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- PM Naftali Bennett - if I were you
- Questions for parents & care givers
- They change our perception of pandemic
- Recent news articles
- One question. Why is Ivermectin banned?
- Do they want all these people to die?
- The pandemic is a tide of lies
- Few are connecting the dots
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I would start with the easy stuff:
1. Allow ivermectin to be sold over-the-counter immediately. It is not my job to protect the sales of Pfizer, Moderna. It is my job to protect the citizens of my country from injury, chronic illness and death due to a vaccine which has been sold under a shroud of fear and deceit.

2. The analysis of data from the CDC and Israel's true assessment of its own data, have questioned the safety and efficacy of the mRNA vaccines. This is particularly concerning with the recent discovery that the spike protein is transported to different organs of the body where it may cause a cytokine storm the next time the virus or its variants are encountered, possibly causing massive injury and death to those who are sensitive. I could not let this happen even once from what many authorities and scientists say is a possibility in the near future.

3. I would make all of the true data analyses freely available and generally open to free debate so that each individual will know all the facts and can give truly informed consent without obscuring the information, or the application of any pressure whatsoever on the giving of that consent.

4. I woud not allow children, who are at near zero risk of injury or death from the virus, be given a vaccine which has had no long term safety testing. They have been shown to not be transmission vectors who will infect others at risk in the family.

5. I would not give a vaccine to someone who has already had the virus due to the fact that we have no data on the interactive effect with the short term immunity provided by the vaccines without constant boosters.

6. A certain portion of the population is already immune to the virus or variants based on a number of factors. Along with freely available medications such as ivermectin, hydrocycloroquine, NAC, and others, I would allow all those who wish to get sick with the virus, to do so. And without a vaccine. Being sick with the virus or its variants has been shown to provide longer term immunity than the vaccines appear to be able to provide, and without the constant boosters after short periods, seemingly continuously into the future.

7. I would not give vaccines to pregnant women, and certainly not to young women who some day will want to raise a family. We are talking here about the future of Israel.

8. Given the possibility that the vaccines are indeed changing many cells of the body into antigen factories which do not allow the cells to rid themselves of the toxin, it is an invasion of our bodies.

9. I would allow anyone who knows the facts and still wishes to have the shot, receive it on a fair market basis.

10. Once the true facts are known, I would encourage the social media to reassess their approach based on an informed public.

11. I would provide encouragement to small businesses to operate in a free and open market, not one dominated to our detriment by one size fits all technology...

12. Knowing the possibility of anaphylactic shock, ADE, sterility and a long list of other possible harmful side effects, I would resist instituting control by outside entities over Israel's internal structure, the eight to refuse vaccination, or the right of its people to freely congregate. We are not a tool of any foreign or international body to be manipulated - 'for our own good'.

13. I would provide research funding to find ways to protect those who have taken the shots so that they will not succumb to illness, chronic conditions, or death possibly caused by the ingredients and the method of operation of the vaccines. There must be a way of ridding the body of the presence of the vaccines. We need to find it. And there must be ways to reduce the detrimental effects when the body again attempts to protect itself against an external threat.

14. And if these vaccines have caused sterility, spontaneous abortions in the 3rd and 4th trimester, or still births in a certain segment of the population, it is necessary to find out why this portion of those receiving the shots were effected and not others, so we can better protect our population in the future.

15. I would look at the main financiers of the organizations which are directing policy internationally: WHO, CDC FDA, NIH, GABI, and my own internal health establishment. I would look at what is being censored - not because it is misinformation, but because it is not following the main narrative.

16. I would not sign agreements with companies requiring questionable or draconian measures dictating policies internal to the country.

We are talking about one of the most unique populations in the history of the ancient and modern world - not the pawns or slaves of anyone. Israel must not be decimated.

It is a bright star in the midst of humanity.



If your child is 12-15 years old, in your mind, is he still a child? Should you have the right to give your informed consent to have the child vaccinated or not?

