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A public service announcement by Globalcrisis.info
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updated: Jul 16 2020


This affects all of us - left center right - No one is left out


Because of our recent reaction to COVID-19, we, as a civilization, are now sliding into a world where leaders, gov/non-gov health agencies, and assorted individuals are using fear of a virus (or the next wave) to maintain/extend control over the population, or to fulfill personal agendas.


This places us in a position where we will be mandated to receive a vaccination which may not protect us, can cause horrible side effects and even death, produced by those who cannot be sued. It is a new world order in which contact tracing will be used to control the virus and us, and in which we will gradually lose trust in one another, and can be separated at any moment as individuals or as communities from economic viability and from loved ones regardless of which virus is or is not present.
If you think it won't happen, think again.
If you think we can handle it, see below.

If you never read anything ever again in your life, please read this. It is the most important warning we have had about our future. It will happen within the next 6 months, affecting the entire planet.
It must be stopped.
If you agree, please share.

Whether you are a vaxxer, a non-vaxxer, undecided, or really haven't paid much attention to the issue, it is very important that you see this, because vaccines form only a small part of what will happen in a post COVID-19 world. This will affect all of us, massively, and if not stopped before it is deployed, it will literally be impossible to stop.


A civilization which does not learn from its own history is doomed. With that in mind, take a look at the recent history of vaccines and the goal to fast track and mandate a totally new species of vaccine for the entire globe. From those rolling out the worldwide experimentation, we will hear the following 'We have learned from our mistakes, we are only testing on the target population to be helped, given the onslaught of a possible new wave of the pathogenic virus we are facing, the vaccination must be mandatory'.



* mandatory vaccination (or at the beginning, promises that it will not be mandatory) and constant verification of health status for everyone - adults, children, infants, including house to house administration and testing.
What it adds up to is medical experimentation on the human population worldwide through the use of vaccines which have not been adequately tested in terms of efficacy or serious side effects including death.

Do you want the full story? Why the Bill Gates global health empire promises more empire and less public health Jeremy Loffredo and Michele Greenstein, Jul 8 2020

A massive vaccination will necessitate the following changes:
* significant changes in, or ignoring, individual civil rights which are currently encoded in the laws of free societies.
* prohibition of any criticism or ability to sue for injury or wrong except for an extremely narrow range of rights.
* constant check or surveillance of proof of compliance by way of an ID patch or subdermal microstrip/cylinder.

In tandum, the following will probably be included:
* administration of a subdurmal ID or drug delivery microstrip.
* possible population control through sterilization of those individuals, groups deemed a burden on the planet, possibly without their consent, and in some cases without their knowledge.

Many of the following are currently a part of temporary rules/laws instituted in many countries as protection against COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2). These will be rescinded when the pandemic is over.

But, many of these will become permanent worldwide under what is coming.
* constant testing of the entire population to find infected individuals.
* once found, contact tracing of all possible persons within communicable range of the infected individual, possibly even giving out free cell phones with downloaded tracking app to all who do not have one.
* control of your access to education, stores, travel, etc.
* control over where you go, who you see, and when
* prohibition on the right to assemble.
* instant quarantine if determined to be 'infected', or unwittingly was within a certain range of someone who is found to be 'infected'.
* separation of family members from those within the family deemed to be a medical threat
* constant 'voluntary' testing for a virus.


you have no idea how total this new system will be on your life, and the life of everyone around you. There will be no place you can go to escape. Some countries will resist, but the pressures and mechanisms used to apply pressure will make such resistance almost impossible.


If you think this could not happen within the next 6 months or in fact, ever, read the 4 disbursements from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation[3] below. [Highlight added]

"Cardiff University Date: November 2019 Purpose: to continue to develop a dissolvable microneedle array patch for the sustained dermal delivery of a progestin contraceptive, including the conduct of preclinical proof of concept studies, and completion of the design of a user-friendly appl Amount: $3,570,376

Vaxxas Pty Ltd Date: November 2019 Purpose: to develop a microneedle array patch for measles and rubella vaccination that enables house-to-house campaigns via administration by minimally-trained personnel and improved thermostability Amount: $4,997,693

Micron Biomedical, Inc. Date: November 2019 Purpose: to develop a microneedle array patch for measles and rubella vaccination that enables house-to-house campaigns via administration by minimally-trained personnel, generation of no sharps waste, and improved thermostability. Amount: $6,744,906"

Georgia Institute of Technology Date: December 2019 Purpose: to develop a microneedle array patch for measles and rubella vaccination that enables house-to-house campaigns via administration by minimally-trained personnel, generation of no sharps waste, and improved thermostability. Amount: $958,849

As has become evident during the fight against COVID-19, the health departments in most countries have called the shots as how to best proceed. And in most cases they have advised quarantine and shutdown, increasing the public testing for evidence of the disease, tracking, contact tracing, and separation. In many countries, the final arbiter was national or state health departments backed up by governmental police or military personnel. In fact, this amounted to the temporary suspension of many civil rights in countries worldwide. And all of this was because of a virus which is increasingly seen now as on a par with the yearly flu in many countries, and in many cases, an over-reaction.

But, enter another virus, a resurgence or mutation of the current virus which engenders a pandemic status - one which is highly infectious and more virulent than this last. With the realization that it is more infectious and dangerous, fear will again grip the world for real. And the world will look again to a vaccine, with health bodies at its core, mandating public policy. Such an entity will operate initially through the health ministries and departments of the world's separate governments, which will increasingly be monitored and gradually subsumed under the centralized body.
It is not clear the actual process of commandeering which will take place, but the offshoots of Moderna and associated developers and manufacturers of vaccines will hit the world with lightening speed and efficiency, or with expertly modulated encroachment, the likes of which we have not seen in the past. Other vaccine manufacturers along with relevant political entities and laws, industries, media will be gradually assimilated under the umbrella of this move. Subsumed under this rollout may be the sterilization of specified individuals or groups in order to curb population overgrowth or reduce a potential burden on the system. Voluntary birth control is one thing, but sterilization of children, young girls and women with their consent under pressure, without their consent and/or without their knowledge, is unconscionable.

THE UPSHOT? every minute of every day
Except for the privileged few, we will all face the following, every minute of every day:

Out-of-the-blue notification that you will be transported immediately to a quarantine 'hotel' or to home and into quarantine, with the lives of partners, children, other family and household members rearranged accordingly.

What does this do to society? We lose our sense of society. We suddenly trust no one. We cut down on our movements and interactions outside the home, because of the possibility that a child of ours or another loved one will be taken from us, to be housed for 2 weeks in a 'foster' home, for the sake of their health. And there will be many individuals who will provide the information and connections to make this system work, because it means that otherwise they are unemployed and living on inadequate government allowances - if they qualify. This may sound like conspiracy theory, but we have already witnessed it within the last 5 months in different places in the world. Some countries, states, cities instituted quarantines, lock-downs, testing for the virus, social distancing, face masks, tracking, and contact tracing. But in most cases we felt that it was temporary, would protect us, and was being managed by a generally sympathetic system. However, under an international system, it becomes quite impersonal. The worst part about it will be the constant fear of being contacted, and the constant checking and worrying about our status, and the status of our children and other loved ones under the system. For WHAT CAN BE DONE on a personal and global level, see blue button above.

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3 update of references from Greenmedinfo.com Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

6 Live: Zach Bush MD on COVID-19, glyphosate, and the nature of viruses Jeffrey Smith, Institute for Responsible Technology


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