society which collects more than 600 liters of milk everyday and sold to the milk factory. They pay us and we pay the people according to the measure of milk that is poured to us.
    FORMATION OF GROUPSWe have formed many different 'Groups' for self growth. We have Five Farmers Society, Five Women's Society, Washer men and Women Society and St. Vincent de Paul Society, kolping sangam, balar sangam which helps them to save money on a regular basis and also gives them loans.
    GEMMA MATRICULATION SCHOOLWhen Passionists came to the Mission Parish Randham Korattur, most of the children were not in school, rather they were looking after sheep and cows. We felt the need to give an education to these poor children. So we started a school giving free education. Most of these children's parents are not educated.
    Testimonial: School has been run without any support from the government, individuals or funding agencies to date.
    Address: St.GEMMA Matriculation school, Randham Korattur Village, Panaiyur Post, Arni Taluk, Thiruvannamalai District 632518, Tamilnadu, India
    KeyPerson and Contact: Rev. Fr. Joseph C.P.- Principal and correspondent
    Coverage: Support from our congregation and nominal fees & charges from well to do children
    RevSources: CONGREGATION
    Budget: 5,00,000 Indian Rupees
    Audit: Our Auditor Mr.Roy Thomas and his company of auditors
    FulltimeStaff: 10; ParttimeStaff: 0; Volunteers: 7; Trustees: 7


  • Rural Education Development Society
    Country: India
    Activitiesarea: Thiruchuli, Virudhunagar, Tamilnadu, India
    Common Name of Organization: Rural Education Development Society
    Slogan: REDS
    Vision: To educate all for poverty alleviation
    Mission: To make the nation prosperous in all respects
    Organization General Description: Our organization is a registered society involved in social service activities. Our society has a democratic executive committee for decision making. It is non-profit making.
    Services: Women SHG formation, Vocational training, Awareness creation meetings, Self employment income generating training,
    Established: 2004
    History: Our organization has been registered under the Tamilnadu State Society Registration Act 27/1975 and is involved in Educational development, Health promotion, Environmental protection, Agricultural development, Poverty alleviation
    Statistics: We promoted 300 women SHGs. We provided vocational skill training to40 young women
    Categories: Formation of women SHGs: Projects: We develop the socio-economic status of 300 Women Information Phone 9965016508 E.mail:
    Progams: Awareness on De-addiction, Reduction of Global warming, Environment protection, Animal welfare, HIV/AIDS awareness, Human Rights Awareness, Eye-camp, Medical camp
    InformationSites: M.Reddiapatti(po), Virudhunagar District, Tamilnadu
    Testimonial: Tow wheeler
    Address: 1/13 Aruppukkottai road, Thiruchuli-626129, Virudhunagar District, Tamilnadu.
    Tel: 09965016508 Fax: nil our email: nil
    Hours: 9AM-7PM
    KeyPersons: DhevaBagyam phone: 09585050954
    Contact: P.Marimuthu
    SiteAddress: Thiruchuli -Pachery, Thiruchuli(po) Virudhunagar District Pin-626129
    Coverage: Donations, Grant from local bodies
    RevSources: nil
    KeySponsors: Well wishers of community
    Budget: 5,32,000 Indian Rupees
    Audit: Mr.Amalajothi Bsc;FCA
    FulltimeStaff: 2, ParttimeStaff = 6, Volunteers = 12, Trustees = 7, OtherStaff = 8
    OtherStaff: General Body Members
    Trustact: Tamil Nadu State Society Act27/1975


