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Original posting: March 1, 2021 Updated March 11


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I had a dream this morning, just before I woke up. There was this incredible woman who I did not know, but I wanted to be around her. And there was this little boy running around with so much joy to be in himself and to be in the world.
In the Great Reset, as they envision it in the future, this could not happen.

Before going further,
if you plan to take the vaccine, or have taken it, this is the most valuable information you will need: Symptoms of vaccine damage, or what to do if having problems.
Using the word "symptom" or just "sym", scroll down or search on the following page here.[1]
But, please come back to this page.



If you know what the Great Reset is, understand it, and believe that the Great Reset is for you, you are in the wrong place.

If you do not know, and even if you do know (these videos are on-the-ground what is happening now:
  Great Reset Explained
-  Preparing for The Great Reset with Spiro Skouras with Derrick Broze, August 7, 2020
-  Episode 392 – The Future of Vaccines The Corbett Report, Dec 23 2020
-  Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: Int'l Message for Freedom and Hope
     Site: the Defender, Children's Health Defense
-  Planet Lockdown

Page Index
1   The depopulation of the earth
2   We will defeat the invasion
3   What is ranged against us
4   Our battle plan
5   What to say when pressured
6   Internet resources


The depopulation of the earth
has already started - without our noticing. This is not an opinion. This is fact. Do not let yourself or a loved one be the next in line.

The fear and the roll out of the vaccine is the biggest scam ever perpetrated on humanity. The goal is to conquer the earth without firing a shot. The level of control and the level of fear which has been used is unprecedented.

Wake up before it is too late. The too late could be within the next month as more and more people are persuaded to take the mRNA or adjuvant vaccines to save themselves from a pandemic which is over, and has been over for several months.

Yes there is a Coronavirus, and yes there are mutations, but we have had this type of virus every year since the beginning of time - it is no more lethal than the annual flu. In fact, for those who have been looking at the real figures, it is less deadly than the annual flu, and that we have survived from time immemorial.

Stop rushing into the trap of social media fear and promises of an untested vaccine to solve a normal problem. There are a number of individuals who have been trying to warn us. But, we have fallen for the hype termed conspiracy theorists. Read and listen to those who have been called conspiracy theorists. They are the only ones who can save us at this late hour.

Below are the ways that have been used to bring on a vaccine solution or as Bill Gates once said about the vaccine - 'the final solution' until he was advised not to use that phrase. Under that, OUR RESPONSE is given.

The list below of things which we can do to stop this takeover is only the beginning. Help us by adding to it. And please share. Each one of you is critical in this battle.


We will defeat the invasion
on the integrity of the earth and its human population by the Great Reset which will turn out to be the greatest and cruelest invasion since the Hun invasion of Europe during the first half of the 400s AD, ending in the attack by Attila the Hun in the year 451 AD, east of Paris on the Catalaunian Plains, ending in the retreat of the Huns and terminating their conquest of Europe.

The Great Reset as outlined in the 201 event, and the Davos conference of the World Economic Forum (WEF) and Klaus Schwab, furthered by such leaders in the West as Boris Johnson, Justin Trudeau, Angela Merkel, and many others including governors of U.S. States. This is documented by those seeking the truth of what is happening and what is being lost to our people, culture, privacy and freedom. Its main weapon is fear, enabling the infusion of the mRNA vaccines of Pfizer and Moderna into every human on the planet, as a passport, and basis for future chemical and micro instrument control of the individual and of the human population worldwide, bringing with it a life devoid of sentiment, closeness, human ingenuity, truth or individuality, to be controlled by internal divisions of the population, a centralized digital debit bank(s), a one-size-fits-all food system in a 24/7 monitoring of the global population by ground based surveillance systems linked to satellite networks, and the culling (genocide) of some 7 billion persons from the world through sterilization, abortion, reduction of contact and desire, life shortening physical and mental reaction to the vaccines, despair and depression leading to suicide, and the results of the medical, social, and economic devastation of the planet through a loss of the sense of togetherness as humanity, to be replaced with a trans-human population of ciphers as envisioned by those in control.


