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OPINION Pub: Jul 8 2021
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Why a hack of the power grids?
Endpoint for CDA not possible
Necessity of hack
The logic of hack
Agents critical to depopulation
Everyone should read
What to prepare
What to do before
What to do after
Get water NOW
Not thought of, but
Ivermectin could save 80%
Should you vaccinate

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By now, those engineering the pandemic had envisioned total vaccination of the world, the completion of the 5G network worldwide except in remote areas, a subservient population, and the instituting of an effective ID system worldwide. Most of it has been accomplished, except for the near 100% vaccination and the compliant and subservient population.


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DPA (De-Population Agent) instead of vaccine or bioweapon
CDA (Centralized Directing Agency) instead of the Great Reset


1. An increasing awareness of the possible nefarious purpose of the vaccination.
2. The inability to keep the rising numbers of deaths and critical injury under wraps.
3. The development of independent platforms which helped maintain the presence of those who were warning the public that the vaccinations were not meant to protect against the virus, but were being used for other purposes.
4. The rise of anti-vaccination stars who generated tremendous numbers of followers worldwide.
5. The appearance of whistleblowers from within industry and governmental ... who could not be silenced.
6. The inability to effectively block, shutdown, redact, de-platform, or ban anything which went against the current narrative.
7. A growing proportion of the population, and in some countries a near majority of the population unvaccinated.
8. The finding that many more populations than envisioned were already protected against the virus due to prior vaccines, disease vectors for which previous vaccinations had been given, providing natural immunity to the current virus.
9. Populations whose health status and natural immunity made them virtually impervious to the current virus.
10. The use of generic repurposed drugs which were effective against the pathogen including its variants.
11. The number of persons gaining natural and much more effective immunity by contracting the virus, and hence not interested in the artificial and short lived immunity provided by the vaccines.
12. The identification of some of the top elite making them more vulnerable then envisioned.
13. The blossoming of the health and wellness movement which really took off during the pandemic, making people more aware of the value of natural and organic foods, vitamin D, and lifestyle changes productive of an increasingly energetic, life lengthening and disease reduction consciousness. 14. The rise and legitimation of functional or alternative medicine to a degree unheard of previous to the pandemic.
15. Change in the perception of the medical model coupled with the waning of the prominence and belief in the allopathic medicinal model due to its inability to save persons during the pandemic, and the realization that physicians were often hobbled by the medical education received, and their connection information-wise and monetarily to the pharmaceutical industry.
15. The production and ingenuity of platform developers for the enlightenment of an increasingly aware public worldwide.

It is a new world, but not what the elite of the pandemic foresaw.


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A rolling or targeted power grid outage is much more efficacious and controllable than releasing a new virus into an increasingly aware population - one which could backfire on the members of the elite, their families, and those in positions necessary for the development of instrumentation and operation critical to a new social structure.

It is necessary to engineer a targeted shutdown, possibly together with a stringent lockdown so that the following can be instituted:
1. Transfer of the financial system to an international banking system (International Monetary Fund?).
2. Cutting off and closing of small banks.
3. Centralization of a new digital only banking system nationally or internationally.
4. Devaluation of paper currency and coins.
5. Destruction of independent blockchain currency.
6. Implementation of a new educational program modeled on Common Core. One which is controlled from the top nationally or internationally.
7. The development of an approved one world language, mandated worldwide for both students and adults below a certain age.
8. Basic computers distributed worldwide to all individuals or families not possessing internet connection.
9. During this period, contact tracing will have little use except to separate those with proof of vaccination from the unvaccinated of any age.
10. The finalization of the 5-6G infrastructure to complete the identification and control of each individual for any number of functions.


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Most of the drug companies will suffer huge financial losses based on a much smaller population, a loss of a large physician base to treat and prescribe etc. Their current financial status is short lived with or without the Great Reset. Are we ignoring the elephant in the room: Depopulation and absolute control of an extremely small global population. Given the control by only a small number of companies, the some 170 vaccines for Covid in the works are bound never to see the light of day, or to be ridden out of town before sundown. By outlawing ivermectin, there will eventually be a massive pushback.

They do not have to bring in a new disease once the world realizes that the variants are not the demon they made us believe they were. What is needed is a covering of tracks before September 2021, and the advent of a new wave of Covid-19 with the possibility of ADE occurring worldwide from the vaccines.