  • Action of Human Movement (AHM)
    Country: India
    Activitiesarea: Kancheepuram district of Tamil Nadu state.
    Slogan: AHM
    Vision: "Including the excluded, and giving the best to the least"
    Mission: "Equal and integrated community development through mind, education, employment and economics"
    Organization General Description: Action of Human Movement (AHM) is a registered non-profit organization working for the deprived section of rural women, children and youths and BPL (Below Poverty Line) community in India. AHM gives health awareness, human rights and all kinds of community development works.
    Services: 1. Adult literacy programme for above 18 age people. 2. Carrier guidance and job placement for 10th and +2 students. 3. Skill development training, Self Help women's group. 4. Research and advocacy 5. Awareness and non formal education. 6. Youth self employment programme.
    Estab: 2004
    The founder Mr.C.Arockia Raj M.A.,D.Cer.Tech., DOA, M.Phill., was the lecturer in St. Arulanandar Community College (Department of Social work) where he taught social education for rural youths. He has ten years experience in social work. The AHM was started in 2003 (without registration) with the help of St. Arulanandar community college students. The students gave the subscription for the smooth functioning of the AHM. Their thought, vision and mission about AHM is really appreciable. One among the students was Miss. A. Sulochana M.S.W. She was the sculpture of AHM. She worked for the improvement of AHM. She died on 2nd october 2007. Because of her dedicated work, she was appointed as a foundress of AHM by the executive committee.
    Statistics: AHM NGO has met ten thousand 10th and +2 students. AHM NGO has given awareness education to 5000 families.
    Projects: AHM NGO won a gold medal and shield for best social work NGO in Kancheepuram district.
    Programs: Cultural festival for general public. Skill Development Training for youths and women.
    Testimonial: AHM NGO is working for the deprived section. Their social work is appreciable - Dr.A.Victor Jeyaseelan MSW, Mphill
    Address: 3/13, Madha Koil street, Kammalam Poondi Po, Uthiramerur Tk, Kancheepuram - 603406, Tamil Nadu, S.India Tel: 044 - 27293555 Fax: 044 - 2729355 Times: 10 AM to 5 PM except Saturday and Sunday
    KeyPersons: Contact: C.Arockia Raj
    RevSources: Government of India and Government of Tamil Nadu and Local Donations
    Budget: INR500000.00 Audit: Qualified Charted Accountants
    Staff: FulltimeStaff: 10; ParttimeStaff: 15; Volunteers: 20; Trustees: 7
    Trustact: Registered under Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act 27 of 1975




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  • Social Development for Deprived of the World Pakistan (SDDW_Pakistan) with a mission to create awareness, increase development, and empower the people in under privileged communities.
    Main Area of Activities: Southren areas of Punjab, Pakistan
    Slogan: To empower people and make them able to get better.
    Vision: Education in different departments of life to enhance survival in modern society
    Background: Non-governmental organization (NGO) since 1997. Due to a survey of living conditions, it was decided to form a group with the primary purpose of attempting to improve the lives of people through addressing the illiteracy rate and poor living conditions in the area. See website for further details.
    Progams: Interfaith Harmony at grassroots level and Primary education for slums
    Primary Services: Girls, Primary, Teacher, Health, adult education for women
    Structure: A flat non-hierarchincal structure to encourage initiative, decision-making, responsibility, accessibility and flexibility. Although each player has his/her own objectives and aspirations, roles tend to develop over time. We have removed conventional layers of management system which lays emphasis on empowerment of teams.
    Board of directors and partner organizations: Board composed of 7 elected members for a period of three years ultimately responsible for the performance of the organization in all areas of its work. Partner organizations: The National Organization Church World Service and Christian Study Center.
    Projects: Skilled and trained workers and citizens in two charity schools. Impact Data: Direct: 300 Indirect: 5000
    Revenue Sources: International individuals, annual membership fee, fund raising from charity schools, handicrafts from sewing centers. Currency: 5,00000 PR Audited by CAFO Church Pakistan. Staff: Fulltime: 5, Part time: 2, Volunteers: 10, Trustees: 5 Registered under: The Societies Registration Act, XXI OF 1860
    Address: St# 2 Madina Colony , Shorkot Road , Toba Tek Singh Punjab Pakistan, Tel: +92-462-518281, Fax: +92-462-517384, times: 9:00am to 4:00pm.
    Contact: Mrs. Seraphine Shahbaz email:

