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OPINION - published April 6 2021 - updated 11 May 2021

Oh God, Help Us

URGENT! 5 Doctors Agree that COVID-19 Injections are Bioweapons

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If you or a loved one has taken the shot see here for what you can do as prevention and treatment by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny 48:00 to 56:00 (8 minutes), and also at Globalcrisis Home Prevention and Treatment Covid-19 and Variants

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- ALERT - Pfizer's Instructions To Its Trial Subjects
- Fully Informed Consent?
- The Current Genocide
- What Happens When There Is Noncompliance?
- We Have Been Constantly Warned
- It Would Appear That The World (received)

ALERT - Pfizer's Instructions To Its Trial Subjects
The reason for posting the above video again:
I have just heard of Pfizer's instructions to its Phase I, II, III trial participants of the possibility of transmission of the vaccine (called shedding) from a vaccinated person to people who are not vaccinated
see that video here

Fully Informed Consent?
That evening, I was sitting in a neighborhood cafe behind a young couple - each showing the other where they had just gotten the covid shot on their upper arm. Internally, I wept for them, because from what I had heard about the effect of the mRNA on syncetin-1, there was now the possibility that she would be unable to have a child, and also the possibility that both of them might have some reaction (vaccine injury) in the future which could be a chronic lifetime injury, or even death of one or both of them due to ADE when they would be faced with a new wave of the virus or its variants in the future, components of which both of them were probably unaware.

The Current Genocide
In the past, management of the population was done through war, famine, genocide, and natural pestilence.
What Was the Deadliest War in History? World War 2 & Sino-Chinese War, 1939-1945 (85 million deaths) considered to be the deadliest war of all time.

The present attempt at population control far outstrips all previous forms in its perversity, its planning, its worldwide coverage, and its fulfillment against a naive population.

But, the eugenicists and the conquerors of the modern era have a less messy and far quicker way to do it - through fear of a pathogen which by itself basically kills nobody - especially themselves, and a remediation tool which everyone wants such as a syringe filled with time release ingredients which can help cover their tracks, backed up with a compliant public media system to constantly support public opinion through concepts such as herd immunity, doing it to save the elderly, and the asymptomatic threat of the children, while at the same time targeting (providing free vaccines up front) to those populations which would be the most vulnerable to the negative effects of the vaccine (ADE, anaphylaxis, infertility, and blood clotting), along with other molecules basically making the vaccine a computer operating inside the body.

What Happens When There Is Noncompliance?
But what happens when a part of the population to be reduced is not compliant? For instance, in the United States, President Joe Biden knows we are in the low part of the annual curve, that the current vaccine is increasingly being shown as being ineffective against the more pathogenic variants, that currently more people are being injured or dying by the vaccine than from the virus, that herd immunity has probably already been reached, that the vaccine cannot legally be mandated since it is only EUO (emergency use only) and not approved by the FDA, that there is tremendous pushback against the idea of vaccinating the very young. In spite of all this, he has mounted a rushed campaign to finish the job of vaccinating America much earlier than previously stated. To do this there is even the intent to provide refrigerated trucks to transport the mRNA vaccines in a door-to-door enforcement - all without firing a shot - because that's murder which is instantaneous, and tips your hand.

I don't know how to put it so that everyone will listen. They are trying to kill most of us. Why? We really do not know - we've heard what was mandated by the PM of Canada, the open proclamations of a certain philanthropist, the open publications and speeches by the head of the Great Reset, and we have watched what is happening in China. But, we still do not know who is really pulling the strings.

We Have Been Constantly Warned
Professor of Molecular Genetics issues ‘chilling warning’ on Covid mRNA vaccines… Posted by Kane on Apr 24 2021

COVID Shots to “Decimate World Population,” Warns Dr. Bhakdi, New American Alex Newman, Apr 16 2021
Also at
German Microbiologist: “They are Killing People with these COVID Vaccines” to Reduce the World’s Population with Alex Newman, Apr 21 2021

You can download for free the English chapter of his new book 'Corona Unmasked' by Dr. Karina Reiss & Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi at download


It Would Appear That The World
It would appear that the world is in a contracting phase of some set of cycles none of which can be fully devined. We are entering into a very dark shadow in which humanity is basically erasing itself from the face of the earth in favor of a robotized existence with a transhumanist co-operator - one which must mirror the deficit of life force of the other in order to survive - a twin which somehow must demonstrate a mutual paternity. and in its self inflicted destruction, remove not only the brilliance of humanity's past, but obliterate the knowledge of it, thus givng no clue to what has been lost.

There is only one hope, that there will be sufficient numbers who are not injected with the serum containing the chemicals, the nanoparticles which have changed the biology and with it the mental constitution - effectively wiping humanity from the face of the earth.

There will be those who will remember, who can create, who can reproduce humankind so that once again, in the far future, we can recreate the greatest of God's creations.

They will try to obliterate us, but what we have is our oneness, our uniqueness, our difference, our memory of the past, and who we are, as part of God.

But, to survive, we must know ourselves, who we are, so that we can know we are not alone, that there is hope, that the flame is still there - that we can see it, if only in our mind's eye.

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