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WHY, President Biden?

Of all the stated aims President Biden wants to achieve, the one which he promised before the election and has reiterated during his first press conference, is to vaccinate all of America - initially all 16 year olds and up.
It is assumed that this is a smart man. He knows what he is doing. He thinks before he acts. We are a nation which has just come through a scathing medical and economic disaster.

Note: *Only references here are the horrific statements of Moderna and Pfizer regarding ADE on their application for EUA. Other references

President Biden knows that the two vaccines initially authorized, the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines, did not go through sufficient testing to prove their safety.* He knows that these two vaccines were given 'emergency use authorization' (EUA) only, meaning that they have not been given full approval by the FDA for general use. He knows that the phase III trials have not been completed. He knows that the vaccines do not guard against getting sick with Covid-19, or even worse, does not prevent shedding of the virus, thereby causing others to be sick, but basically only reduces the symptoms of Covid-19. He knows that there are three possible major problems with the vaccines which have not been resolved - anaphylaxis, sterility, and most crucially ADE (antibody dependent enhancement) or as named by the FDA 'vaccine-associated enhanced disease' can cause major injury and death when the immunity of a vaccine wanes, or antibodies are at sub-neutralizing concentrations. And most importantly, he knows that there has been no proof that the ADE problem has been solved. He knows that there is a possibility that we will face a similar situation involving ADE when we are again visited by this virus or one of the variants, and that this will only happen to those who are vaccinated.

He knows that there is a possibility that we will face a similar situation involving ADE when we are again visited by this virus or one of the variants, and that this will only happen to those who are vaccinated.

He knows that we are in a period of very low transmission of the virus and extremely low mortality, so that very few people will be confronted with the virus until sometime in the near future when the virus returns, or there is a widespread variant. He knows that many doctors, and an increasing number of health care professionals worldwide have indicated that they will not take the vaccine. They know the background of these vaccines, and so does President Biden. I'm sorry, but I just do not understand why the big push to vaccinate everyone with the knowledge that we have, and the questions for which we do not have answers.



Some Details For Anyone Interested
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-   The seasonal wave of the Covid-19 virus is at its low - with the deaths at a very low level (accumulating cases do not represent a threat to the population as some people are announcing).
-   the mRNA companies themselves have indicated that there is the possibility of ADE - at least they have indicated this in their application for emergency use authorization from the FDA.
-   it is generally recognized that the whole process of testing for safety has been insufficient.
-   the phase III trials have not been completed. -   we face mutations (variants) which may not be covered by this particular vaccine which is specific to the normally mutating Covid-19 virus, but not necessarily a variant.
-   it is generally recognized that getting sick naturally with a virus usually gives long lasting immunity to the disease itself. -   it has been assessed that ADE is more likely when the immunity provided by a vaccine fades, and is no longer protective, necessitating the taking of a booster, or a new round of vaccinations developed for a variant. Further, it is possible that many who were vaccinated with the first immunization will not take the booster shot placing a wide swath of the population into increased danger should ADE operate when we are confronted with the virus or its variants. -   if in fact there is ADE as a result of immunization, there is the possibility that many people will be severely injured or die.
-   we will not know until the next season, or as with some illnesses, even longer for an adverse enhanced immune reaction to appear, which could mean the there will be a vast die off in the future.
-   past immunization for other viruses have generally not included people who are very elderly, highly allergic, pregnant, have chronic illnesses (all those who have been rejected from Phase 1 and II trial participation of Moderna).
-   there is no true informed consent in the trials or in the rollout of the vaccine under EUA. We are not being given the risks in an understandable form so that everyone is fully aware of the true possible known risks, so we are generally unable to give our truly informed consent.
End Details

Dear President Biden,     return to details
You are pushing for everyone to be vaccinated. It is possible that those who have not received the vaccines will be the real survivors. We must not continue this vaccination campaign. And in particular, we must not vaccinate our children. They are our only future.

I just do not understand, unless you are a part of those who believe that there are too many people on the planet, that the planet should be run by those few who are special, that most of humanity is inconsequential to a future civilization, and that those seen, by some metric, to be inferior must or will be culled.

If this is true, then I do understand, and in that case, I think everyone should be made aware of this, so each of us will be able to make a determination as to what steps to take to save the planet for humanity.

This letter is my personal opinion solely and is not a collaboration with others.
J. Morgan Thomas PhD
ADDENDUM regardiing Pfizer and Moderna
With absolutely no regard for humanity, with a vaccine which has not solved the major problem causing severe illness and death in previous animal trials, and instead using humans as trial subjects, and having now obtained emergency use authorization, blatantly expanded to include more and more segments of the population, Moderna and Pfizer have operated under laws which absolve them of all liability to include anyone who is instrumental in vaccine delivery.

It is a vaccine which does not act as a vaccine - does not protect from getting the virus, does not stop those vaccinated from spreading the virus to others, and at most, reduces the symptoms of a virus which has been proven to have very low mortality - a fact which has been covered up by redefining the definition of cause of death, using tests which have not been created to test for a virus, and pushing these tests beyond limits to show illness where in fact there is none.

I am not speaking here of any agenda, but of those with the professed goal of vaccinating everyone (man woman and child) on the planet regardless of sensitivities, health condition, age, or pregnancy.

I am speaking here of the mRNA vaccines of Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech.

I am in awe of all those who have tried to warn us, who have put their lives and reputations on the line, and all those who have demonstrated and supported attempts to stop this from happening.

Who am I? I'm nobody, but I know evil when I see it, and I weep for humanity.

Whatever decision we make for ourselves, what happens to us, will happen, but we must save our children and the future of humanity from being vaccinated with insufficiently tested vaccines before it is too late.


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