  • Encourage Organization
    Main Area of Activities: Youhanabad, Lahore, Pakistan
    Encourage Organization is a registered, non profit and non political organization and its aims and objectives are:
    1 Capacity building of the people through awareness, trainings and workshops.
    2 Struggle for the restoration of the peace and social harmony for justice and peace,
    3 Initiative for development for the poor and distress communities in the society.
  • Encourage Organization has introduced a children's Peace club and now 70 children are regular members and activity participated in the meetings, programs.
  • We have started some vocational centers for women where women have fewer opportunities to go outside for education and other social events freely in the community, and enhanced their capacity through different activities to make them able to take part in active roles at all level.
    President: Amir Joseph
    General Secretary: Sumaria Yousaf
    Address: Encourage organization, E Block, Street # 2, House # 28, Youhanabad Lahore, Ph: 042-5020388, Mobile: 0300-9433872
  • Kyokushin Kai
    Kyokushin Kai is a non-government and non-profit organization working in Pakistan since 1983(established) and May 04, 2004 Registered) with the sole object to provide the basic necessities of life and to solve grievances. KK was established for the welfare and betterment of neglected women in Pakistan, specially in Fata (Tribal Areas) deprived of their basic constitutional rights, and to provide women with the basic necessities of life like education, health and protection. KK applies all its funds for the welfare and protection of women, and works for the safety and protection of innocent women who are victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, sexual harassment and those women who have deserted from their houses. KK educates people about gender sensitive active non-violence and strives to spread general awareness that there should be no discrimination among global people especially due to their gender.
    Mission Statement:
    To play a pivotal role in positively changing the lives of women irrespective of their economic profile, race, color, ethnic background or nationality, through an armor of knowledge, human rights awareness, and social responsibility to give this world a true spirit and atmosphere of democracy, self-reliance, self-expression, dignity, and as a consequence true and fulfilling happiness and contentment.
    To break the barriers of conservatism, darkness and deprivation of women by empowering and advancing them to think, act, express, judge independently to advance theirs? and their dependents? standard of living along with the acquisition of education, civic sense, proper health & hygiene, security, and violence-free environment on a sustainable basis.
    To propagate a flourishing environment for women empowering them with the beacon of ?confidence?, ?leadership?, ?prodigy? and ?humility? to effectively deal with the humungous challenges of life.
    Vision: Kyokushin Kai Vision is to give a new meaning to the word women by bringing a positive change in the lives of women, and enabling them to be at the forefront of social and economic activities to procure for themselves a decent living with all the human rights safeguards.
    Our Approach: In the determined pursuit of achieving our mission, we strive to Identify Challenges that exist in a community.
    Fact finding of the root of the challenges through primary or secondary research conducted by forming ?What Went Wrong Committees?.
    Suggesting Ideas Brainstorming; gathering a pool of ideas to address the challenge
    Selection of Idea Unanimously selecting the most suitable idea coming out of the brainstorming session to tackle the challenge.
    Plan of Action Through the community participation, and expert advice to give practical shape to the idea and open opportunities for women.
    Unity Women to unite and express.
    Implementation Projects for women empowerment on sustainable basis.
    Improvise Uniting women to come up and derive strategies to sustain.
    Mobilization For fulfilling our mission.
    Aims and Objectives: Women Empowerment Organization aims to improve and enhance the status of women through:
    1 Advocate for and to promote the rights of women to make free and informed choices regarding sexual and reproductive health and to create an enabling environment to exercise their rights.
    2 To promote & support women health.
    3 Improve the status of women and children through promotion of rights of women, children and human rights as a whole.
    4 To transform social attitudes and behavior through non-violent grassroots education for a responsive and supportive social environment to address women's concerns and development.
    5 To provide adult education for rural women.
    6 To provide formal and non-formal education for street and working children.
    7 To empower women politically and enhance her autonomy and level of decision-making.
    8 To improve economic position of the disadvantaged women and children by involving them in income and employment generating activities which will help to reduce their social, economic and cultural vulnerability.
    9 To bring social change in society.
    10 To organize awareness raising programs in the community regarding women empowerment.
    Our Philosophy: Women Empowerment Organization?s philosophy is to wide spread the notion of good Samaritans and Philanthropy for the salvation of women folks in particular to prevent their suffering on one hand and empowering them to be able to defend their rights on the other. Our view is that if we want a balanced society, women will have to take part on equal footings. Educated women educate their children in a better way that becomes part of the society at a later stage. Our philosophy is not only to empower women to earn a decent living but also to understand and propagate decency, well manners, civic sense etc to have an overall advance society.
    Our Principals and Values:
    1 We believe in equality for women in all walks of life.
    2 We believe the idea of education and skills attainment for women on equal footings.
    3 We believe that women are entitled to adult education and good reproductive health.
    4 We believe that women should be allowed to participate in the social and economic activities of a community and the country as a whole.
    5 We believe in providing violence-free and harassment-free environment and culture for women, where they can feel fully safe.
    6 We believe in developing the political capacities of women and empowering them to hold the ropes of politics for the advancement and protection of women?s rights.
    7 We believe in investing in women to enhance their latent talents.
    8 We believe in making impossible things possible by perseverance.
    Contact Person: Mr. Rehmat Gul Afridi, Chairman Kyokushin Kai, Cell # +92-3465002074, Office # +92-917100256, Address: Suite #30, 7th Floor Bilour Plaza Peshawar Cantt

