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OPINION Pub: June 6 2021; Updated: June 15 2021

Editorial Note: material related to the spike protein as a toxin distributed throughout the body has been temporarily removed until further supporting evidence becomes available.

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America Beware - They Are Actually Killing You

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Very concerning new video
Click Here 8 Min Video Spike protein from vaccines dangerous toxin related to blood clotting, possible risk to fertility, nursing babies, children. See in [*] reference below for further discussions, analysis and related items.

It is very important that I say what I have to say.
I've said it before ... Why Mr. President? but no one wanted to see it. The hits received on the post were probably 80% agency, fact checkers, and random misdirection.

But it is still relevant today - in fact more so, since the administration has started vaccinating the 12-16 year olds.

My post Israel - Don't Vaccinate The Children, as it weighs the possibility, is as relevant for the U.S. as for the rest of the world, which is already doing or contemplating the same thing.

"Children aged 11 - 14 are in varying stages of puberty with massive changes taking place in the body, and we have absolutely no data on how this vaccines effects the system during these changes. Also, we have no medium or long range safety data at all. We could be creating a generation of women who are incapable of giving birth. We also have no data on the effect on young males in terms of sexual development. "

"Are we embarking on a sterilization campaign or not? If we cannot answer this question, we should not be forcing a policy which will be irreversible. We are conducting a mass experimentation on our own children and the viability of our society in the future. What kind of society does something like this?"


This Is Not Conspiracy Theory

Few want to accept it - It's easier not to believe that anyone would knowingly do that to us, to a population, to the world. And yet it is happening.

Some of you know what is happening and have courageously tried to tell everyone. And you have been called conspiracy theorists, and banned, your websites taken down, removed from social media.

America, for your own salvation, find them and listen. They are your savors.

The next 4 videos are crucial to an understanding of what may be happening with the Covid-19 mRNA vaccine and why it is imperative that our children not receive the vaccination.

1. Dr. Sherri Tenpenny Explosive Truth Mankind Must Wake, A Warrior Calls, May 6th 2021 The question of transmission from the vaccinated to the unvaccinated causing 10s of thousands of women to report irregular, unexpected menstrual cycles, and in some cases massive with clotting. As yet unknown effect on males.

2. Professor Dolores Cahill A Warrior Calls, 11 May 2021 For sure devestation of mankind worldwide from the ingredients of the injections, and the rise of an alternative society which will carry humanity forward.

3. Bernadette Pajer of Informed Choice WA on Against The Wind with Dr. Paul - Episode 9 June 1 2021
Scroll down to all the separate videos. Bernadette Pajer is the fourth video at the bottom.

4 A 17 minute condensation of 1h 45min interview with renowned Texas Professor and Doctor Dr. Peter McCullough in Dallas here May 31, 2021

A second interview:
Dr.Peter McCullough: "I can no longer recommend the COVID vaccine to any individual" Jim Meehan, MD guest host May 31 2021


What is in operation right now

This has been laid out for anyone to see, but we have not seen, we have dismissed it, saying that something like that just could not happen.

Unless enough of you decide to do something, many of you and your children may be dead within the next two years.

The vaccines were not made to save you from the virus, They were meant to cull you, starting with those who are the most vulnerable, and then the rest until the new population agenda of a world population of less than 1 billion is achieved.

They have said that it is to save the earth from ecological disaster. It has nothing to do with that. It is to bring in a new society with a few at the top and the rest of us, those who survive, basically fulfilling necessary rolls to sustain the new social system.

There are a large number of people who actually know this is happening, and are doing their part to bring it to fruition. They figure that they will have a seat at the table. Most of them will be very disappointed.

It has been said that this is to happen before 2050. That is to ally fear. It is happening now.

Unless you understand what is happening, you will not survive. Your children will be sterilized and the rest of you placed in an uncertain future.

You call me a conspiracy theorist at your peril. Do your own research. Be brave enough to tell others what you think, what you want to do to stop it from happening.

But the first step is not to let the children be vaccinated with the mRNA and other vaccines which basically fulfill the same purpose. The vaccine did not save you, the virus came, peaked out and declined normally, only to come again this Fall when enough people will encounter the virus or its variants with the next seasonal surge when ADE (antibody dependent enhancement) or immunity enhancement will occur along with other possible side effects.

YOU ARE BEING WARNED FROM ON HIGH. I am only the messenger. What you do with it is up to you.

I care




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