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Dead Sea desert
Human Spirit Under Reset

Previous articles on Covid-19
Population Control   
Do Not Let Them Experiment On You   
Contact Tracing - Its Effect on Society   
Warning and What To Do   
Coronavirus Takeaway   

Updated: January 1 2020


OK, if you read nothing else, at least see these:
1. One page note: Yes, Bill Gates Said That. Here’s the Proof by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Children's Health Defense, Dec 11 2020
2. Nine minute video: An Absolute Must See What NO ONE is Saying About The Lockdowns The Corbett Report, James Corbett
with Transcript and sources

If you are coming to this page for the first time without having read the previous posts on this site about Covid-19, you will think that this is absolute conspiracy theory run amuck. I know I would, if I had not looked into it further to discover that it is an idea developed in the early 1930s to save the world from what appeared to be, at that time, the death of capitalism, and to base the structure and economy of society on exchange of energy instead of currency, and a totally new order of governance by scientists and intellectuals instead of politicians. Since that time, there have been a number of attempts to institute the idea. But, in each case it has met with failure.


In the early days before the declaration of the pandemic, I read what was happening on the Diamond Princess cruise ship in very confined space with over 3,711 passengers and crew. There were a total of 7 deaths - all to individuals over the age of 70, and no deaths among the over 1,000 crew members, many of whom were in constant contact with the passengers and with each other see here [1]

This led me to the conclusion that the virus was not the killer disease which the media was promoting worldwide. However, in the flurry of media accounts producing fear, following exaggerated predictions of mortality, and the World Health Organization (WHO) declaration of a pandemic, a number of companies and institutes worldwide would attempt to find a vaccine against the virus SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19).

Then I heard Bill Gates (the founder of Microsoft) say that everything would go back to normal only when we had a vaccine which would be given mandatorily to every man, woman and child on the planet. Why would he say this unless he was in the business of producing a vaccine, which turned out to be true, with the company Moderna and its mRNA vaccine, for which he was the major funder. So I looked up other funding by the foundation which he and his wife had created, and stumbled upon reports (which have subsequently been removed) see here [2] detailing the distribution of millions of dollars to various organizations and universities for research and development of a dissolvable microneedle array patch for the sustained dermal delivery of a progestin contraceptive, and a microneedle array patch for vaccinations that enables house-to-house campaigns via administration by minimally-trained personnel

Something very strange was going on here. So I did some more research into Gates and pulled up articles by different experts all documenting the use of vaccines in various highly populated or underdeveloped countries in southeast Asia and Africa which in some cases had led to some very unfortunate side effects, including deaths.

1 here Gates’ Globalist Vaccine Agenda: A Win-Win for Pharma and Mandatory Vaccination Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Chairman, Children’s Health Defense, April 9 2020
2 and here Why the Bill Gates global health empire promises more empire and less public health, Jeremy Loffredo and Michele Greenstein, Jul 8 2020
3 and here Interview 1600 – James Corbett Explains The Great Reset on The Highwire, Del Bigtree interviews James Corbett, The Corbett Report, Sep 23 2020

recently by CHD which put it all in perspective (A MUST READ) - 'Yes, Bill Gates Said That. Here’s the Proof ' by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Children's Health Defense, Dec 11 2020 read here

All this time, I had not paid much attention to organizations, conferences and get-togethers in which he was involved, until I recently listened to an interview with Patrick Wood recorded a few days ago with James Delingpole (UK), clearly defining Technocracy, the World Economic Forum's "Great Reset" or new world order, and the future of scientific dictatorship see here Nov 27 2020 and an analysis of the video Technocracy and the Great Reset which outlines exactly what is happening behind Covid-19 and its history.

