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Oh אלוהים Oh God, they will be killing their own children

You may think I'm crazy. Fine. But I am here to warn you.

Few warnings which have been given in the past have had much effect. But this is a warning of a disaster facing humanity which is greater than anything we have faced in the past.

There is an immediate threat which faces all of us. Can no one see what is happening with Covid-19?
Some of the finest people on the planet have tried to warn us about this threat, and the majority do not see it, will not listen, or even question that the threat exists. Because of censoring and vilification, it is almost impossible to make an informed decision. It's unbelievable.

There is a small group of individuals bent on reducing the world population of all those they think are a burden on the planet's ecological system, or simply those who are inferior to themselves for any number of reasons. They want to do this very rapidly so that it will happen before most of us realize what is going on. And, they are doing this using fear of a new virus, an increase of monitoring towards total worldwide control of the population, and delivering the means of depopulation through a new vaccine for which there has been no true safety testing. But, you say, they've developed an amazing new mRNA vaccine which has very high efficacy and tested it on thousands of people and nothing unusual has happened. And then you say - I am afraid of this virus, and I want to save myself and my children and others I love.

In previous animal trials with the mRNA vaccine (for SARS and MERS for instance), all or most of the animals were gravely compromised or died, which is one of the reasons this type of vaccine has not come to market until now. The cause of the animals' death is known - what is now called Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE), but how to avoid it has not been resolved. Using this vaccine, they went straight to Phase I and II human trials with the true results not divulged. And now, the request for emergency use has been made during a period in which very few people have contacted the virus and are sickened.

The vaccine is currently backed by some of the people highly trusted in political, social and corporate spheres - public and private agencies, governments. and millions of individuals are going along with it because they agree without knowing the full details, are swept up in the frenzy of protecting the population , profit from it, are following the leader, or for other more personal reasons.

Two companies which have absolutely no legal liability for what they are producing, have manufactured a vaccine which has not been truly safety tested, which they have somehow gotten the FDA, the agency which should protect its people, and by extension the world, into granting emergency use of what can possibly cause massive injury or death to us and to our children. This negative result can happen almost immediately, or after months, or even years when we are finally infected by the virus, a variant, or even possibly another pathogen.

You may be protected if you have already had the virus which develops its own probably longer term immunity, or you may have a gene which can protect you, or your adaptive immune system is strong enough to immobilize this and similar viruses, or you are free of all of the comorbidities which could cause you to be highly susceptible to this disease. So some are 'safe', but the rest of us are not so lucky.

One day we will find a solution to the ADE problem, and ways to mitigate the cytokine storm which results from the body overreacting to a virus when infected after having been vaccinated. But this will take a while and in the mean time, the rest of us must not take the first or second shot, or take a booster of any kind, and in particular, we must not let them vaccinate our children.

We may be facing a new type of genocide, and a majority of the planet is not even aware of it.

From the very beginning It appeared that something very wrong was going on. I knew that I would never take this vaccine - even though I have not taken a vaccine for some 30 years except for a rabies shot when severely bitten by an outdoor cat. And I am in one of the top categories that has been determined to be at risk of dying from SARS-CoV-2 - I'm 85.

But most people cannot believe that something is going on. Everyone has heard that there is a possibility that we are being lied to, there is a possibility that the vaccine can cause injuries and even death. But most cannot believe that something so terrible, so evil is going on.

The regimes of Mao, Stalin, Hitler, all of which were supported by millions, killed millions of their own people. This is not ancient history. There is evil in the world, and it reigns when people do not believe that it exists, or turn a blind eye to the truth, or do nothing to stop it until it is too late. The too late can be as early as this week. as more people go to get their shot for the first time, or the second shot, or a booster which instead of the mRNA could itself contain the virus which could kill if you are compromised in any way, or might contain elements which can sterilize you.

We must expose these people for what they are. We must take back control of our own lives, and divest, vote out, replace, remove, refuse to deal with or buy from in the private sphere. And, impeach, expel, recall , or similar procedures in other democratic countries, those who are in the public sphere.


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J. Morgan Thomas

Founder of

Born Dallas Texas 1935

Yale University Class of '57 BA History
One year Harvard Divinity School - Harvard University's nonsectarian school of theology and religious studies
One year The University of California Hastings College of Law
University of Southern California MA, PhD Sociology and Demography

Taught classes in sociology:
2 years full time California State University Fullerton, Department of Sociology
1 year part time external classes in sociology UCLA, USC
2 years Fulbright Fellowship, University of Zambia, Department of Sociology
Part time classes University of Tel Aviv in computer science until advised of Western Wall incident (see below).

Came to Israel in 1979
Citizen of Israel through marriage in Cyprus

Western Wall incident shortly after coming to Israel circa 1980
After teaching at the University of Zambia, I came to Israel on a 2-3 day layover to visit a friend. I had not intended to stay, but a series of coincidences changed that, and a short time later, I met my wife, and have been here for the last 45 years. When I first came, I started receiving communications from above which I carefully wrote down during many months. At one point I was instructed to go to Jerusalem and visit the Western Wall where I was to gather a group of highly religious men around me, and disrobe. I had not completed the instruction when I was arrested, and spent the night in a small jail within the old city. The next day, I was released on my own recognizance. A court date was set and I drove back to Jerusalem on the appointed day. The young officer who had arrested me had come to testify on his day off, bringing his young son with him. I told him that I was sorry he had come on his day off, and the trial commenced, but was very short with his testimony and my reason for the incident. The trial ended with the judge saying basically that this type of thing happened sometimes to new arrivals in Israel, and was released without a punitive sentence (details available through Jerusalem court records) I drove back home, but over the next years, I was released from the Army after having completed basic training, lost my computing job at the research unit of a technical school, and my part time teaching position at the university.

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