With the revelations of the nanolipid carrying the protein throughout the body, and the realization that the vaccines are being transmitted, thereby automatically vaccinating everyone in contact with someone who has already been vaccinated.

They must also hide the fact that the syncytin-1 is a sterilization mechanism, since the precipitous drop in pregnancies, and the loss of new life in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters will ultimately prove that the vaccines are the cause. Also included is the inclusion and mixing of polyethylene glycol (PEG) in the case of the mRNA vaccines and polysorbate 80 in the J&J shot. [8] How to avoid all this?

A power grid shutdown coupled with a lockdown worldwide in which movement and communication are absolutely limited

1. To further depopulate through starvation, lack of basic care, lack of transportation or communication for medical emergencies, lack of human connection and support, etc.
2. Rapidly install the rest of the 5G and possibly the 6G network.
3. The rollout of a new digital banking system which is highly centralized
4. Give food and medicine only on the basis of proof of vaccination.
5. Destroy individual or community grown gardens so that only the mass produced frankenfood will be available.
6. A worldwide reduction of searchable databases and a limitation of the internet to entertainment in which true search will be absolutely impossible (even today, try to do any real research - much of prior material is no longer available on Google. It is highly censored for a growing list of forbidden subjects, key words, etc.
7. Censorship of platforms, and communities are censored to a degree much more than is currently the case.
8. Reduction of the possibility to communicate so that resistance, support of resistance is suddenly not available. This is already taking place in many parts of the world. but in the future, it may be mandated worldwide.


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Boosters allow the insertion of new functional nanoparticles and programming which cannot be accomplished by transmission (shedding), or for shots of the original vaccines (possibly outdated, degraded, spoiled, diluted, or produced for a different segment of the population) as a base platform for physically or psychologically priming for the boosters or totally new vaccines developed for a different virus or other pathogen. Sales of goods may be on basis of proof of vaccination only, backed up by checking, policing, informing, etc.

Depending on the efficiency of the transmission (shedding), it will be important to get at least one member of each family vaccinated (in the loop). This may be one of the reasons that children are being vaccinated regardless of the effect on the child.

For now, it is the vaccines. In the future, it will include multi-needle patches, additives to the food and water supply, and the activation of nanoparticles through 4-5-6G, or the modulation itself and targeting.


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The vaccinated, the half vaccinated, the unvaccinated. This also includes those who think they are in on the Great Reset, or belong to a company which stands at the top of the pharaceutical, chemical, communication infrastructure, and think they are protected. Everyone should at least scan this page on how to best protect yourself.

Why? Because there is a high probability that there will be a HACK of the power grids for electric power and/or water nationally in many countries, and in separate grids in some political entities such as the State of Texas in the U.S which is separated from the main federal power grid.

This could be a massive worldwide rolling and an many cases targeted power and/or water grid shutdowns which could last for an extended time. If everything is ready to be put in place by those doing the hacking, it could be as little as 2 weeks, or it could take as long as a month or two.

Instructional is the ransomware attack of the Kaseya Supply Chain A New Kind of Ransomware Tsunami Hits Hundreds of Companies An apparent supply chain attack exploited Kaseya's IT management software to encrypt a "monumental" number of victims all at once".

In terms of the Covid-19 pandemic, the majority, up to the present, believe that Covid-19 is being handled by local, national and international agencies truthfully and to the best of their knowledge and abilities. However, there is the perception by a certain percentage of the population that there is a centralized directing entity, specified in this post as CDE**, behind the pandemic, and the way in which the response to the disease is handled and reported.

Whether or not either one of these perceptions is true is irrelevant to the necessity to prepare yourself for a power grid failure.This is the focus of the first part of this post Such a failure could occur naturally due to any number of causes, or orchestrated maliciously by a single unconnected individual or group triggering a hack which would cause a simultaneous, rolling or targeted failure of one or more power grids effecting millions of people for an unspecified length of time. This could also be accomplished by a group with an agenda (CDE) to institute a new social system internationally which would include a centralized financial, economic, food, education, control and monitoring governing system to include genetic and robotic engineering of biological plant and animal species including human.