It is indeed stunning, and gives the rationale and the mapping for what is happening right now. It is the development of a new economic order based not on capitalism but on energy use, the destruction of the old capitalist system, and its replacement by a system ruled, not by politicians but by scientists and intellectuals who intend to establish a new world order. Quite astounding. But in order to do this, the fear of something (a pandemic) would allow them to basically control the people of the world. From these accounts, it would appear that the vaccines themselves have nothing to do with controlling the virus, but instead, helping these planners gain total control of the population. And by the looks of it, very successfully, with getting the countries of the world to impose measures of control (quarantines, lockdowns, social distancing, masks, contact tracing, and digital/card vaccine passports using 3,4 and 5G - pervasive surveillance. Something which has never before been possible to achieve on such a scale.

The blueprint for this can be seen in the anonymous leak by a member on a select committee of the Liberal Party of Canada text of message (translatable) can be found here. See particularly the 3rd and 4th quarters of 2021.

It is a gradual process to establish absolute control through a succession of lockdowns which appear to be happening now, pervasive surveillance using 4 and 5G, use of isolation centers or camps, a universal ID or proof (card, cell phone, or durmal) of having been vaccinated which will be used for delivering or permitting use of basic services, the establishment of a universal basic income for each individual, and the renunciation of the capitalist economy by the middle of 2021 - just 6 months from now.

About as full a video rundown as is possible on the past and present facts in the Covid-19 Saga. "Ivor Cummins interviews Dr. Reid Sheftall about the many inconsistencies surrounding SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, and related mitigation measures", with a comprehensive text overview by Dr. Joseph Mercola COVID Conflicts: Asymptomatic Testing, Lack of Danger to Kids Dec 29 2020

In this regard, more and more individuals are becoming aware of what is happening behind the scenes and the media. Whether or not you take the vaccine against the disease does not really matter in terms of protecting you against the disease. It is being used presently to acclimatize the population for mandatory inoculation (not immunization) of the world population with whatever will produce surveillance and absolute control. One of the most important future uses of the injection will be the capability to decrease the population from its current level below 8 billion persons down to around only 1 billion worldwide within a very short period of time.

An incredible interview with Alison McDowell which uncovers the basics of the Great Reset, the true meaning of the energy system to replace capitalism. Very long but stunning. COVID & the Weaponization of Public Health, Human Futures Trading, and the Rise of Authentic Spiritual Activism, Alison McDowell interviewed by Sayer Ji, Dec 26 2020
Access to all visuals for Alison McDowell

References Conspiracy Theory
[1] Technocracy and the Great Reset
[2] takeaway-covid-19
New Warning
Excellent in depth description of prevention of or protective treatment for disease (prophylaxis) in this case Covid-19 or mutations Prophylaxis for Covid-19 (prevention protocols) COVID.US.ORG - Explaining the Research on Covid-19, Sep 10 2020

LOCKDOWNS CRUCIAL Viral Update Dec 7th - Europe and USA Explained! Ivor Cummins, Dec 7 2020
Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola Why Lockdowns Don’t Work and Hurt the Most Vulnerable Dr. Joseph Mercola Dec 30 2020

An Absolute Must See - Please
What NO ONE is Saying About The Lockdowns The Corbett Report, James Corbett



The most important video you may see in this generation
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: Int'l Message for Freedom and Hope 10/24/20
analysis Dr. Joseph Mercola 11/6/20
Site mentioned in video: the Defender, Children's Health Defense


Previous articles on Covid-19
Population Control   
Do Not Let Them Experiment On You   
Contact Tracing - Its Effect on Society   
Warning and What To Do   
Coronavirus Takeaway   

Updated: December 26, 2020


Surviving the great reset (Hell On Earth)

1 A blueprint for hell on earth, reaction and challenge
2 What you can do for yourself
3 Where do you stand at the present time
  Test yourself on how willing you are to live under the Reset
4 Where we all stand



VIDEO OF CANADIAN MESSAGE here Message starts at 29:00
    If video no longer available, text of message (translatable) can be found here

People who have not heard of it can't believe it's true when I outline the Canadian message. "It just couldn't be. It can't happen. I simply don't believe it" they say.

Whether or not this specific message is true, we appear to be in the middle of it right now. It started when the WHO declared a pandemic, and institutionalized the fear and the ensuing control over our lives. They knew what they were doing.

