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Updated: Sep 16 2020

Do not let them experiment on you
Originally posted as a request to the Ministry of Health, Israel



Even if you do not read this article, a must see is the video with Robert F. Kennedy Jr.   Editor's note: It starts very slowly, but be sure to stick with it until the end. Probably the most important video you will see this year. Click here Please share.

I am 85 and will not take a Covid-19 vaccine in its present stage of development, or allow one to be mandated on me regardless of the social cost. And I will not advise my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren to take it. And these are the reasons why:

  • We do not have the data. Due to severely limited testing and warp speed development, it is impossible to know if it: prevents any disease, reduces side effects, need of intensive care, or mortality. We simply do not know any of these risks
  • As background, no mRNA vaccine has ever been brought to market. What is outlined here also applies to vaccines based on recombinant DNA (rDNA) vaccines see Nature article under Related [a]. This is not due to lack of attempts to try in the past for a number of medical conditions. It has to do with problems in response during different phases of testing, along with terrible reactions when a virus itself was encountered
  • The vaccine manufacturers are immune from liability for any injury or death caused by their product under U.S. law. Currently, this is not true for EU vaccines or a number of other countries worldwide
  • Components of the mRNA vaccine delivery system could cause severe reactions, particularly in sensitive individuals. These individuals will most likely not volunteer to be part of Phase III testing, and they make up a large part of the population
  • large parts of the population will not have representation in the trials (very young, the very old, immune compromised, those with other medical conditions)
  • It could cause injury and sickness not encountered before, possibly on an unprecedented scale.
  • We can not justify the injury, short and long term negative side effects, or death of innocent individuals, or any sub-population provided the vaccine (even free) to immunize against covid-19 or a similar virus
  • There is the morality of using citizens (consenting or otherwise) as 'experimental subjects' in the application of a vaccine which has only had totally inadequate testing - see item 2 under PROOF below
  • To test effectiveness, test subject must be exposed to the live virus, which may be a big problem if the pandemic is finishing. In that case, we will simply not know how the population will react when facing the real virus. Further, to 'test' it on developing populations, or subgroups in our own or in any population, is totally immoral

The future acceptance by the FDA of the vaccine produced by Moderna or its affiliates may be the most important problem facing us as a society, not Covid-19 or any other virus, not the economy, not new elections, not cannabis, not the education of our children.

I respectfully suggest that we not allow Moderna or its affiliates to deploy or test their vaccine. We are possibly condemning our population, or anyone volunteering in a testing phase, to considerable harm.

The reasons for this submission will be detailed below.

If the Government has pre-purchased vaccines from Moderna or affiliated vaccines, it has just sold us into an unknown future. In sum, it is not just a vaccine, but an idea only part of which is to mandatorily vaccinate the world. This would not be true if we had approved just about any other vaccine to be marketed in the near future. In most of these cases, the vaccine is a product. For Moderna, the vaccine is an agenda. A dream and prophesy come true - to vaccinate the world - this time with a vaccine using a messenger mRNA which has been developed several times in the past, but has never been successfully brought to market. On warp-speed fast track, it has not been fully tested on other lines before the human trials which are now at the beginning of their third phase[1]

During the last 30 years, millions have been donated to vaccination programs in a number of underdeveloped and developing countries through a particular charitable organization in the U.S. and through other organizations such as the WHO and UNICEF. In a number of cases, the results were disastrous, leading the governments involved to back away from the vaccine campaign. [3a] Gates’ Globalist Vaccine Agenda: A Win-Win for Pharma and Mandatory Vaccination Apr 09 2020

It is interesting to note that in the lead up to the Moderna testing and manufacturing, millions have been spent in the research and development of a microneedle to facilitate delivery of vaccines, and ID patches which can be applied by unskilled persons [3b] see here Apr 14 20 , in some cases perhaps even without the person assenting, and quite possibly even without their knowledge.

While microneedles and patches have been successfully marketed and used in the past for many purposes, the decision was apparently made to stick to the old injection needle (syringe), as an initial change in the above plan.

When, not if, the FDA approves the Moderna (or related) vaccine, deployment itself will be immediate and total because of the fact that significant amounts of vaccines have been pre-manufactured, along with the drug delivery system. Further, there are plans for an army of paid solicitors to go door to door to offer/impose the immunization. Such vaccines will likely be 'donated'. in part to enable the vaccination of a majority of the population, or a subsection, as a gift to protect us against the virus.

We will be the guinea pigs for the vaccine, without knowing how it will effect the population - a vaccine which will be given eventually to all age groups. The possible ramifications on those age ranges not tested, persons with compromising health conditions, and the longer term effects on the body will hang in the air until the results are shown in the population. Can we accept this?

Behind the vaccines there is apparently a belief that vaccines can help rid the world of disease. I agree. Anything we can do to boost our immune system against pathogenic incursion is a tremendous plus, an asset for the human population, and may even save the human race.

