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Emergency Pages:
CPR-Not Breathing-Full and Hands-Only Video
Choking & Asthma poison, swallow pills, batteries
Battery Ingestion Hotline
Poison Emergency Help Worldwide, also pets
CPR For Animals and Birds
Poisons, Snake Bites, Stings
Antivenom Sources (updated 2009)
Animal Poisoning what to do, who to call

Deal With Natural Hazards:
Lightning Safety
Desert Survival
Nonprofit Rescue Teams
Coping with Forest Fire satellite imagery
Fire - What To Do
Wildfire Prepare What to do if trapped

First Aid and Safety
First Aid & Wilderness Medicine
First Aid and Safety save your child

Animal Emergency and Care:
Animal and Bird CPR
Whale Dolphin Stranding
Oil Spill Rescue
Pet Bird Care Hazards

If you love your birds. Even if don't have
Care of Pet Birds - Coping with Dangers

CNN up-to-date
Weather Underground U.S. storm tracking

Reuters News Many Languages
Google News 4,500 news sources
CNN International

Disaster Alerts
Emergencies and Disasters Interactive Map
GDACS Global Disaster Alertrealtime tracking
Global Hurricanes & Cyclones Alerts
ReliefWeb UN humanitarian crisis & disasters

Disaster News
AlertNetReuters Alert
ReliefWeb crisis updates by country
NASA Earth Observatory
Global Maps environmental changes

Guides To Emergency Planning
How Prepare American Red Cross Plan Ahead -checklists
Emergency Plans for families and businesses
Emergency Control Centers
Safe Room Tips + IDF Link
CDC Emergency Preparedness and Response
resources for emergency health professionals

Preparedness Culturally Diverse Communities

Disaster Plans & Control Centers:
Family Emergency Plan
Emergency Planning Schools, Businesses
Safe Room Tips
Crisis Response Paradigm
Conflict Assumptions & Achieving Security
Response to Terrorism

NGO Disaster Response
Red Cross and Red Crescent global
Oxfam International 100 countries+
CARE International Gateway to each country
Doctors Without Borders
Medecins Sans Frontieres
offices globally

Mercy Corps
Emergency, development, civil society

Search and Rescue
UN OCHA Rescue teams by country
IRC International Rescue Corps
U.S. Urban Search & Rescue Response System
U.S. Coast Guard Search and Rescue Contacts

Emergency Shelters
Rescue Teams
Emergency Telecom
Local Level Communication After Disaster

Decrease Risk of Heart Attack
Hospital Germs: How Reduce Risk
HIV/AIDS: Amazing Controversy

Alternative Medicine
The Cancer Cure Foundation
List of clinics

First Things First therapies/stories of success

Health: Major Organizations, Disease Index
WHO UN World Health Org
CDC U.S. Center for Disease Control
Mayo Clinic Diseases and Conditions
Influenza H1N1
Lists of Hospitals
Wikipedia lists around the world

U.S. Hospitals specialists, dentists Medlineplus

Water and Sustainability
Water Availability
Desalination, Saline Farming,
Rainwater Harvesting, Fog Collectors

Well Water & Sanitation
Sustainable Agriculture
India Financing Sustainable Development
Pakistan Financing Sustainable Development

Approaches To Working With Dyslexia
Women's Girls' Education In Development

Human Rights and Amnesty
Universal Declaration of Human Rights
UN: Human Rights by Country
Amnesty International
Amnesty International by Country
ENOUGH Project Initiative to end genocide
Intl Crisis Group work prevent wars

HIV/AIDS Controversy
Hepatitis C
Iron Overload

Problem Solving:
Peace Agreements and Their Failures
Observations on Problem Solving
Realistic Decision Making
Basic Principles of Action
Teach & Learn Through Problem Solving
Modalities of Learning
Organizing For Success
Assessment and Response To Terrorism
Assumptions of Conflict
Crisis Response Paradigm

Nonprofit Help:
Nonprofit Cycles / Chairs
Computer Recycling
Supporting Nonprofits how raise funds
Selecting The Right Charity
Nonprofits Empower People

Other Pages:
Find Jobs, Money, Benefits
Homelessness find food and shelter
Street Children