Regardless of where you stand on this question, for your own survival, please scan the first part of this post.

The reasons for targeted shutdowns and the length of time will be dealt with below. A grid shutdown of more than 72 hours is a major event which should be prepared for by every one of us. What we face is not a ransomware attack - IT IS COVER for what is about to be revealed in the coming months about the pandemic, and to force compliance of all those who have not taken the vaccines.

You may say that this is definitely conspiracy theory. But it is in fact real, and becoming more and more possible on the basis of current knowledge.

I will get to all of the reasons for this below, but first, regardless of who you are, or what you believe, prepare yourself for the possibility of an extended hack of the power grids.


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Whatever you might do to prepare, it should be done NOW, because it may be your only lifeline starting in a very short time - like in a month from now , a month and a half, or two. . I'll get to that further below, because initially it is very important that you do the following. Why? To put the matter very simply, the vaccine makers, and those at the top of any new control system, face a very stark future, very quickly, which they were not prepared for.

If those in charge want you to take the vaccine**, and you have not, for any number of reasons, or have children who have not, for any number of reasons, this is what might happen within the next 2-3 months. But, this is what everyone should do: If you have never heard of the Great Reset or don't believe that they want everyone vaccinated no matter what, don't worry about it, but do it on the basis of being prudent in this period when the non-normal of the past year will continue (even if you believe that 'normal' or the 'new normal' will continue, and will get better).

There is the possibility that the electric and/or water grid will go down for more than 2-3 days, and/or a lockdown is imposed which is more stringent than before - The leading question is 'what will you do?'

For a really good guide which is better than anything I am providing here When the Power Grid Fails – 12 Things You Need to Prepare Common Sense Home Jan 25 2020
My addons below are things people don't normally think about until it hits, plus links to other sources.

For a more professional approach, see:
10 Ways to Clean Drinking Water After Disaster
220,494 views, Apr 4, 2021, Canadian Prepper "This is the most important preparedness item that gets very little attention in the preparedness community but its the first thing you will be seeking when it all goes down. In this video we go over 10 ways you can purify, filter and make water drinkable. We discuss how to make a water filter, prepping water filtration, survival water storage etc.
Parabolic Solar Cookers
Reverse Osmosis
Berkey water filters
MSR Guardian Water Filter
Steripen (UV filter)
Water Brick
GRID DOWN: 5 Things You Must Do IMMEDIATELY Canadian Prepper, 394,021 views, Oct 11, 2020


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Most Important - Gather the most valuable papers, personal stuff, cash, extra credit cards, and small items in a safe and secure place.

Buy a small bag which you can strap to your body under your clothes, or a bug out type of bag. Each member of the family should have one. Just getting one ready is preparation psychologically for handling any emergency which may occur., and in and of itself is crucial to do.

Store in a place where someone rushing through looking for stuff will not come across it, or will overlook it.

If you do nothing else at all, this is the one thing to do, both for you and each family member, because it gives a sense of preparedness, helps internalize a sense of calm and capability to handle any type of situation, even without specifying particulars.

Another measure of preparedness is to designate each family member as to who is responsible for another family member or for each other, and who is responsible for a pet or pets. This takes worry and anxiety off of self and focuses it on care and attention to someone else, providing an increased personal calm for rational decision making in an emergency situation.

Talk over measures to take with other family members, and things to do to provide safety, and survive any type of emergency. One suggestion is to give each family member a responsibility to do or check if done, such as close windows, close off taps, calm down the children, etc. If there are neighborhood shelters, take these into consideration depending on the type of emergency.
Have things that you want to take with you to a neighborhood shelter. Have them all in one place so you can grab and go out if going out of the building is safe.

Light is super important during the night.
Have a flashlight in a place you can find it in a sudden lights out situation. Also a battery operated light which turns on automatically if electricity cuts off, or candles and matches (be very careful with these, because a house on fire is a major consideration. Have a place which is secure, free of debris, blocked off so that if the candle falls over it will not roll or fall anywhere to start a fire.

Become part of a neighborhood watch, so that once the initial danger is over, depending on the type of emergency, there will be a patrolling of the street to prevent persons from other urban areas from invading the neighborhood. Such a group can also check on persons living alone, or provide help in personal emergency situations.