But this should not be a carte blanche acceptance of every vaccine which comes along. We should hold each vaccine candidate up against the best scientific methods, and if shown to fulfill all the criteria as to its safety, efficiency and sufficiency, with minimal harm, we should use it. Unfortunately, in the past, none of the vaccines we have on the vaccine schedule have undergone rigorous testing before being approved. And if there are significant questions as to safety and effectiveness now, when we are contemplating using a vaccine worldwide, we should first stop and reconsider our approval until we can validate it.

The biggest problem we face is the fear factor. It can invalidate knowledgeable discussion of alternative approaches to solving a threat which faces us. Using fear, we jettison thousands of years of methods for generating acceptable proof. Instead, we are turning and running... off the cliff behind us. Not every solution is gold. Let's do the science.

I hope that the approvals were based on fear of covid-19, and not something else. That is the polite way to say it.

I cannot believe that this approval will be made knowing the facts behind the vaccine.



If you do not believe this or think it is conspiracy thinking, please see the following links.

1 - If we do not learn from the past, we are destined to repeat it.
Very important to see (use of vaccines rejected for use in Europe and U.S., tragic reactions, non-informed consent, sterilization),
Gates’ Globalist Vaccine Agenda: A Win-Win for Pharma and Mandatory Vaccination by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Apr 9 2020   Click here for alternate (for Google translations, English voice)

2 - Components of mRNA Technology “Could Lead to Significant Adverse Events in One or More of Our Clinical Trials,” says Moderna Posted by the Children’s Health Defense Team, Aug 6 2020
mRNA vaccines undergoing Covid-19 clinical trials, including the Moderna vaccine, rely on a nanoparticle-based “carrier system” containing a synthetic chemical called polyethylene glycol (PEG). The use of PEG in drugs and vaccines is increasingly controversial due to the well-documented incidence of adverse PEG-related immune reactions, including life-threatening anaphylaxis. Roughly seven in ten Americans may already be sensitized to PEG, which may result in reduced efficacy of the vaccine and an increase in adverse side effects. If a PEG-containing mRNA vaccine for Covid-19 gains FDA approval, the uptick in exposure to PEG will be unprecedented—and potentially disastrous. Moderna documents and publications indicate that the company is well aware of safety risks associated with PEG and other aspects of its mRNA technology but is more concerned with its bottom line." Even if they say they have taken the problems into consideration, it is highly unlikely that this is true within the truncated time line to approval. This must be checked by a non-governmental truly independent group capable of full transparency, testing and evaluation, having all the data and the necessary time. A decision which can cause thousands or even hundreds of thousands of adverse reactions and possibly death is not amenable to warp speed ....

3 - A summary of the vaccine history as part of a more extensive article published by The Grayzone
"Behind a veil of corporate media PR, the Gates Foundation has served as a vehicle for Western capital while exploiting the Global South as a human laboratory. The coronavirus pandemic is likely to intensify this disturbing agenda", Jeremy Loffredo and Michele Greenstein,
Click to continue reading summary    Click to read full article



Most importantly, the country should not let anyone volunteer to be a test subject in Phase III of this vaccine. Given the experimentation with vaccines in the recent past by the current financial backer(s), this is an unconscionable experimentation on a human population.

This is a very serious issue, and must not be shoved under the rug until it is too late.

And too late, could be within the next month, because the company listed above has already produced the vaccines, even before testing has been completed, as well as the instrumentation needed to carry it out - the army of volunteers to disseminate it can be very easily and rapidly assembled. The roll out could be accomplished in a matter of days.. not months. Speed is of the essence because the virus for which the vaccine has been produced is fading rapidly even though there appears to be a renewed spike in cases. And, also because of the possibility of negative feedback or new information/news which could hamper the fulfillment of the program.

There are other vaccines in development throughout the world which can be used in any vaccine program the country decides to carry out. It is suggested that a law be passed which will allow the representative bodies in the country the option to OK or reject the rollout of a vaccine, not allowing the agencies in charge of health be the final arbiters in the possible rollout of a highly dangerous vaccine.


As with all vaccines, initially you are not just buying the vaccine, you are buying the delivery system - whatever it is: syringe at first (because everyone is familiar with this?), possibly morphing into microneedle application so that the necessity for multiple shots can be accomplished with one pass, and then possibly combined with other add-ons like ID, vaccine history and a multitude of other functions to help in checking the effectiveness of the immunization, etc.

In most cases, countries are not set up to perform mandatory or large scale consensual vaccination within a short period of time. This means that help will be expected and provided to health systems, basically commandeering certain units within the health system. This is not necessarily a problem with short term help. But, for the initial double dose to provide sufficient immunity by Moderna's current vaccine, this means multiple incursions within a short period of time, particularly if there are any problems encountered which need to be modulated or corrected.

If mandatory, this includes the whole array of locating, entry (forced or not), non-consensual vaccination, trauma for the young, separation of family members for their own protection, among other necessary measures.

A vaccine does not need to be mandatory to cause an entire social system to lockout individuals who do not have proof of vaccination. Those who have not been vaccinated can be barred from a wide variety of societal functions, making it very difficult to survive.