TAP on items to which you would say NO     (to reset, reload page)

If you believe that the above are more or less OK, then you know that the vaccines against Covid-19, its variants, or the next pathogen that comes along, are the best they can be under the circumstances, and that the pandemic is being dealt with rationally, and with all necessary safeguards. In that case, there is nothing more to be said. But, if you (we) are not OK with many of the items, we need to say something, and certainly when younger children are involved, which appears to be the next step in the vaccination campaigns. Only when our voices are greater than those around us, can we survive. Only when we are not afraid to speak out, or search for other parents who feel the same way, can we win. Otherwise, we are truly moving into a totalitarian state to a degree far greater then we ever thought possible. This is not 2030. This is happening now.

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Recent News Articles:
- Pfizer rejects extending the expiration date of its vaccine. Times of Israel [1]
- A decision has been made to vaccinate those who are immunocompromised. Israel21c [2]
- Pfizer, Israel strike a deal: New COVID vaccines set to arrive August 1. Jerusalem Post [12]

I don't know about you, but there are so many red flags here that I cannot believe it.

I am not a conspiracy theorist. I am a PhD demographer who has looked at the evidence, and come to a conclusion I never wanted to see.

Please listen to what I have to say, and then come to your own conclusion as to whether you should get the vaccine (first dose), the booster or even a new vaccine for a variant, or have your child or anyone you care about vaccinated.

I believe that this is truly a question of the survival of Israeli's population and the future of the dream.




Holocaust survivor on what is happening now similar to what happened in Germany during Nazi era A must see Vera Sharavs Message to the World Wide Demonstrations 20th of March 2021



If you want to know what is happening worldwide and who is involved (if you don't want to know, skip this interview), listen to the interview here of the investigative journalist Whitney Webb by Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, a consumer protection trial lawyer in California and Germany leading the German Corona Extra-Parliamentary Inquiry Committee, founded July 10, 2020 bringing an international class action lawsuit against those accountable for using fraudulent testing to create what appeared to be a dangerous pandemic leading to lockdowns and resulting consequences worldwide.
with an analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola Jul 22 2021 (

For the full interview with German translations of each segment Whitney Webb | Sitzung 59: Der Teufel steckt im Detail Jul 2 2021

Even if you say that you trust everyone, and you think that everyone involved knows what they are doing for the good of the country and its citizens, and you are ready to line up for the new or old vaccines that are available, along with your children. I have one question.

It is a fact that the FDA, the CDC, the WHO, the health departments and ministries of a large number of countries have all banned a generic medicine, and have made it illegal to prescribe or sale for human use, while the social media has censored positive information on a repurposed medicine which is no longer covered by a patent, and is therefore very inexpensive. During the last 4-5 months, before the rulings in various countries, and in those countries still permitting its use, this medicine has been used to save thousands of people from hospitalization and death when used as a preventative (1 pill a week), and for early and even late treatment for Covid-19 and its variants. It has been used over 30 years since its discovery by two individuals who subsequently received a Nobel Prize, and has been given billion of times for various medical conditions before Covid-19, with little or no negative side effects. [5][6]

By this restrictive action in the last months, thousands and perhaps millions of people have suffered and died needlessly, and will continue to do so, particularly during a third or fourth wave of the virus and its variants at the end of the summer. (for information on Ivermectin and where to buy it, see here

Click here to view MAP of countries where Ivermectin is adopted: Global ivermectin adoption for COVID-19: 29%

WHY has Ivermectin been banned and censored in many countries?


The answer appears to be yes.

- The manufacturers refuse to provide a detailed listing of what is in their vaccines, except for the basic ingredients they provided upon their request for authorization by the FDA, stating that there might be a risk for each of these ingredients for which they have no answers, knowledge, or safety test results.

- The Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZenica, and J&J vaccines all cause clotting problems [3][4]

- The virus is not as deadly as we were told in the beginning, and continue to believe based on a complicit media, and apparent manipulation of the VAERS database.