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Stay Calm - your reaction and demeanor will determine how other members of the family react to the situation.

Be sure that all persons in the apartment or house are safe and calm.

Check on Neighbors once your own situation and the persons in your own living space are secure, to see if they need any help.


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The most important thing to have, in terms of a power and/or water grid shutdown, is water. Put water into containers with covers, jars with covers, bottles with some sort of closure for drinking and personal use, large outdoor flower pots or trellis with water for toilets and plants, etc with a plastic cover of some sort. Turn other containers, jars, bottles without covers upside down. Why? (see * below)

If you have any warning at all, fill up sinks and the tub (if you have one) with water. You won't have water to bathe in any case.

That's the advice of a novice. For some experienced advice, see How to Store Water for Emergency Preparedness The Provident Prepper, by Kylene in Water. Also, check out their Action Plans, and their videos on just about everything preparedness. If you haven't done this before, a possible video is Newbie Prepper: 10 Steps to Get You Started - Step 1

Use of available water and what you do when you are starting to run out.
Remember that anything going down the drain is lost forever. Most water uses have re-use capabilities. Be sure to have extra buckets or containers to hold reuse water for different purposes. In a water shortage, do not flush the toilet. Save what you have in the tank for a special occasion (even take out and save water to half tank - so it is available for two such occasions. Use cat litter in heavy plastic bags. If you don't have a cat, this is an extra 'must buy' if you are facing such a possible situation.


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Something is better than nothing
A hypothetical conversation

Dad got us all together, and said that each of us should prepare some stuff that would last for ourselves, to share and to barter with, and keep it somewhere - under the bed, or out in the shed. That was beside what he and mom were going to do. You know, for a disaster. So, each of us was given a little bit extra each month to buy something.
- So, what did you do?
- I bought some dried apricots with my first.
- Then what?
- Well, the next month, I bought some quinoa because mom said it was the best thing, and, you know, I figure I can share it. Then, the next, I bought a protein bar - one for me and one for Winameer.
- Who's Winameer?
- My doll.
- Oh, OK. Then what?
- The next few month I used it for other things.
- That were more important?
- Yeh. you gotta live. I'm not what you would call a 'prepper' like John.
- Going forward, are you going to get some more stuff?
- It's a good idea. Something is better than nothing. Right?
- Right.

As an add-on to that type of psychological and physical preparation, might I suggest you set aside 2-3 days in which you mimic a grid down situation. If they're not sufficiently prepared psychologically, everyone may leave home.

My refrigerator went out, and was out for a number of days. What I learned about what foods can be outside in mid summer, and for how long, what foods disappeared faster than I thought possible, the economics of rationing, and what will create the illusion of full meals but will give the proteins, nutrients, minerals, etc. necessary for health was very instructive.
In terms of preservatives, number one is anything which is part coconut oil/milk/water will last a much longer time than anything else.
Eggs last weeks without refrigeration - always use the smell test.
Whole grain tortillas in special ziplock packaging will last much longer than expected. Be sure to never let any water from packaging surface, hands etc. get inside the packaging. Remember that anything with substantial white flour is almost useless in terms of the nutrients you need in an emergency situation.
Use turmeric/curcumin & dash black pepper, or cinnamon on-or-in food, coffee, tea to double down on food which might be on the edge - remember they are anti just about everything, as is the coconut oil, plus all the other benefits for mind and body which they possess.

An amazingly complete treatment of blood sugar problems and 11 herbs and spices which help lower blood sugar levels: 16 Super Herbs and Spices That Lower Blood Sugar Amazingly Kumar Ravi, Sep 28 2019 It is suggested that you print this article out, or at least the list in the middle.
Cinnamon Benefits and Precautions Chelsea Torres, RD, MS, eMediHealth, Feb 25 2020 - Upd Jul 20 2021
Coumarin: Inflammation Fighter or Toxic Danger? Rachael Link, MS, RD, Dr., Nov 15 2018,

In a dire situation, you can survive on quinoa or lentils which are full proteins (10 Food Combinations to Create Complete Proteins "Particularly in individuals reducing or eliminating animal meats and their products, recognizing plant-proteins is imperative to meet protein requirements. But what are valuable plant-based proteins and how can their value become optimized? Learn the importance of complete proteins and how to formulate them here!" By Balance Team ), some greens (grass doesn't do it [an interesting read on the subject Can We Eat Grass?] ) but, organic powdered greens might (for an idea of what we are talking about, see here, and some dried fruit (figs, apricots, dates).

