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You are not alone


We're All In This Together
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- What you can do for yourself
- Potentially no one is safe
- What do you know about current events
- Depopulation? It will never happen?
- Where do we come in?
- 10 simple steps to take right now
- Critical reads to understand what is happening


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Note: this was originally at the end of the post, but they are so important that they should be at the beginning.

Disclaimer: this is not medical advice. I am not a doctor.
1. here 10 minute on the bed and/or standing - off the wall exercise which may (no promises) improve your balance, improve your stamina, probably improve your immunity, possibly reduce side effects of Covid or the vaccine (opens in new tab next to this tab)

2. here Take at least one repurposed drug or supplement (very cheap) as a possible preventative against the virus, reduce side effects of virus or vaccines (opens in new tab next to this tab)


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There seems to be a disconnect with reality. If a system which will lock out those who do not get a shot becomes more and more regimented and enforced, closing itself to certain people, then potentially no one is safe.

Think about it for a moment. If the FDA approves a vaccine, then the president can call for every governor to mandate it. Let's say that you are comfortable with that because you have the latest shot, and are free to do whatever. But, if more and more businesses are forced to adhere to increasingly strict entry procedures, and there is less freedom of movement for certain people, you may suddenly find yourself included as an outsider.

A draconian system which locks out one group of people can just as easily find you are wanting. Let's say that a new tweaked version of the vaccine has caused very bad reactions to people you know, or someone you know has lost a baby, and you decide you will not let your child get the vaccine, or you decide it is not for you. Suddenly you are on the outside. You think you can get around it somehow, but if the system is constantly plugging holes, you may find yourself suddenly locked out.

What if in fact it becomes apparent that the vaccines were never meant to really help anyone but being used as a way of gaining and enforcing control over the population? I know, conspiracy theory. But more and more people are actually coming to that conclusion. Do you really want to be included in the next mandatory shot?

As much as you might think that the antivaxxers are wrong and need to be separated out, you are part of a system which can suddenly turn on you for any number of reasons. You definitely do not want to be part of that system.

A society which is not divided, which gives each individual the freedom to live on an egalitarian basis is your best bet to making it into the future for you - as you grow older, for your children, and for your family and friends. You do not want to be part of a system which is closing in on itself.

Listen to what the anti and the nonvaxxers are saying. Don't close yourself off. We are the same, and perhaps we have found some truths which the society in general has abandoned.


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TAP on items that have happened or that you know about.   (to reset, reload page)

All of these, as a whole, point to an increasingly authoritarian society and a possible agenda worldwide. If you clicked almost none of the items, I wish you a very happy and stress free life. For those who are aware of the other items, we are in this together, the vaxxed and the unvaxxed. We will go down or survive as humanity together. They say that once vaccinated there is no way to get unvaccinated - the change is forever. In a free society, we will find a way to reverse this - we must. The alternative is an authoritarian society being culled of those of us who are undesirables or deemed weak, and denied any remission because it is not advantageous. We survive as humanity together. Separated, we fall.


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Whether you believe it or not, the depopulation of the planet is underway. if the statements of those controlling or funding the vaccinations are predictions of the Covid agenda, by 2030 and probably much sooner, you and a good number of your friends and family will no longer be here. This isn't to frighten you, but just a statement of fact if the Great Reset has its way.

And that is what must be stopped, and all of us must realize that the ground beneath our feet is shifting, and we are the only ones who can redirect the progression, and the short and long term consequences of the vaccine agenda are stopped.

If we do not realize the gravity of the situation as a majority of the world, we are doomed.

I am not Cassandra who was destined not to be believed in her prophecies of the destruction of Troy, This is not prophetic, this is just looking at what is happening, the lack of protection provided by the mRNA which are the majority vaccines given worldwide - by design, and their lack of testing prior to EUA and the stated claims of the manufacturers of their products, which were only effectively distributed through fear and a takeover of the corporate structure and the major media to make everyone believe that Covid could only be controlled by 90+% of the population getting the vaccination.

The fact that we have only recently learned that the vaccines and the lipid nanoparticles are distributed throughout the body including the brain in a never ending production of antigens which cannot be stopped, producing what can only be described as a disaster with its possible short and long term resultant effect on the genetics of the individual even if it does not currently change the genetic structure but does effect the expression of it. We are becoming a species of genetically modified organisms.