'Well', you figure 'OK, I can just get the vaccine and then I will be free'. But in fact, you have given up your autonomy. You have betrayed your humanity. You are not free. On the other hand, those individuals who say no (who risk being sent to a center because they refuse to be controlled) are the free ones. You will have lost your humanity. You will be enslaved. The vaccine has nothing to do with it. It is only a tool allowing them to injet you physically with that which will control you. It is a switch which can be turned on or off. You think you are free, but it is an illusion.

I cannot say this strongly enough. You are not free. You are totally controlled by someone who has no interest in you except to fulfill an agenda. There has never been anything like this in the history of the world on such a global scale. Even if you have lived under a dictatorship, you have never experienced the degree to which this will direct your life, your being.

The goal is to reduce the population of the earth from 7.8 billion to 1 billion. And the plan is to do that - not in one generation or in the next 20-30 years, but to do it now because, they say, the earth is in crisis - it is on the edge of collapse. And yes, this is both true and not true. The world is in crisis, but there are hundreds of indications that the world and its humanity is creating its own pullback from the brink. There are now inventions such as Watergen.com [1] that draws water out of the air, cools it, and creates many gallons of pure fresh water per day, now operating in several places in the world which have suffered deprivation of potable water, and now have solved one of their most pressing problems. There is green energy which can release us from our dependency on carbon based fuels and will allow the earth to be cleaned of its pollution. Also, more and more people are producing their own food which can be done on a worldwide basis, releasing us from our reliance on factory farming, and the use of pesticides which damage our microbiome, and the fragile layer of soil covering the earth. The list goes on and on. This can be done through our own creativity and our desire to live and prosper with the earth, and not against it, in order to pull us back from the edge.

BUT, there is the plan under what has been called the 'Great Reset' to ignore this natural regeneration, to control us in order to reduce the population in what will be a worldwide genocide . We will live in fear.

For you, in the back of your mind, you will think 'Am I one of those who they will use to cull the population?'. What will they put into me next? What will this constant fear and separation from others do to me and my children (if I am able/allowed to have children).

You may think this cannot happen. But, just look at the last year and know that it is happening right now, under your/our feet - with the promise of 'getting back to normal' which has produced one of the most mind boggling experiments of control, ever.

It is monstrous. It is a blueprint for HELL on earth. It is the Holocaust of the entire world.

It is up to We The People to stand against this ignorance, willful malfeasance, or desire for absolute control which is threatening the planet. We do not have to plan against malevolent aliens from other galaxies.
The danger is here now. It is coming from within.


Actually, if you see ONLY the next 3 videos, you will help yourself more against any disease they might throw at you than just about anything else, and this page has reached its goal to help you and those you love survive. The videos have to do with the health of your body and your immune system to fight off anything which could compromise the system.
I will get to the survival plan, but first, do yourself a favor. Even if you think the videos can't help, watching them will give you a new perspective - believe me, and they're short. All are by Dr. Josh Axe DC, DMN, CNS

1   Crucial video click here What Are Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms? time 6 minutes.
     For more information - click here Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms & Sources to Reverse It! , June 6, 2020
If you really want to know why you should be taking vitamin D supplementation during the winter, watch this short video about 20 minutes with Dr. John Campbell, and you will be a believer. How Long Will We Ignore the Truth About Vitamin D? Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dec 11, 2020 And for information on the connection between vitamin D and Covid-19, be sure to read the article.

2   Turmeric or Curcumin video click here Health Benefits of Turmeric. time under seven minutes.
     For more information - click here Turmeric and Curcumin Benefits: Can This Herb Really Combat Disease? Dr. Josh Axe, Mar 15 2019

3   Fantastic video click here 8 Reasons You Should Eat More Coconut. time 5:42
     For much more information, click here 20 Coconut Oil Benefits for Your Brain, Heart, Joints + More!, Apr 24 2019

     Also see - Vitamin D Reduces Cancer Deaths click here Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dec 7 2020

Perhaps the most important to boost your immunity, against this illness and ones to come, is Vitamin D ("Vitamin D activates more than 2,000 genes, DiNicolantonio notes, including vitamin K-dependent proteins and repair genes. It also helps your body produce powerful antimicrobial and antiviral peptides. ")
Simple Strategies That Will Improve Your Immunity Click here Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dec 6 2020

And here are the links to magnesium, zinc, selenium and quercetin which have been continually emphasized as very important during the pandemic.