Ranged against us some of these are coming, others are here

  • increased use of lockdown, masking
  • use of mandatory vaccination after forcing FDA and EMA to license vaccines
  • under emergency use authorization, continually lowering of age, and groups of individuals given vaccines
  • increased incursion into privacy and freedom of movement
  • moving of people out of dwellings and areas of city
  • increased use of non-professional or minimally trained personnel to deliver vaccinations
  • door to door vaccination accompanied by security personnel
  • splitting or finding new sources of 'lost vaccinations', use of refrozen vaccines, dilution of doses, use of second shot for first shot
  • increased pressure psychologically, from friends and neighbors (shaming), robot calls, etc to take vaccine
  • increased limits of what you can buy or do without card, chip or other means of positive vaccinated status
  • special cell phones freely given to children with set programming and teaching modules with monitors and without presence of educator, even online of teachers
  • limits on travel even for vaccinated
  • shutting down of internet except limited programming with mostly one way communication
  • cutting of zoom and other such services
  • increasing purchase and privatization of public TV and internet services, and purchase or destruction of private TV and internet services
  • increased attempts to foster distance and division between individuals and groups to weaken offense
  • increased use of camps or special 'hotels' for an increasing list of special cases
  • increased confiscation of private property and of personal acquisitions
  • increasing standardization of food, and limits on what you can purchase
  • increasing use of digital allowances, or payments for services through a centralized digital bank
  • increasing censorship of communications, information, subjects learned


    OUR Battle Plan

  • increasing awareness of the plan and timeline of the Great Reset
  • refusal to take the vaccines or followups
  • realization that the fear of a virus is manipulated beyond all facts on the ground
  • awareness of the role played by the main stream social media, in concert with information exchange and storage platforms like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and others censoring, rewriting, transforming, and actual deletion of much of the world of facts and science
  • search for those who have been trying to warn us - and listen to all those individuals surrounding you who have doubts.
  • perks for unvaccinated or are vaccinated, but will refuse any other vaccine in the future
       dating service for unvaccinated only
       taxi service for unvaccinated only at cheaper rates
       wear un-vaxx badge or vaxx-un (vaccinated but not in future) to identify yourself with others
  • identification of small groups of individuals generating a closeness or dependency and care for one another, networked across the planet
  • become a member and/or donate to groups which stand against the great reset
  • provide alternative food to the GMO regimen with truckers paid better, with better overall conditions
  • send emissaries to those nations, places, city neighborhoods, etc. being targeted for new vaccination campaigns.
  • send help and representatives to solve problems of water, power, food, fodder for animals, cooking oils
  • create an alternative universe standing against the great reset
  • growth of individual and community food supplies
  • small group school systems emphasizing interactive learning
  • development of alternative monitory systems for community exchange of goods and services
  • stockpiling of necessary commodities and essentials in case of lockdowns and shutdowns of essential facilities (food, water, medicine, etc)
  • small group short term democratically elected leadership
  • preservation of important pieces of information against the shutdown or sequester of the internet.
  • backup for individuals/families facing door to door vaccination
  • refusal by the unvaccinated, those refusing vaccination to buy from or receive from sources which require positive vaccination status
  • in support of the unvaccinated, refusal by those who are vaccinated to buy from or receive from sources which require positive vaccination status
  • use the search facility duckduckgo or similar services which do not identify searcher or keep records of searches for information on user.
  • donate to those individuals leading the fight against the Great Reset or against similar programs
  • sign petitions to law makers, corporations, agencies, etc. sponsored by the sites of those fighting the Great Reset
  • Add your ideas to this list

    By the way, here is information on all the other vaccines aside from those for Covid-19 or variants
    Vaccines: Who Should Avoid Them and Why
    by Amy Boulanger, updated Jun 20 2018
    "Flu, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, HPV, Tdap, Shingles, Meningococcal" Also link to CDC's Vaccine Recommendations and Guidelines
    Note: this is not a recommendation to take any vaccine, but a helpful guide to those who are determined to vaccinate against any disease (not including Sars-CoV-2 (Covid-19) or variants). This will change when the Covid-19 vaccines are approved, and are no longer on emergency-use-only status.
    However, it is anticipated that once approval is given by authorizing agencies, the vaccines for the Covid-19 virus, variants, or a disease presenting itself after Covid-19 will be included (openly or even without consent) in the regular vaccinations given.


    What to say when pressured
    1. I'm being cautious and waiting a bit to see what happens.
    2. I'm waiting for a vaccine which has been fully tested, is not being used under experimental authorization (emergency-use-only), is approved, and I can believe in.
    3. It has been admitted by the manufacturers that the mRNA vaccine does not prevent Covid-19 infection, can actually help spread the virus, and only reduces symptoms.
    4. The mRNA vaccine has the potential to cause abortion, possible sterility, anaphylaxis and ADE. (see Did You Know)


    Internet Resources Where You Can Learn More
    -   I encourage you to visit the website of the nonprofit charity, the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC), here
    -   Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola 'Papers, Please': Vaccine Passports Have Officially Arrived Feb 24 2021


    News Source
    If you want to keep track of Covid-19 and variants news which is censored elsewhere:
    The Covid-19 News Watch by the Children's Health Defense Team


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    [1] Why COVID Vaccine Testing Is a Farce Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola, Mar 2 2021

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