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Pub: Jun 16 2021

Chronological Listing of All Covid Posts

OPINION by Globalcrisis.info

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Except for first line, message received.

Why am I the only one here who can see it?
Or are there others who see but do not reach out for any number of reasons?

In a totally top down system, the masses who do not directly supply the elite are nothing but a burden, to be dispensed with as chaff before the wind.

Those of us who accept the funds provided by what was once the caretaker system in a vibrant society, will be the first to go. It is no longer the safety net in a thriving society to help you get back on your feet so that you can again contribute and grow in making the system a better place. That society is gone. Can you not see that?

Do not take anything the current system hands you 'to help you'. You are marked every time you do. The handout of something to save you from a pathogen is not to save you but to dispense with you, if not immediately, then somewhere down the road when the next pathogen comes, or the old pathogen and its variants return, as the current pathogen will most likely do this Fall.

If you are given favors or money to keep silent of what you know, you will be some of the first to go once the top down system is in full operation, and is fully uncovered, and we are being told that this is the way it is. When that happens, there is nothing we can do to change it. When that time comes - and it will be within the next two years or even much sooner, it will indeed be too late. Every day, the dictates, the control increase, the permissibles diminish and the lines become harder and more unbreakable.

We are being lulled into continued submission by the semblance of return to normal, less restrictions, more money freely given, new means against what has caused us fear and death by a virus which in reality killed almost no one if we had used the readily available preventive measures which were constantly outlawed, spoken against, made unavailable - all to enable the use of an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), because there was 'no-viable-alternative' which could solve the problem.

Now is the time to sidestep the net that is being lowered over us. There are any number of ways to do this, but it takes people who care about each other, who support each other, who realize that as long as each of us are able, we can contribute and can exchange, either in goods and services, or through a small community made currency which is distributed based on ability or need with the assent of each member.

A certain amount will be put at the disposal of an elected-for-short-terms-council which will distribute funds for community efforts, new initiatives, and community facilities for care and sustenance.

Initially, each individual will be allotted a certain amount, with funds allotted to those who want to develop new .ideas which will help the community or generate new income. There will be funds allotted to those who cannot contribute for a number of reasons, or exchange or produce.

It is as if we are starting from ground zero, when in the past we had so much. The past is where it should be - and we can only survive in a new cooperation with each other.

You may think that this is simplistic. It is. But it is the only way we can escape the talons of the system which is trying to lesson its burden by getting rid of us.

Many of us will die or be injured by the machinations ... and the medicines dispensed by this new top down structure. And we must help and care for those who will lose loved ones, or are in pain or limited in some way by what was accepted in innocence in the past.

There are many plans out there which are far more worked out and detailed than this, and can give guidance.

Can we win against the new top down system? To the degree we can separate ourselves from that system, the answer is yes. If we cannot, we are doomed. I don't know how else to put it.

In the future, no matter what that system, or nature itself, places on us, the degree to which we depend on that old/new top down system for its medicines, its methods of protection, and its handouts, the more we will be culled - it really is that simple


The above information is not medical advice.
I am not a medical doctor or other medical professional.

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