For one source of information on suggested doses of vitamins and supplements daily for prevention (age data not included) see COVID.US.org Prophylaxis for Covid-19 (prevention protocols)

What Is Magnesium? Plus the Top 20 Magnesium-Rich Foods By Rachael Link, MS, RD, Dr. Axe.com, Jul 9 2020

Top 10 Foods Highest in Zinc Daisy Whitbread, BSc (Hons) MSc, Myfooddata, updated Dec 1 2020
Be sure that it is organic-non GMO, Amazon
The Top Zinc Benefits to Improve Health & How to Regulate Levels Jillian Levy, CHHC, Dr. Axe.com, Jun 3 2020

Top 10 Foods Highest in Selenium Daisy Whitbread, BSc (Hons) MSc, Myfooddata, updated Nov 30, 2020
Selenium Benefits for Health, Plus Dosage Recommendations Jillian Levy, CHHC, Dr. Axe.com, Aug 22 2019
Selenium - What Is it and Where Do I Get It? Dr. Mercola, Apr 25 2016

Quercetin: 8 Proven Benefits of This Antioxidant (#1 Is Incredible) Jillian Levy, CHHC. Dr. Axe.com, Sep 24 2019 - Apples, Peppers, Red wine, Dark cherries and berries (blueberries, bilberries, blackberries and others), Tomatoes, Cruciferous veggies, including broccoli, cabbage and sprouts, Leafy green veggies, including spinach, kale, Citrus fruits, Cocoa, Cranberries, Whole grains, including buckwheat, Raw asparagus, Capers, Raw red onion, Olive oil, Black and green tea, Beans/legumes, Herbs, including sage, American elder, St. John’s wort and ginkgo biloba
video The health benefits of Quercetin, Patrick Holford's A to Z

I will put other references below, and no, I do not have any connection to Dr. Axe. These were just the clearest videos I could find.

Managing diabetes, anti-inflammatory foods and spices
10 Herbs and Spices that Help Manage Blood Sugar Jonathan Valdez, RDN, ACE-CPTN, ACE-CPT, Nov 5 2020
Blog What You Need to Know About Chronic Inflammation and Anti-Inflammatory Foods
The 7 Best Spices for Fighting Inflammation Carolyn Williams, Ph.D., R.D Eating Well, Jun 1 2020


This is to determine how willing you are to live in a society which basically determines what every one does, who you can interact with, where you can go (very limited), what you can buy, what and how you can learn, who and how you worship, and all is for 'the common good'.

Much of this is already operational, now in nascent form, even including the control part which has been demonstrated by lockdowns, curfews, masking, social distancing, and contact tracing. It would appear that we have democratically elected or self-proclaimed leaders of separate countries. However, the control worldwide (THE GREAT RESET) has invaded our societies from compromised international organizations, the media, search facilities, friendship groups, and in the separate countries, some heads of state, the military, and individuals involved in critical ministries such as health and human services.

For the sake of your sanity, sense of identity, and hope in humanity, it helps to know where you stand in regard to this control.

SWIPE items you are O.K. with, but first, read Warning
(to reset, reload pg)

WARNING This is an indication of how "with it" you are.
Unless you agree with the Great Reset, it is advised that you do not click any items. Even clicking on one or two and not the rest will automatically presume that you do not agree, and are therefore under suspicion (more than you might have been previously). To put it more bluntly, if you do not agree with 80-90 percent of the items, don't click on any.

