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Copy paragraph to be translated, click BABELFISH link, paste in box and select language
BABLEFISH Translation

Helpful comments by Globalcrisis
Summarizes some Babel Fish help and FAQ, plus gives some additional observations:

This facility is mainly for paragraphs and very small web pages.

On web page translation, only about 5K will be translated. If the translation stops before the end, you can translate the remaining in small batches by copying and pasting up to about 150 words in the expanded window at the Babel Fish site.

Internal pages which do not have their own address will not be translated (only the main URL page will be translated).

This is an automatic translation and hence does not necessarily have the exactness or understanding of meaning of a human translation.

  • Translation of text

    Text translation is quite limited. If you type or paste actual text into the small window on this page, translation of text with accents will generally cut off at the first accent mark encountered. For longer translations (150 words) with accents, etc. use the Babel Fish page.

    Some helpful hints: In order not to translate proper nouns, place (.) or an (x) in front of the word
    eg. .The .Spring .Valley .Potato .Festival
    In a number of languages, to keep the order of the words, it is necessary to run all of the words together
    eg. .TheSpringValleyPotatoFestival

  • For further info on these and other questions, use help from the Babel Fish page Babel Fish HELP or the Babel Fish FAQ page: Babel Fish FAQ

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