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Thoughts on Covid prevention, reduction of symptoms & possible cytokine storms

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Perspective Everyone needs help sometime
All a matter of perspective

VAXXED or UNVAXXED to save yourself

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"NO ONE - no one needed to die from Covid illness in the last year" Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

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Note: text quotes from linked sources - not include all relevant info.

Important TIP: Read This Index First

Index For This Post
- Info needed to understand what is happening
- List of over-the-counter to prevent & treat
- Israeli study - natural immunity more protective
- Stop cytokine storm
- Bed-standing 10 min exercise - no falls, walk w/o support
- Professional standing exercises & dance
- D3 & K2 most important in immunity
- Protect self/others HCQ/ivermectin
- Glutathione - antioxidant - are you deficient?
- Combination natural ingredients against Covid
- Frankincense - a super essential oil
- What about the mineral Fulvic Acid?
- Curcumin/Turmeric
- L-glutamine amino acid - prevent & support
- Nicotine gum?
- 12 things to reset Covid policy


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SUPER INFO - Dr. Paul's Against the Wind
see MAIN video 14.40 to 52.00 OR Dr Ealy video middle of page here
As mentioned by Dr. Ealy: Direct Link To Empirical Evidence For Preventative Strategies   here
All links mentioned listed at bottom of video page.


BELOW - Some of the more important elements of getting you through this period regardless of age or health.


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Over The Counter Therapeutics for Preventing and Treating COVID-19 Posted by Patriotman, Aug 22 2021
Lists and describes 11 preventatives, and early treatment to reduce symptoms and length of illness of Covid-19.variants and other pathogenic viruses.


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16 Best Supplements to Reduce Cytokine Storm, a Severe Complication from COVID-19, September 06, 2021 (Updated September 2021)
"NAC inhibits cellular entry and replication of some respiratory viruses, assists in clearing thickened mucous from the airways, suppresses inflammatory signalling, and may help mitigate viral infection-induced cytokine storm (Ref). NAC may also protect against coagulation problems associated with COVID-19, as it has both anticoagulant (source) and thrombolytic effects (source), meaning it may both prevent clots and break up clots that have already formed."
end quote

The following is very important for an understanding of which supplements and medications are most effective against the Covid pathogen if any of them are banned and illegal for sale where you reside.

Fully researched and described comparisons are taken from the very bottom of the post One-Day MD here
- Dr. Zelenko's Z-Stack Vitamin Cocktail: Review 2021
- Niacin and Melatonin
- Zinc Gluconate vs Zinc Picolinate
What's the Difference?
- Ivermectin vs Hydroxychloroquine vs Zinc for COVID-19
- NAC vs NAD vs NR vs Niacin vs NMN
- Ivermectin vs Hydroxychloroquine vs Quercetin
- Glutathione vs NAC
- Quercetin, Vitamin C & D3 Immune Support and FLCCC Protocol
- Quercetin Dihydrate vs Quercetin Anhydrous vs Quercetin Phytosome


BGU Researchers Introduce Novel Probiotic Yogurt-Based Treatment for Inflammatory Conditions Apr 13 2021
"BGU researchers have identified novel drug candidates based on molecules isolated from probiotic yogurt for combating pathogenic bacteria and for treating various inflammatory conditions, including inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and COVID-19 related cytokine storms. The research, led by Ms. Orit Malka, a Ph.D. student in the laboratory of Prof. Raz Jelinek, the Vice President and Dean for Research & Development at BGU, was published in Microbiome, a leading peer-reviewed publication." "The anti-bacterial effect was based on disrupting communication among the bacterial cells and interfering in the assembly of bacterial aggregates called biofilms, which play significant roles in V. cholerae virulence and disease progression. Importantly, achieving anti-bacterial activity through blocking cell communication is a promising strategy against antibiotic-resistant bacteria."
end quote


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BEFORE GOING FURTHER - A new Israeli study will change the Covid-19 narrative
Preprint of the research Comparing SARS-CoV-2 natural immunity to vaccine-induced immunity: reinfections versus breakthrough infections Sivan Gazit, et al

1st Review article of research 'This Ends The Debate' - Israeli Study Shows Natural Immunity 13x More Effective Than Vaccines At Stopping Delta Tyler Durden, Aug 28 2021
2nd Review article of research Large Israeli Study Demonstrates The Power Of The Human Immune System Over Vaccines August 29, 2021


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