For a more varied diet, see the food section at The Provident Long Term Food Storage: Creative Solutions to Build a Critical Asset

If the situation becomes more draconian than the past, what would you do if your money was not accepted, shops were closed off or too far away, and the situation would continue for 1 month? (I had said 2 months but I didn't want anyone to panic).

Stock up (not hoard - although you might select one or 2 non-perishables which can be used for barter in a very tight situation when you desperately need something someone else might have in exchange for whatever you have) Stock up on these non-perishables to the extent that your budget will allow - on the principle that something is better than nothing. Also include extras of something that you don't really need, but you normally go through rather quickly because you 'need' it or it gives life that sense of joy, peace, good-times, living at the top sort of thing - like maple syrup, chocolate, bamba, or whatever.

Besides salt, the 3-4 most important spices, herbs, supplements in the world for you health are: cinnamon, curcumin/turmeric, clove (yes, that which you might only think of using for the holidays - or never) and 1 oil: coconut oil which is anti just about everything which might afflict you, plus boosting your health in a myriad ways. coconut oil is anti-viral, anti-parasitic, anti-fungal, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory - yes coconut oil has all of these. Coconut oil allows you to heat, cook at higher temperatures without burning. Also on the list is vitamin D (perhaps the most important of all) The Effects of Vitamin D and COVID-Related Outcomes Dr. Joseph Mercola, Jul 8 2021 , and some would say B12

Now the foods to store and/or hoard
37 Foods to Hoard Ultimate survival food list available from the grocery store

A tip on other things. We normally use TP (toilet paper) for everything. During a power grid down, use it only for what it was named for. There are lots of other ways to do the other stuff.


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In the past, if you have sustained yourself on white flour, white bread, crackers, and foods which have a lot of white flour stuffing or filler - this stuff has virtually no vitamins or minerals which during a shutdown of the power grid is desperately needed by your body because the occasional nutrient rich foods which you powered up on in the past, may not be available. Think full grain (even whole grain wheat may still not fill the bill here).

2. If you have only electrical cooking appliances, buy a good gas (even one pan) range, and be sure the gas line is functional, or get more stuff that does not need cooking - ever.

3. If you buy cans and bottles-jars of food, and you haven't opened this type in a long time, be sure you have at least 2 kinds of can and bottle openers. Yes, there are ways of opening cans without these, but you may find that you are not magician enough to do it.

4. (to be added)

5. Be sure that you have things you haven't read or played in a long while like books, tabletop games, etc.

6. While still available, do a simple search for the phrase
'how to prepare for power grid failure personal family'
A video I found which has some good suggestions on the situation is
How to Effectively Prepare for Power Outages and Long Term Blackouts! The major advice aside from all of the things you will need is the advice given to 'STAY CALM'

7. Check for books on survival and prepare for disaster
A good one might be
The Prepper's: Grid Down: Survival Guide: How To Prepare If The Lights Go Out & The Gas, Water Or Electricity Grid Collapses Kindle Edition by Jim Jackson, Kindle Edition, 4.1 out of 5 stars 92 ratings
One of the comments
"After discussing the possible reasons why and impact of the grid going down, there are many good ideas for preparing for that time. While many are similar to other author's books, Mr. Jackson includes those preparations for sanitation (toiletry/latrines, etc) and overall personal hygiene not always found elsewhere. In addition, the section on keeping a healthy environment adds ideas for keeping you and your family occupied through the long down time without TV and video games. This is a good starter for opening the topic with your family and get them involved in planning since they will surely participate when the grid goes down."

8. As a starter, prepare for an initial 72 hours of outage. Then start thinking about a longer period. However, according to information available, you can survive 3 days without water and 3 weeks without food, so the first 24 hours you can just do nothing, but I wouldn't try it unless you have no other option.

9. Credit cards may not work, so have some extra cash on hand. But, even if your money is no good because there is no traditional banking system in operation, there may be some people who will still accept what you are offering. Otherwise, think in terms of bartering
"What do you have, in exchange for what I have."