  • New Horizon Foundation Pakistan

    Activitiesarea: Southern Punjab, Pakistan
    Established: 2008
    Slogan: Struggle for safe, respectful and peaceful atmosphere
    Vision: Empowers youth to identify and develop their dreams to make their future bright
    Mission: Together we can achieve
    Organization General Description: New Horizon Foundation, abbreviated "NHF" is a non-government, non-profitable organization dedicated to the betterment and economic uplift of uneducated youth of southern Punjab, Pakistan.
    The Foundation's projects focus on basic needs, education which seeks to heal, and medical care to strengthen and empower Pakistan's most vulnerable youth, especially those who are less likely to be adopted due to age or special needs. Our programs provide more opportunities to empower youth in the society.
    New Horizon Foundation creates opportunities for youth to become self-reliant and contributing members of the society. It provides an effective mechanism to youth, especially poor and socially-excluded youth to reintegrate into the society as active citizens and not as citizens in waiting. We create awareness about the concept of youth social entrepreneurship and youth service within the social, business and academic sectors. NHF does this by enhancing the lives of inner-city marginalized youth through the expansion of learning opportunities available to them, pointing the way to a future full of hope, and working together to create that future.
    Services: NHF, with its available limited resources, is based in a depressed community, and is run by educated and professional people who are inspired to help the community through better education, skill development, improved health conditions, clean environment, and economic uplift. Thus, through enhanced capacity building, NHF enables youth to play a unique role in society.
    NHF intends to create a prosperous society for youth. Appended are the aims and objectives of the organization: Development of economic empowerment programs Awareness of human rights Awareness of health issues Awareness of different issues through theatre performance Promotion of inter-faith harmony and peace in the Society Work for a clean environment and nature conservation Research about youth problems
    METHODOLOGY: In order to achieve its objectives, NHF organizes grassroots meetings, workshops, seminars, theatres, demonstrations, networking, and using the media (publications on the issues in national magazines and newspapers). In the continuation of its efforts, the NHF conducts fact-finding visits, compiles research material, publications, etc., and organizes signature campaigns and peaceful protests.
    Projects: NHF Achievements 2008: training of 30 poor youth members in Computer skills within 6 months training 15 girls in sewing skills within 3 months conducted a survey of child labor in 4 local areas of Multan District screened about 100 patients for HIV-Aids enhanced awareness of HIV-Aids for about 100 youth members
    Ongoing Activities: 4 informal education centers for poor boys & girls One computer training center for boys and girls Interfaith Harmony campaign through visits in churches, mosques & temples Two skill centers for girls
    NHF Future Plans: Screen approximately 200 HIV patients Increase our target areas Arrange seminars for HIV-Aids and Human Rights awareness Medical camps for HIV-Aids in urban & rural areas for youth Interfaith harmony campaign in churches, mosques & temples
    Address: H#50, St#2, New Christian Colony, Gulzar Town, Near Gul Gashat Post Off, Multan, 60000 Punjab Pakistan
    Tel: + 92 - 61 - 6511364, Fax: + 92 - 61 - 6511364
    Times: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm (Sunday Holiday)
    KeyPersons: +92-307-7321592
    Contact: Shaukat Channan
    Trustact: Under the Societies Act 1860, PAKISTAN



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  • Tambai Zimbabwe
    Country Zimbabwe
    Activities Area Harare
    Sport for social development
    Slogan Non governmental organization that uses sport to positively engage marginalized and underprivileged youth in Zimbabwe.
    Vision The springboard to enduring, lifelong success through sport
    Mission Tambai is dedicated to the promotion of increased participation in sport by youth including girls leading to the attainment of sport excellence and enduring, lifelong success. Tambai attaches importance to the holistic development of social, leadership and cognitive qualities in youth and adolescents, empowering them to make wise personal choices in life by enhancing their knowledge on key social issues and challenges that impact on their lives. Organization General Description The Tambai Zimbabwe Trust is a not-for profit, charitable non-governmental organization based in Harare, Zimbabwe.
    Board of Directors Tambai has a Board of Trustees to provide governance oversight, strategic leadership and policy direction. The day to day affairs of Tambai are implemented by a full time management team staffed with individuals capable of overseeing both the financial and programmatic aspects of the organization.
    Services Sport coaching, life skills training, mentoring services
    Established 2009
    History Tambai started as the STARZ of the Future Volleyball Academy founded by Martin Dururu at Cranborne Primary School in 1996 to provide volleyball and life mentoring services to the children of servicemen and women from Cranborne in Harare, Zimbabwe.
    Address 15 Waterfalls Gardens, Parktown, Harare, Zimbabwe
    Tel +263-913-413357
    KeyPersons Martin Dururu Founder & Director
    Contact Martin Dururu
    Currency American Dollar
    ParttimeStaff yes
    Volunteers yes
    Trustees yes
    Trustact Tambai Zimbabwe
    General email



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