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Pub: Jun 4 Updat: Jun 13 2021

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OPINION by Globalcrisis.info

My heartfelt request: to all 12 to 15 year olds out there. You do not know what you are putting into yourself. Please wait a bit to see. This is not necessary for you right now. Please wait.

Israel is currently at the low ebb of the last Covid-19 and variant wave. Haaretz Jun 1 2021 article indicates "On Sunday, out of 22,360 tests, only four new cases were discovered. In Israel as a whole, there are only 352 active cases, and 49 coronavirus patients are currently hospitalized in critical condition."
There is no rush to save lives at the present time.

The effect of this disease in causing death in children is extremely low, some would say almost zero. Children aged 11 - 14 are in varying stages of puberty with massive changes taking place in the body, and we have absolutely no data on how this vaccines effects the system during these changes. Also, given the known ingredients, we could be creating a generation of women who are incapable of giving birth. We also have no data on the effect on young males in terms of sexual development.

Why are we rushing to vaccinate our children when we know absolutely nothing of the medium or long term effects? We have the opportunity to pause and wait to see what happens to those who have already been vaccinated. But, for some reason there is the push to vaccinate immediately. WHY?

What happens now will effect the future of the population, and the right of the individual to determine whether or not to bear children. This is crucial for the future of Israel.

We have no data. Are we embarking on a sterilization campaign or not? If we cannot answer this question, we should not be forcing a policy which will be irreversible. We are conducting a mass experimentation on our own children and the viability of our society in the future. What kind of society does something like this?

Perhaps we should ask the following question: Who benefits from carrying out the vaccination of a population of youth which is at the low end of risk from a pathogen, with a vaccine which does not prevent the disease, nor prevent its transmission, has very short immunity thereby necessitating continual boosters, has no data on dangers of co-administration with other vaccines, and with a vaccine which can cause a large number of possible chronic side effects? Again, who is the beneficiary?

One of the biggest unknowns we face is the immune enhancement phenomenon (ADE) in which the immune system overreacts causing a cytokine storm which can lead to serious injury and death when encountering the virus again in a new seasonal wave this coming Fall.

Even giving only one dose of an mRNA vaccine may set our children up for massive ADE events. Are we willing to take this risk?


20 Mechanisms Of Injury How COVID-19 Injections Can Make You Sick...Even Kill You Dr. Sherri Tenpenny 10 Apr 2021

My Cycle Story: A Research Study An Independent Research Study Collecting Data Around Women's Cycle Changes
A study to determine the facts behind the recent flood of incidence of non-vaccinated women who have experienced irregular menstrual cycles and massive bleeding after close contact with someone who has been vaccinated with a Covid-19 vaccine.


The above information is not medical advice.
I am not a medical doctor or other medical professional.

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