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November 26 2023 NEW MESSAGE



It is almost impossible for many to believe that we may have been set up. It is inconceivable to believe that the slaughter of the residents of our own communities along the border with Gaza was a false flag operation - a killing of our own people - men, women and children in the most horrible way so that the map presented at the United Nations just 2 weeks earlier showing Israel from the river to the sea totally cleared of the two Arabic communities- Gaza and the West Bank. We say that Israel could not have done something like that against its own citizens.

I look with dismay at the facts below which can led to only one conclusion - a false flag operation staged to get the entire population of the country to such a rage of revenge that it would justify the total destruction of Gaza and a genocide. The false flag operation, the wanton and horrific murder of our own people (over one thousand men, women and children) in a number of Israeli communities, coming suddenly without their knowledge,, photographing and shown on TV to justify exacting a terrible revenge on Hamas and the total population of Gaza.

False flag operations have been staged throughout history by nations and groups on their own people, or against their own interests in order to blame someone else. In many cases, these operations have led to genocide. Yes you say, it happened elsewhere, but not here, not now.

Then why continue to press a point which if true can only lead to worse consequences then has already occurred? Because if enough people realize the terrible truth, it can stop what is taking place, and bring the perpetrators and those carrying the majority of the blame to trial.

It can halt the continuation of a genocide which if allowed to continue could cause the murder of innocent peoples in both our communities and potentially all of us, given the reaction of the rest of the world.

By continuing our retribution, we are building resistance of the world community against us. One wrong move will be too much and we will be in the crosshairs of a truly horrible retribution,We will continue to bear the consequences of our actions way into the future

We must be strong enough to face the power of those who control us for this short time in our history. And the rest of the world will celebrate us and help both our communities to rebuild.

Evil in one part of the community has a way of spreading and infecting other parts of society. To be a pariah in the history of the world never bodes well for a people.


Please give the logical reasons for the following.

Within the last two years, personal weapons held by IDf members who had finished their active service recalled. I asked two reservists why this had taken place in a country under constant threat from its neighbors. I did not receive a convincing answer. In a country in a constant confrontation with a potential enemy, this made no sense. But, there must have been a logical reason for a tradition which had been in existence singe the establishment of the nation. This must be true particularly for those along the borders of Gaza and the West Bank. this must be of grave concern.

2. I have heard that in its place, armories were established in each community along the border with Gaza. Any time there was need for protection, weapons could be withdrawn. However, I heard that within two days of the invasion from Gaza, the armories were removed. Who could have done this and why?

3. Hamas was created by Israel to counter Arafat. How much control does Israel have over the current leader of Hamas?

4. Since the creation of Gaza, the communities bordering the Gaza strip have had a system of electronic monitoring unmatched elsewhere in the world However within two days of the invasion of Hamas into the communities, ,the monitoring team was removed from their posts and placed along the border of the West Bank, leaving the Gaza border totally open. We were shown that the border fencing was breached by explosions, and even by a tractor which cleared one of the entry points. There was no reaction from Israel. How is this possible?

5. As the residents of the communities realized they were under attack, hundreds of cell phone distress signals must have gone out, but for some reason fell on deaf ears.

6. There had always been a unit of IDF housed within each of or a majority of the communities. But they had all been removed, and placed somewhere along the West Bank. This is particularly puzzling since within the two weeks preceding the incursion, Egypt had warned Israel of a possible invasion from Gaza, which on the attack met basically no resistance.

7. And to the despair of everyone, it took literally six to seven hours for IDF forces to show up - a country in which the IDF is probably the most trained, best equipped and timely responsive force on earth.

8. The festival of young with over 1000 in attendance was moved from its original location shortly before the invasion to a point near one of the entry points of the invading Hamas forces.


WHY had these communities been stripped of every defense which had been present in their long history?

As a nation, as a people, we must find the answer to these questions. In our continuing to ignore or call conspiracy theory we condemn ourselves to our own destruction.

We must face the terrible truth as a nation, as a people, and correct what has been done behind our back, in our name,

This is not the Israel most of us believe in.

We must stand up and call for justice.


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