10. Think plastic bags even if you have vowed not to use plastic bags. Think about heavy duty garbage size plastic bags - cover windows, block out sun, sleep in if cold, toilet necessities, pet waste, etc. etc.

11. Think about getting out of the urban environment in a long term grid failure. However, the best advice 12. Print out pages, papers, you may need or that are important if you lose your computer, or your access to the web or to the cloud may be compromised. What are the most important pages for your future survival if everything is lost.


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Help Support the drive to allow the availability of Ivermectin - a highly effective drug against SAR-CoV-2 (Covid-19) in countries currently prohibiting its use as low cost prevention treatment.

Why Ivermectin works, and where to buy it Swiss Policy Research, Jan 2021 (upd.)
"... WHO-sponsored meta-analysis of ivermectin against covid-19 has now been published as a preprint. It found a highly significant 75% reduction in covid mortality, based on randomized controlled trials only, and will be continually updated with additional trial results.
- To date, the mode of action of ivermectin against SARS-CoV-2 has remained somewhat of a mystery. Early studies indicated that ivermectin may inhibit viral protein transportation. But a new US-Canadian study Why Ivermectin works, and where to buy it, published in Nature Communications Biology, found that ivermectin is highly effective (>90%) in inhibiting the main enzyme (3CLpro) involved in the replication of SARS-CoV-2 and other RNA viruses ,,,
- Another study, submitted to the Journal of Structural Chemistry [7], found that ivermectin is binding to the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2 and thus may act as a generic antibody. This might explain why ivermectin appears to be highly effective even as a prophylaxis against SARS-CoV-2 infection.
- Nevertheless, many patients, and even doctors, continue to be denied access to low-cost and safe ivermectin, especially in Western countries. "

Checkout APPROVE IVERMECTIN NOW! It's safe, low cost and beats Covid

Telemedicine Consultation for COVID-19 Treatment or Prophylaxis (FLCCC)

Directory of Doctors Prescribing - Outpatient COVID-19 Therapy International and USA

Global ivermectin adoption for COVID-19: 29%

For fascinating background information (3 hour interview) on ivermectin prevention plus early treatment it is possible to end the Covid-19/variant pandemic, see COVID, Ivermectin and the Crime of the Century Jun 17 2021

An up-to-date discussion on the value of Ivermectin is instructive in this regard.
Ivermectin: Pros vs Cons. Dr. Luis Garegnani and Dr. Pierre Kory Debate The Issue Dr. Luis Garegnani from Argentina wrote an opinion piece on Ivermectin not having enough evidence behind it in a leading medical Journal. Dr. Pierre Kory of the FLCCC disagrees. Both doctors debate this issue with Dr. Erin Stair as the moderator.

The Biggest Crime Committed During Vaccine Heist Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola, Jun 30 2021
"While the list of crimes committed by authorities during the COVID-19 pandemic is a long one, perhaps the biggest crime of all is the purposeful suppression of safe and effective treatments, including ivermectin. This appears to have been done to protect the COVID “vaccine” program. The COVID shots were brought to market under emergency use authorization (EUA), which can only be obtained if there are no other safe and effective alternatives available."

The latest by Dr. Mercola The Deadly Censorship of Ivermectin Dr. Joseph Mercola, Jul 10 2021

15 Best Supplements to Reduce Cytokine Storm, a Severe Complication from COVID-19 (Updated July 2021), Jul 07 2021
"As of June 2021, there are still more than 3,000 clinical trials of COVID-19 treatments or vaccines that are either ongoing or recruiting patients. New ones are being added every day. The drugs or treatments being tested range from vaccines, repurposed flu treatments to failed Ebola drugs, to stem cell therapy, to malaria treatments that were first developed decades ago. - We know that while a large percentage of the population only experiences mild to moderate symptoms of COVID-19 and won’t require hospitalization, others experience severe symptoms and complications, require hospitalization, or may even die. - It appears one of the differences between those who have a mild illness and severe illness is related to the body's ability to reduce the hyperimmune response that leads to a cytokine storm and the hypercoagulability (tendency for blood clots) that often accompanies it. The cytokine storm may be one possible way to explain the severe reaction of those in hospitals. This may also explain why younger people and those with a healthy immune system and without preexisting health conditions tend to have an easier time. Their bodies may release lower levels of cytokines creating just enough inflammation for healing."

