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updated: Jul 16 2020


CONTACT TRACING - Its Effect On Society

The worst idea to come out of the COVID-19 experience

Contact Tracing is basically the destruction of society from within
(the real virus has very little to do with it)

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How affects individual and family behavior
Actual effects of tracing on total population
Positive features of contact tracing
What to do?


INTRODUCTION     to index   
It doesn't matter whether we know or don't know if contract tracing is valid. Just outlining it makes it seem obvious that it would work, just as it is logical to assume that the sun goes around the earth - flat or not.

Contact tracing increases the overall death rate in the population both from the virus itself as well as other morbidities, and potentially treatable critical accidents or conditions. One might say "But it reduces contacts between peoples thereby lowering infection transmission." Temporarily, that may be true, but in the end, the virus is extremely opportunistic and wins out to fulfil its current phase given the overall conditions which allow the virus to be mobile in a population at a specific time.


But the negative effect that contact tracing has on the individual, the society and on mortality far surpasses any possible 'stopping' the virus, or flattening the curve.

'Flattening the curve' through quarantine is a Machiavellian measure to reduce the load on hospitals because it:
- causes an increase in the infection rate within families.
- lowers access to food and medicine and its quality due to loss of income, and limited mobility.
- reduces the food brought into a family which must feed more individuals on a severely limited budget meaning that for many there is just not enough, and the quality often lacks most of the vitamins and minerals needed by the immune system to function properly. This reduces the effectiveness of the system to reject the pathogen, the length of time for clearing the system, the number of symptoms, and their severity.
- limits the ability to access food on the run (meals as part of a job, handouts from friends and merchants all of which for many in the world is an absolute necessity for some members of a family.
- causes many families to elect to keep family members from going to the hospital when needed, where the family cannot go to help, encourage and support the family member.

For many single members of the society, it is an absolute disaster, losing contact with family members, other sources of food and medicine, increases in depression, suicide, and death from neglect at critical moments.

In a tightly controlled setting like a hospital, due to the reduced immunity of other patients, quarantine (isolation) is necessary between the infectious ward and other segments of the hospital patient population, or separation between the highly infectious from other patients in the infectious ward itself.

However, when applied to the community, in order to fulfill the demands of the test, trace, contact, and quarantine regimen, it can only be instituted through fear, or with more or less absolute control. It is basically the destruction of society from within (the real virus has very little to do with it).


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The possibility of
1. being tested and found to be positive and immediately quarantined, and 2. having your contacts rounded up and quarantined:
- produces a fear of contact, thus separating you from others.
- reduces the interaction with others, and with not-live-in family members, severely damaging the well being, growth and closeness of the basic identity and support in the society.
- destroys a sense of belongingness to the society, which is ripped apart on a seemingly random basis (due to possible contact with someone infected). basically destroying any sense of society, or of personal worth. It is no longer a society, but has a feeling of a prison camp.
- the enemy becomes the unit applying the system, and the country becomes a police state, basically controlled by the health ministry.

OUR IMMUNE SYSTEM HAS DEVELOPED DURING MILLIONS OF YEARS AS A POWERFUL FORTRESS AGAINST A CONSTANT ARRAY OF PATHOGENS WHOSE ONLY GOAL IS TO ATTACK AND MULTIPLY. We should be giving our immune system and the rest of the body all the help it needs to perform this task. Instead, what we do is basically run and hide under dictatorial rules which only cause harm to our immune system and does not provide the body and mind with everything it needs to survive.


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effect on mortality
effect on the individual and family
spread reduction?
lowering immune system response to protect
effect on the system
trust in government

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I'll let you fill this in.

But, in the meantime, here are a few:

1 from the angle of finding new uses for 5G - excellent!

2 from the angle of people fulfilling their civic duty by turning in their neighbor.

3 from the angle of selling vaccines and before that, the selling of agreements to purchase by countries even when there is no existing product.

4 from the angle of control over the population, on a state, national, or global basis.

5 from the angle of reducing unemployment with the army of individuals (tracers, contacters, follow-uppers, managers) needed to populate such a system.

6 from the angle of elected officials proving that they are doing something against the virus, when in fact they are doing nothing except engendering fear in the population, spending funds better used elsewhere, disrupting the economy and the lives of individuals, and all with insufficient reasoning.

add your own


If you believe in contact tracing, welcome to the newest sub-unit of the flat earth society.
And if you are fingered as having been in close proximity to an 'infected' person, welcome to the prisoner of the virus "hotel" where you will be separated according to a number of criteria, and perhaps in perpetuity, because in two weeks time you may again be in close proximity to...

In the case of a rapidly spreading (infectious) virus, contact tracing serves absolutely no purpose except to generate conditions in which more people are infected.
For a slow moving virus, it is an ineffective tool, shutting down parts of society, syphoning off funds to monitor it, infecting more people than would otherwise be infected (contacts between health workers and population, quarantining with family, household members), driving more people into depression, destitution, loss of food quality and quantity necessary for strong immune system support against the virus...)


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Most important to actually reduce the spread of a virus
1 on a personal level, massively improve the immune system (see below) through diet and supplementation (vitamins, minerals) where there are deficiencies which cause the body to not respond adequately to viral or bacterial pathogens, and on a societal level, do what is necessary to improve the immunity level of everyone in the population.

see How to improve immunity (will open in
new tab in 1st article of this series: Takeaway)

2 make sure that all individuals in positions of authority are professionals in the area under their control, without an agenda, and without compromising conditions such as financial or relationship ties which would lead to actions/decisions threatening the lives of people...

3 provision of quality foods to everyone incapable of doing it for themselves

4 reduce the major causes of stress due to the handling of the current virus - isolation, quarantine, curfews, separation of family or household members

5 concentrate on statistics relating to critical care and death, which basically tells us the trajectory of the virus. and definitely not the numbers of infected cases tested.

6 place funds and energy on improving the life chances of those who might experience critical conditions, and otherwise improve the natural immunity provided by the immune system through concentration on reducing deficiencies which impair the effective operation of the immune system.

7 in most epidemics a large majority of the population is not affected by the virus and in most cases 99.95+ of the population survive, and the best protection against the next wave or the next virus for those who are sensitive is the natural immunity gained from the illness itself.

8 prepare for the roll out of critical care units, but only when absolutely needed.

9 defuse general fear in the population through a media giving accurate information ... instead of the constant focus on new cases, and the amplification of worse case scenarios based on assumptions derived from insufficient data.

10 do not shut down the economy which only reduces the society's ability to successfully deal with the virus or bacteria.

11 be open to 'natural' substances, as mitigating the symptoms, as well as possibly strengthening the immune system to better fight a virus.

12 build an atmosphere of trust and voluntary action when experiencing illness - reduce personally the social interaction and behaviors known to spread the virus or bacteria.

13 since immunity from actually contracting a virus is the best immunity one can gain against a second wave or a return of the virus on an annual basis, encourage contracting the virus according to the best science as to which age groups, or other divisions in the society can adequately handle the illness and keep the death rate low.

14 identify situations which could become hotbeds of contagion - for instance, poorly run, financed, managed senior care facilities for the current virus. This would be different for every virus, so these must be identified and helped to bring up to standard depending on facility, or gathering.

15 scale back facial recognition, constant tracking, illegal use or disposal of data, contact tracing (prohibited),

16 institute vaccines only when they have been truly vetted through the traditional steps, testing for the full length of time for the appearance of side effects, the efficacy in the face of the target condition against which the vaccine was developed.

17 dissolve the difference between medical professionals at each level of the traditional branches of medicine - to include the MD and its equivalent in the traditional, alternative, functional systems of medicine.


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