We have allowed ourselves to be afraid, to listen to the fear mongers. We have agreed with warp speed vaccine development and approval by those who have brazenly engineered a panacea which will immunize the whole world through voluntary/mandatory vaccination after totally inadequate testing or as may turn out - no real testing at all before approval. And then, after fulfilling 'pre-manufactured' contracts, have the moral turpitude to provide it to underdeveloped, poorer nations in the world. This is a red flag. Why would you take an untested vaccine which can cause tremendous injury and even death to populations which can least protect themselves. If taken to its logical conclusion, this is unacceptable in any world we wish to be a part of in the future. The virus itself has taught us once again that 99.9% plus of the people exposed have survived because of their own immune system's response. In any universe I inhabit, the more cases which do not end in ICU or death are a boon to the population because these are the individuals who have strong natural immunity to this disease and possible immunity to other diseases and conditons in the future. We are setting ourselves up for disaster by trying to reduce transmission, to having a population which will suffer more under the next pandemic or similar disease coming along.


[1]Raising questions about what was and was not revealed on phase 1 study: What the phase 1 trials of the first COVID-19 vaccine really mean, Sanjay Mishra, May 21, 2020
[2] Report: Moderna's Phase III COVID-19 Vaccine Trial Delayed, Mark Terry, Jul 02, 2020
Also see Moderna Announces Publication in The New England Journal of Medicine of Interim Results From Phase 1 Study of Its mRNA Vaccine Against COVID-19 (mRNA-1273) Jul 14 2020
[3a] Gates’ Globalist Vaccine Agenda: A Win-Win for Pharma and Mandatory Vaccination Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Chairman, Children’s Health Defense, Apr 09 2020
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[9] Overseas product manufacturers may be liable for damages caused in Israel Peggy Sharon, ILO, 7 Feb 2019
"Under an amendment to the Civil Procedure Regulations, which came into force on 21 November 2018, manufacturers that produce products outside Israel can still be sued in Israel.
According to the Civil Procedure Regulations, claims against a foreign defendant can be heard and dealt with by an Israeli court following a service of suit issued by a court outside Israel. This service applies Israeli jurisdiction on the foreign defendant, thus obliging them to file a defence to the claim in an Israeli court and attend the proceeding as a defendant.
Until recently, where damage was caused to an Israeli plaintiff through the use of a product in Israel, the courts would grant leave to serve a court claim to a foreign defendant via an out-of-jurisdiction order on proof that the negligent act or omission of the foreign defendant occurred in Israel."
Judge Hayut (currently the Supreme Court president) commented that in the context of globalisation, the legislature should address the fact that Israeli consumers cannot find redress in Israeli courts after sustaining damage caused by an overseas manufacturer.
Recent amendment
The recent amendment to the Civil Procedure Regulations is a response to this request. Under the amendment, a negligent act or omission attributed to a manufacturer does not need to have been carried out in Israel. It is sufficient that damage caused by a product took place in Israel. However, the amendment sets out the following conditions for its application:
The defendant could have anticipated that the damage suffered would have been caused.
The defendant or any person connected to the defendant must be engaged in international trade or supply services at an international level to a considerable extent.
[11 ancillary] In a Twist, Scientists Find Cancer Drivers Hiding in RNA, Not DNA Matthew Tontonoz, Aug 27 2018, Sloan Kettering Institute For Cancer Research "Researchers at the Sloan Kettering Institute have found that changes in an information-carrying molecule called messenger RNA can inactivate tumor-suppressing proteins and thereby promote cancer. The findings pinpoint previously unknown drivers of the disease."

Related Resources
[a] Next-generation vaccine platforms for COVID-19 Nature Mater. 19, 810–812 (2020) https://doi.org/10.1038/s41563-020-0746-0, Debby van Riel & Emmie de Wit, Jul 23 2020 Recombinant Veterinary Vaccines Rajasekaran et al, Indian Farmer 5(05):507 -513, May 2018

 Reversion of virulence
 Recombination with field type virus
 Spread in the environment
 Genetic stability
 Interference with pre-existing immunity
 Integration into host genome
 Risk of pathogenesis in immune compromised animals
 Cost effectiveness
Also see:
https://microbenotes.com/recombinant-dna-technology-steps-applications-and-limitations/"> Recombinant DNA Technology- Steps, Applications and Limitations Sagar Aryal, Microbe Notes, Sep 19 2018
Also see the paragraph:
Limitations of Recombinant DNA technology
Destruction of native species in the environment the genetically modified species are introduced in.
Resilient plants can theoretically give rise to resilient weeds which can be difficult to control.
Cross contamination and migration of proprietary DNA between organisms.
Recombinant organisms contaminating the natural environment.
The recombinant organisms are population of clones, vulnerable in exact same ways. A single disease or pest can wipe out the entire population quickly.
Creation of superbug is hypothesized.
Ethical concern about humans trying to play God and mess with the nature’s way of selection. It is exaggerated by the fear of unknown of what all can be created using the technology and how is it going to impact the civilization.
Such a system might lead to people having their genetic information stolen and used without permission.
Many people worry about the safety of modifying food and medicines using recombinant DNA technology.
[b] Arcturus Therapeutics and Catalent Announce Partnership to Manufacture mRNA-Based COVID-19 Vaccine Catalent News, May 4 2020
[c] Vaccine Product Approval Process U.S. Food & Drug Administration


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