Africa study - scabies in which all residents got ivermectin, and seem to have benefited against Covid-19 from the ivermectin they had previously received.

cortcosteriods were used and is effective but needs high dosages.

FLCCC Alliance Statement on the Irregular Actions of Public Health Agencies and the Widespread Disinformation Campaign Against Ivermectin Claire Mock, May 14 2021
Curcumin nanosystems could be powerful COVID-19 therapeutics Dr. Liji Thomas, MDBy Dr. Liji Thomas, MD, Apr 16 2021 "With new variants of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) emerging, the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic is far from over. While the global vaccine rollout has moved at an impressive speed, the search for new safe, effective, and targeted therapies is still on. = Now, a new study in Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapy reviews the potential for curcum/curcumin/turmeric, a natural alkaloid derived from turmeric, and nanosystems to treat COVID-19."


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Please do your own research and make a truly informed decision as to whether or not to take vaccines in the coming months, even if mandated. The vaccines are currently under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) and ARE NOT MANDATORY[1]. They can be given only with your informed consent. If you choose to believe the manufacturers, the international health agencies (WHO, EMA), national (like CDC or FDA in the U.S.) and the social media regarding safety and efficacy, that is your decision and I respect that. My recommendation is to definitely not take any of the vaccines for Covid-19 or any of its variants, and definitely not give any vaccines to the children.

These vaccines were not developed to protect you from the virus. If you do not believe this, see the other articles on this site, and check out some of the links which are provided. Then, come to your own conclusion.


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*You don't need a lot of insects going in and not being able to come out until they die of starvation. Think of yourself as one of them.
as specified in this post as DPA (De-Population Agent)
as specified in this post as CDA (Centralized Directing Agency)


References   to top   
[1] Vaccine hesitancy may bend your career graph Rica Bhattacharyya updated: Jul 1 2021
[2] Number of Reported COVID Cases Among Fully Vaccinated Continues to Climb Megan Redshaw, the Defender, Jul 8 2021 "In the U.S., state and federal health officials report increasing numbers of COVID breakthrough cases, including hospitalizations and death." One cited news article:
"More than 7,500 COVID breakthrough cases reported in California - According to the San Francisco Examiner, more than 7,550 breakthrough cases have been reported through June 23 among fully vaccinated Californians. - Most cases were minor, but 62 people died from COVID, according to the California Department of Public Health. California’s public health agency reported 584 fully vaccinated people had been hospitalized with COVID infection, but hospitalization status wasn’t available for 46% of post-vaccination cases. - On July 7, state health officials reported 2,013 new infections among all Californians, including 24 deaths."

[3] [EDITOR: Always check for number of comments, and particularly the 3-4 star comments on sites like Amizon.] Really enjoyed this comment on an emergency food supply item]

3.0 out of 5 stars
Use at home while everything is working, not as emergency prep.
Reviewed in the United States on November 17, 2019
Well, there's a lot of food crammed into the bucket. But.
- Contains a variety of food types, which are varied enough to keep from getting boring.
- The foodstuffs are dried and have a long shelf life, and individually packaged so even opening the bucket doesn't ruin the rest of the food's longevity.
- There's enough food to last an individual for a good, long time, or a small family for a while.
- The buckets are handy both for secure, watertight storage for the food, and later for secure, watertight storage for other stuff once the food's gone. The buckets are an excellent choice. They also make good seats around a campfire. (These are essentially the same buckets as cat litter comes in, tall and square.)

