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    Term Definition:'site'
    In the following agreement, the terms "the site", "this site" or "Center" (not case sensitive) shall refer to two definitions depending on the context within which the terms are used: the Global Crisis Solution Center and all of its services (including but not limited to all web sites), and the site as aforementioned, and individually and collectively its directors, officers, partners, employees, volunteers, material and financial contributors, owners of material, members, distributors, agents, servers, and to all of its assignees, subsidiaries, affiliates(holding rights or interests), branches, licensees, licensors, or inheritors

    The following is the gist of and an integral part of the Full Site Use Agreement but does not replace the full agreement. By using this Site(see definition above) in any way, you agree fully to the following rules, including all specifications in the Full Site Use Agreement, and including specific rules of use found in various sectors of the site. If you do not agree, you may not use this site.

    You agree that in your use of the site or its material, you will do nothing to harm anyone, including the site or its users, in any way.

    ALL WARRANTIES DISCLAIMED. This site is provided for educational and informational purposes only. We make no warranty or claims whatsoever, express or implied, about the material, the site, sites to which links are provided, or communications from the site, including, but not limited to, the fact that we do not claim that the material is complete, correct, up-to-date, valid, free of errors, or even a good solution to any problems, or suitable to any particular situation or in general. The information provided must not be used as the sole basis for eduation, diagnosis, treatment, or action. If you use this site in any way, you agree to take full responsibility for your use of the site and its information and materials. In other words, you agree that you use this site and its material or ideas totally at your own risk and under your own advisement.

    In your communications to the site, use of the site or its materials or ideas at any time and any place, you agree that you will follow all applicable laws, rules, protocols, conventions, understandings, codes of conduct, confidentiality, regulations, customs, privacy, and agreements either explicit or implicit.

    You further agree that you take full responsibility for any material or idea which you submit to the site and that you will hold the site blameless and keep this site indemnified against any claims made by a third party for any contribution to, use of, or attribution which you make regarding the site.

    You also agree that any material or idea which you submit to the site becomes the property of the site insofar as it is used on or by the site, and the site is under no obligation whatsoever, either to you or a third party, to include but not limited to, remunerate you in any way, or to maintain confidentiality, or to publish in full or in part, or inform you of receipt or publication, or non publication or removal, or to save, or maintain such material. You also agree that the site may at its full discretion make any changes in your materials or ideas, and display them in any way and at any time so as to fulfill the purposes of the site.

    Due to the open nature of some of the facilities on the site, the views or material on the site are not necessarily reflective of and do not necessarily represent the views or spirit of the site, and the site is not responsible for knowingly or unknowingly presenting such material and/or failure to remove such material which from time to time may be conveyed by the site.

    Failure to enforce, or the invalidity of, any section of this agreement does not invalidate the agreement or its parts.

    This agreement may be changed at any time without notice. By continuing to use the site, you agree with any and all such changes.
    Full Site Use Agreement

    Last Modified - 21 July 2002

    Note: email is the only form of communication which will be handled by this site except for Instant Response and Forum and then only within the scope of these facilities.

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