It's O.K. if:

  • I am tracked, listened to while carrying my cellphone
  • I can be placed in quarantine at any time
  • possibly infected children removed to protect elderly
  • search, research is limited to certain sources, databases
  • when out, if not vaccinated, I must wear a mask or mouth/nose covering
  • in some venues, vaccine is mandatory
  • I am watched and immediately contactable while carrying my cellphone
  • when out, I should remain about 6 feet from others
    It's O.K. if:

  • everyone must carry a cell phone until injectables perform the same functions
  • injectables will perform many of the same functions of the cellphone
  • my physical contacts are registered in me or on my cellphone enabling rapid contact tracing
  • I live in a global society controlled by self-appointed controllers
  • I am told those in control are more intelligent than the rest of us
  • I am told those in control have our best interest at heart
  • vaccination will be mandatory
  • I am not allowed to do or have many things unless I am vaccinated
  • vaccination will include being injected with ID, personal data, contacts, status mark, etc.
  • the elderly, the sick, immune compromised, hyper-sensitive, certain groups are 'marked' for special treatment
  • I carry my 'marks' with me
  • request for modification of 'marks' adjudicated by special board
  • adjudication of 'personals' takes months/years by overworked, insufficient nunber of professionals
  • all my debts are erased
  • I receive a monthly stipend like everyone else
  • I can own nothing
  • I can rent whatever I need
  • I no longer have to work
  • my 'bank' account can be increased or decreased centrally at any time
  • security or social services can enter my abode at any time
  • when out, I must wear a specially approved mask for my level
  • learning is strictly controlled
  • immigration and migration strictly limited
  • international travel almost impossible
  • when ill, type of treatment determined by my 'marks'
  • food, injections, multineedle drug delivery devices have additives reducing sexual desire, ability to have children
  • certain individuals or groups are sterilized to protect the population

Our actual survival does not depend on whoever is president, or head of health and human services. It depends on the people who truly understand what has happened during the Covid-19 outbreak, what is happening now, and do not agree with it.



  • most of the deaths were in closed institutional facilities for the elderly
  • lockdowns do not save lives
    New study looking at data from 160 countries shows lockdowns don’t save lives Summary Original
  • the true death figures when taking fatalities due only to COVID-19 were a small fraction of the deaths reported
  • in some countries, mortality figures as a result of COVID-19 is mixed with death from other causes to inflate the figures
  • we do not know what caused such large discrepancies in different countries, but there are many factors which could have been involved other than lockdowns, masks and social distancing
  • the World Health Organization (WHO) is funded to a large extent by one individual who has a substantial financial interest in vaccines
  • masks are ineffective in protecting the individual from the virus, and may even increase illness and infection in general The Jaxen Report on TheHighwire.com reporting on a Danish Study "Effectiveness of Adding a Mask Recommendation to Other Public Health Measures to Prevent SARS-CoV-2 Infection in Danish Mask Wearers" A Randomized Controlled Trial, Henning Bundgaard etal. Annals of Internal Medicine, 18 November 2020
  • social distancing is one of the main factors which has driven the collapse of the economy - limiting numbers of people who can gather
  • countries which in many cases had very strict mask and social distancing measures still had high rates of mortality during the main surge of the virus
  • the idea of mandatory vaccination with vaccines which have not gone through true testing is potentially highly dangerous
    COVID-19 Vaccine Bombshell: FDA Documents Reveal DEATH + 21 Serious Conditions As Possible Adverse Outcomes, but plans to monitor only post release. For details and Call To Action click here
  • the atmosphere of fear promulgated by the media and those in positions of power may be so great that mandatory vaccination will be accepted by the general public
  • the censoring of alternative opinions, data and information different from the official has caused many facts from getting to the public with which they could make their own decisions
  • immunity from being sued has prompted vaccine manufacturers to cavalierly rush to market with a potentially dangerous vaccine
  • contact tracing and quarantining many individuals who are not infected and therefore not dangerous to the society can be very dangerous to a society
  • PCR or other tests used for the Covid-19 virus SARS-CoV-2 are not valid
    The Scam Has Been Confirmed: PCR Does Not Detect SARS-CoV-2 Posted By GMI Reporter, GreenMedinfo Dec 14 2020, Unofficial English translation of 'Frauds and falsehoods in the medical field' originally published on www.dsalud.com
    "in the present report we are going to offer new data that show that RT-PCR does not detect the so called SARS-CoV-2 as it is known, but fragments of human RNA and those of numerous microbes."
    The conclusion? "ALL THE NUMBERS OF "CASES", "INFECTED", “SICK", "Asymptomatic" OR "DEAD DUE TO COVID-19" LACK A SCIENTIFIC BASE AND ALL “POSITIVES" ARE FALSE POSITIVES, something that should be communicated immediately to those affected and those responsible should be held accountable."
  • use of quarantine facilities to separate the infected from families, and those not abiding with the rules can be perhaps the worst control system that can be used - benefiting nobody except those who wish to have absolute control
  • refusal to use and even banning resources which have proved effective in saving people has caused prolonged hospitalization and many deaths
  • immunity enhancement through diet and other immune boosting can help the population successfully fight off the virus. Down playing the role by media and health agency denials may have significantly increased hospitalization and increased mortality
  • using cell phones, and in the future injectables and ID patches, as constant surveillance can lead to almost total control of the population
  • cell phone use, 3,4,5G increases exposure to radiation.
    Cellular Phone Use and Risk of Tumors: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis by Yoon-Jung Choi 1,2,3,†, Joel M. Moskowitz 4,†, et al International Journal of Environmental Research 1 Department of Family Medicine and Center for Cancer Prevention and Detection, Hospital, National Cancer Center, Goyang 10408, Korea