- It has been discovered that the vaccine mRNA protein does not stay in the muscle in which injected, but unexpectedly travels throughout the body, and has been found to be concentrated in the bone marrow and in the female reproductive organs (ovaries). This could lead to the production of a cytokine storm in which the body attacks itself, or could lead to sterilization. We just do not know.

- We now know being sick with Covid-19 confers relatively long term immunity against the virus itself and its variants, and possibly other viruses, whereas the artificial vaccine immunity appears to be quite specific as to the virus, and provides what appears to be short lived immunity (approximately 6-8 months), at which point it is suggested that a booster be administered.

- Although not yet proven, the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines appear to be shedding, causing bleeding and blood coagulation in thousands of unvaccinated women who have come into close contact with someone vaccinated.

- Asymptomatic spread of the virus has been determined to be very rare.

- Those who are immunocompromized may be more prone to getting the virus, but are definitely more at risk of reacting to the vaccine with severe injury and or death than those who have strong immune systems.


Bear with me. The following is all one sentence. It just continued to roll out that way.

The pandemic is a tide of lies, and half truths with the rollout of vaccines on the basis of no safety trials, refusal to divulge the contents of vaccines accept with the EUA application from the FDA. with the stated fact that the vaccine does not protect against getting the virus, actually may shed to others, may contain nanoparticles, and programming to monitor, track and control the individual, refusal to consider the possibility of a causal connection between the shot and side effects, injuries, and death, refusal to allow the use of generic drugs which could save millions of lives, disbursal of billions of dollars to doctors, members of legislative bodies, health and supportive ministries, manipulation and deletion of injury and death statistics, censoring of any information against the accepted narrative, draconian lockdowns, contact tracing, and refusal to serve, permit entrance, or continuation of work or education, with the initial distribution of a physical ID identification related to vaccination status, accepted by the public, institutional, educational, and governmental bodies, and a media operating in an atmosphere of fear, pay-offs, and protection of current status, all of which will evaporate with the initiation of a top down totalitarian system imbued with a transhumanist agenda, internationalized digital banking system controling behavior [8], a one size fits all educational system, factory produced food from minimalized nutrient and mineral organic material, and a massive depopulation schedule to rid the earth of useless eaters and producers of carbon dioxide.


I personally know of no one who has. All my friends have gotten the shot, as have their families. It was succinctly summed up by a friend who basically said [paraphrased] 'I believe in the vaccines. The pharaceutical companies would not conspire to harm us or control us. I know of no one who has suffered from the shot, and I don't agree with or believe what you are telling me. If they offer it, I will take the booster to save myself and my family from the virus.'

Given all of the above, it is my opinion that all who were involved in the signing of the agreements with the drug companies were either totally clueless, compromised, in fear of retaliation, or part of the worldwide push to monitor and control the population in a drive toward a global transhumanist and totalitarian society, with a major tenet being the depopulation of the earth.


If you wish to help, please sign below and indicate who you are - title, position, connections, etc. if you wish.

Please add to or correct the main points above.

Signatures on a letter to be presented
If you know of a way in which this can be presented so that signatures can be collected and shown, and corrections can be made to the base document to allow corrections and additions, please communicate with me.

J. Morgan Thomas PhD Demography


[1] Pfizer said to rule against extending expiry date for unused Israeli vaccines TOI staff, 1 Jul 2021 "Biotech firm reportedly says it doesn’t have enough information to ensure doses would still be safe; surplus Moderna shots being considered as stopgap"

[2] Israel becomes first country in world to ok third Covid shot Israel21c, By Nicky Blackburn Jul 12 2021 "Israel’s health providers begin administering third dose of vaccine for adults with immune insufficiency." [3] Man Dies After Second Moderna Dose Following Rare Blood Clotting Disorder Linked to the Vaccine, Doctors Say the Defender, Jun 29 2021
"A search of VAERS, using search criteria including reports of blood clots associated with blood coagulation disorders, produced a total of 6,787 reports for all three vaccines from Dec. 14, 2020 through June 18, 2021. - Of the 6,787 cases reported, there were 2,893 reports attributed to Pfizer, 2,394 reports with Moderna and 1,459 reports with J&J. - As The Defender reported April 16, although Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca COVID vaccines have been under the microscope for their potential to cause blood clots, scientists have warned since December that Pfizer and Moderna vaccines pose similar risks."