A reduction of persons from the face of the earth from a present population of 7.9 billion people Oct 2021 according to Worldometers down to 1billion or less. If you have any appreciation of statistics, this means that some 80% of many large controlling structures will no longer be here. Why? Let's take Google as an example:
1. a continued restriction of information on the net will mean less need for managers, collectors, editors, reviewers, etc.
2. most of the positions will be automated or filled with increasingly refined robotic capabilities
3. many of the employees belong to groups which will be the most targeted by the depopulation agenda
4. Enhanced use of robotics will further reduce physical presence in numerous current hubs of operation
5. there will be continued centralization to accompany a reduced work force
6. the restructuring of society will make many current positions in the social structure, and in corporate structure non-essential
7. Reducing costs in a drastically trimmed down operating system will mean that many will no longer be able to maintain their present lifestyle, coupled with societal basic income which will make it optional to continue working
8. As innovation and intelligence becomes less of a necessity in a highly regimented and robotized structure, much of the present sub-units and offshoots of the company will be subsumed under a reduced workforce and management structure

If you are not in any of these targeted groups, you may survive the culling, but given your options and your ethical and moral sensibilities you may sense a necessity to separate yourself from a structure which is central to the Great Reset power structure and the destruction of humanity.

With the reduction in population, there will be a reduction of all levels of the control structure of the counties, states, territorial units of every country with the disappearance of much of the administrative levels. As the production of resources become more highly robotized, the distribution of population will become more centralized.

Much of the control which is now accomplished by personnel will eventually be conducted by robotized access to life support systems such as food, access to water and power, etc. These are all available to controllers now but are not used due to the administrative and legal systems still in place worldwide. This will, of necessity, change drastically as elements of the court system generally disappear in favor of relegation to smart algorithms separated entirely from the legal and court system now in operation.

In fact, the current lockdown system operates ex-judiciously. All power is in the hands of health officials and their access to the normal mechanisms of police and military control which will be increasingly reduced as overall operational control will be provided by restrictive and, where necessary, robotic systems.

All of this is already available but limited presently because current levels of feedback from the population makes such control impractical.

Fear must be increased in order to accommodate the currently available mechanisms of control over an increasingly aware public.


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So, where do we come in? Number one. we are 95 percent and they are 4 to 5.

We are being controlled by fear, and the disbelief that something like a totalitarian system could ever happen - it is still unbelievable.

Majority nonacceptance of the control over us is our only option while we still have options.

Knowing that there are alternatives does reduce the fear. This is why censoring of all repurposed drugs and supplements helps maintain the fear and the control under a semi-mandatory/mandatory vaccination program must continue.

Knowledge that the vaccines are not being provided to increase the wealth of the manufacturers, but as a means of control is a step in the right direction. We all have willingly and tacitly accepted the money driven motives of the pharma and corporate structure. However, the fact that profit is only a side issue, and that control is the end goal, is not generally appreciated by us.


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1. Make a copy of this and keep it somewhere on your machine or print it out.

2. even if you do not agree with or believe all of it, but think some of it is correct or true, send it to someone you care about. Even better, send it to two people.

3. Read at least one of the references below. The more you read, the better prepared you will be for what is happening and what is coming.

4. If you have a question, do your own research, read at least one published piece by someone who stands against the accepted narrative. Those who are risking their reputation, their livelihood, their freedom, their life, to go against the narrative, are risking it all by telling what they believe to be the truth.

5. Find someone who basically thinks the way you do, so you will not feel so much alone.

6. If you believe that the great reset is real and do not agree with it, take a stand, no matter how small. If 4 million people each takes a small stand, does something to stand for the truth, it is a tsunami which can have a tremendous effect and can save humanity from a genocide which is being conducted right now with the deaths and potential long term chronic side effects being caused by the vaccines.

7. protect, support, help, provide for someone who is taking a stand and experiencing a backlash for telling or working for the truth.

8. simply look at the logic of what is being done. If the only logic is fear and suppression of freedoms, we must simply ask why this is happening.

9. Ask God what you should do. He knows where, when and what you can do given your circumstances, your access and your capabilities.

10. Find someone else who agrees with you. You are not alone, although that may appear to be true most of the time.


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CRITICAL REFERENCES (to be completed)



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