[1] Israeli company that makes water out of thin air signs deal with Uzbekistan
"Dry, landlocked Central Asian nation to buy thousands of Watergen atmospheric water generators in deal likely worth several million dollars." Sue Surkes, Times of Israel, Nov 1 2019 "The high temperatures and humidity of the UAE are ideal conditions for Watergen’s devices, which can produce up to 5,000 liters of clean drinking water per day, the company said in a statement. "
"It uses a series of filters to purify the air. After the air is sucked in and chilled to extract its humidity, the water that forms is treated and transformed into clean drinking water"

Who Pressed the Great Reset Button? Dr. Joseph Mercola, Nov 16 2020 "If we allow this censorship to continue, the end result will be nothing short of devastating. We simply must keep pushing for transparency and truth. We must insist on medical freedom, personal liberty and the right to privacy."

Your Guide to the Great Reset Corbettreport Oct 16, 2020
"You've all heard by now that The Great Reset is upon us. But what is The Great Reset, exactly, and what does it mean for the future of humanity? Join James for this in-depth exploration of the latest rebranding of the New World Order agenda and its vision of a post-human Fourth Industrial Revolution."
See in particular starting at 44:00 on timeline.

Psychiatrist Blows the Whistle on Pandemic Fearmongering Dr. Joseph Mercola, Nov 15 2020
Also see Breggin.com

Will covid-19 vaccines save lives? Current trials aren’t designed to tell us, Peter Doshi, BMJ 2020; 371 doi: https://doi.org/10.1136/bmj.m4037, 21 Oct 2020 Cite: BMJ 2020;371:m4037

SKOLL Foundation Formation: 1999 Private foundation and Supporting organization, Palo Alto, CA, Leader-Donald Gips

Alternative Approaches
COVID-19 vs Homo Sapiens Ascorbicus Commentary by Theo Farmer, Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, Nov 20 2020 "On an orthomolecular farm, one that uses no agricultural chemicals, and no pharmaceutical products with animals or farmers, we have a different perspective on viruses, and thus our response to the COVID19 situation may be counter to what is generally propagating in the mainstream. "

Disclaimer: This website embodies the opinions of J. Morgan Thomas PhD and is not intended to be medical advice.
Comments, additional information, criticisms welcomed email

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