- Biggest con: Everything is in one or two bags per food type, meaning 8-16 servings are in 1-2 bags. The smallest serving size per packet is 4, so in an actual emergency situation, you're either going to have to consume 4-8 servings at a sitting or you're going to have to figure out some sort of probably-nonexistent food preservation. This could be easily fixed by limiting serving sizes per packet to 2 and just including more packets. The biggest offender here is the cheese powder for the macaroni, which is all in one packet despite the macaroni being in two packets: you have to prepare either both the macaroni packets or hope the cheese powder doesn't get damp and be ruined before you want macaroni again (because even with one pack, it's going to last an individual for a couple of days, minimum).
- Flavor: Don't expect much. Actually, don't expect anything. Some brands of freeze-dried/dehydrated foods are delicious. This is not one of them. You will want, at minimum, some salt.
- Prep time: Every. Single. One. Of these involve some form of the phrase, "Add mix to X cups boiling water, then move to medium heat and stir frequently for Y minutes." Y is a minimum of 15 minutes. This is unrealistic under most survival situations, and there are far better options for emergency situations.
- Texture: Again, don't expect anything. I am reasonably sure the soups have a pretty much normal texture (I haven't tried them, but since everything I have tried has a soup texture, it's reasonable to assume that they can't screw up the texture of soup too much).

Overall takeaway:
- This will keep you alive. It will be horribly inconvenient to prepare in the field and worse still if you're by yourself and have to find a way to store unused portions for long periods. But, if you want to spend the money for a basis for family meals for a couple of weeks at a time, expecting to liven it up with your own herbs and spices in a non-emergency, your stove is working sort of situation, then this bucket is a steal and way cheaper than most alternatives. So, great for budget meal planning, crap for actual survival or outdoors situations.
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[4] COVID and Flu Jabs To Be Coadministered to Kids This Summer Dr. Joseph Mercola, Jul 9 2021
" The ACIP also warns providers about increased reactogenicity with the combined shot as they expect more adverse reactions. Data suggest that flu vaccines increase your risk of death from COVID-19
Parents should be aware of the risks of giving children a COVID-19 vaccine for several reasons: Children usually are asymptomatic or only experience mild symptoms; their ability to transmit the infection is limited; many have natural immunity after recovering from the illness; and vaccinating children to protect adult health has not been proven to be an effective disease control strategy "

"Analysis of data from 39 countries with more than one-half million inhabitants showed that those over 65 years old who had gotten a flu shot had an increased risk of death from COVID-19. An analysis published in May 2020 looked at European countries with the highest COVID-19 death rates and found those countries also had the highest rate of influenza vaccinations among the elderly."

"[For children]...the benefits are rare, the side effects are common, and the long-term effects are completely unknown. For example, Pfizer boasts a 100% efficacy rate in the 12-to-15 age group. In the video, Doshi explains this was based on less than 2% of the placebo group getting COVID-19, while none in the fully vaccinated group got sick. - As reported in The Defender,24 many of the side effects have been short-lived but, by June 11, 2021, there were 6,332 total adverse events in 12- to 17-year-olds, seven deaths and 271 events rated “serious.” - According to OpenVAERS25 one week later, data through June 18, 2021, showed 11,584 adverse events and nine deaths in the same age group. In one week, there were two more deaths and 5,252 more adverse events reported to OpenVAERS. - One of the reasons health experts give for vaccinating children, many of whom Doshi explains have natural immunity from a COVID-19 infection, is to benefit adults. This practice is sometimes called “cocooning” and has never been proven to be effective."

[5] If you are looking for a healthy dietary guideline, see Weston A. Dietary Guidelines
- For the Timeless Principles Of Healthy Traditional Diets
- Part 1
- Part 2
- If you are a vegetarian for dietary or moral reasons, for an in-depth look at essential nutrients that may be missing from a vegetarian/vegan diet, see Vegetarianism and Nutrient Deficiencies

[7] The Binding mechanism of Ivermectin and levosalbutamol with spike protein of SARS-CoV-2 Joyanta Kumar Saha, Md. Jahir Raihan, DOI: 10.21203/

[8] These ‘Inactive’ Ingredients in COVID Vaccines Could Trigger Allergic Reactions, Children's Health Defense Team, the Defender, Mar 12 2021 "Not only that, but vaccine makers have bundled these new primary ingredients with “inactive” excipients in unprecedented ways — polyethylene glycol (PEG) in the case of the mRNA vaccines and polysorbate 80 in the J&J shot. - PEGs and polysorbates are structurally similar and are also sometimes combined in a PEG-polysorbate 80 mixture that is “substantially the same as that of … pure PEG.” Pre-COVID, both compounds had already been flagged for their ability to cross-react and produce immediate hypersensitivity reactions, a type of “exaggerated or inappropriate” immune response that can include anaphylaxis."

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