[4] Blood Clots and Reports of Blindness Following Experimental COVID Vaccines, the Defender, Apr 26 2021 Incredible listings of similar reports to the VAERS, the CDC of vaccine adverse events reporting system and other sources.

[6] Why Ivermectin works, and where to buy it

[7] The Binding mechanism of Ivermectin and levosalbutamol with spike protein of SARS-CoV-2 Joyanta Kumar Saha, Md. Jahir Raihan, DOI: 10.21203/

[8] Catherine Austin Fitts Dark Journalist: Catherine Austin Fitts on Central Bank Digital Control July 10, 2021 There are 2 cultures, a human and an unhuman: "a human culture is a culture where we are individually sovereign, divine individual with inalienable rights by dividne authority."
"an inhuman culture is one where we are a natural resource to be exploited like an oil deposit or a herd of livestock."

[9] These ‘Inactive’ Ingredients in COVID Vaccines Could Trigger Allergic Reactions Children's Health Defense Team, Mar 12 2021
"COVID vaccine makers have not only introduced new primary ingredients to the U.S. vaccine stage, but they’ve bundled these new ingredients with “inactive” ingredients in unprecedented ways that raise the risk for dangerous allergic reactions."
- ...vaccine makers have bundled these new primary ingredients with “inactive” excipients in unprecedented ways — polyethylene glycol (PEG) in the case of the mRNA vaccines and polysorbate 80 in the J&J shot.
- PEGs and polysorbates are structurally similar and are also sometimes combined in a PEG-polysorbate 80 mixture that is “substantially the same as that of … pure PEG.” Pre-COVID, both compounds had already been flagged for their ability to cross-react and produce immediate hypersensitivity reactions, a type of “exaggerated or inappropriate” immune response that can include anaphylaxis
- Given that at least 1,689 recipients of the Pfizer and Moderna injections have reported anaphylactic or serious allergic reactions (as of March 5), and that two J&J clinical trial participants also suffered severe allergic reactions, some allergy experts are recommending that closer attention be directed to the risks of both excipients."

[10] EXPOSED: World Bank Coronavirus Aid Comes With Conditions For Imposing Extreme Lockdown, Reveals Belarus President Greatgameindia Jul 27 2020 "Huge foreign loans are given to sovereign nations by the World Bank, IMF and the likes. But the conditions that come attached to these loans are seldom told by governments to their citizens. A recent case in Belarus has exposed the conditions laid by these agencies for loans being provided for COVID-19. The President of Belarus has exposed that the World Bank coronavirus aid comes with conditions for imposing extreme lockdown measures, to model their coronavirus response on that of Italy and even changes in the economic policies which he refused as being “unacceptable”.

[11] COVID Vaccines: Hypothetical Benefits to Adults Don’t Outweigh Risks to Children, 07/16/21, Originally published by The BMJ July 13, 2021, written by:By Elia Abi-Jaoude, Peter Doshi and Claudina Michal-Teitelbaum, "Given the very low incidence of COVID-19 in children, an extremely high number would need to be vaccinated in order to prevent one severe case. Meanwhile, a large number of children with very low risk for severe disease would be exposed to vaccine risks, known and unknown." By The BMJ ee

[12] Pfizer, Israel strike a deal: New COVID vaccines set to arrive August 1 Jerusalem Post, Rossella Tercatin, Jul 13 2021
"As Israel continues to register a high number of daily cases, the Health Ministry opens up third vaccine shot for immunocompromised patients."

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