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Oh אלוהים Oh God, they will be killing their own children

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DRAFT Updated: Apr 13 2021


Very important preface

Whether or not you agree with me, there is one hope that I want to convey. It is very important that we not vaccinate our children.

Even if what I say below is NOT true, very few youth or children or babies are effected by the virus. They are not a danger to the rest of us, and whether or not you agree, it has come to be generally accepted that the children are not asymptomatic carriers who can infect others. However, if what I say IS TRUE, 3 problems revealed in previous mRNA animal trials have not been solved - in which the test animals were grievously harmed or died. This is attested to by both Moderna and Pfizer in their FDA application for Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). We may be setting our children up for grievous injury and possibly death far exceeding anything we have seen in the past.

For the sake of humanity, please do not let them vaccinate our children, even if the mRNA vaccines become mandated.

I have not included any references here, except to the former VP of Pfizer who believes basically what I outline below, but with more experience, knowledge and authority. The reason I have not included others is I do not want to implicate anyone else in what I have to say, which is my own opinion based on all the research I have done over the last year.

This is a draft. There are a number of repeats of information. Please just read through them to access new material.
End preface


The next sentences will seem so far removed from reality that you might decide to just close the page and never return. But stick with me and I will explain.

The mRNA vaccines of Moderna and Pfizer were never meant to solve the Covid-19 crisis, or stop you from getting the virus, or stop the spread of the virus. because, in fact, they do neither. This is what vaccines are usually designed to do. But in the case of the mRNA vaccines, this does not appear to be important.
The short answer is - the vaccines were not meant to save lives during the pandemic, they were meant to kill off all those who are considered to be marginal in the society and those most vulnerable to the vaccine, in a world being reduced in population from 7.8 billion to 1 billion as stated a number of times during the last year by Bill Gates. The question is who will this include. It would seem to be answered by the current rollout - the poor, certain minorities, immigrants, prisoners, refugees, religious minorities (could Israel face a second Holocaust supported by its own leaders?), those who are young and reproductive - having brought the world to its current crisis of overpopulation, the homeless, the frail elderly

all those now being targeted as the ones receiving priority for a scarce resource because they are most in need, and also the most vulnerable to any side effects of vaccines which have not been safety tested.

What are the indications that this is true?

  • One of the major reasons is that the mRNA fast track vaccines are backed by eugenicists or have key individuals in their organizations who have worked for eugenics organizations in the past. Basically, eugenicists believe that there are too many people in the world, or certain groups of people who do not meet certain preferred standards.
  • The second reason is related to the problems encountered in previous research with animals during the MERS and SARS virus pandemics in which they had a very high number of antibodies following mRNA vaccination. However, when the animals were infected with the real virus, they became severely sick and many of them died. This may be occurring already but the data is not being presented and is covered up by our health departments, or in one instance as estimated by U.S. CDC itself that probably only 1% of the occurrences (including death) are reported, so that we just do not have the data.

  • Also mentioned but not resolved are the anaphylactic shock problem caused by a stabilizer in the vaccine, and an infertility problem due to one of its ingredients which may cause difficulty in becoming pregnant, or cause spontaneous abortion. Most important, they know that there is a possibility that we will face a similar situation involving what is now called antibody dependent enhancement (ADE) when we are again visited by this virus or one of its variants.
  • This problem has not been solved as indicated by Moderna and Pfizer (see drop down buttons below) in their applications to the FDA, and accepted by the FDA as not relevant to Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).
  • It is necessity to keep the fear level high to get people to take the vaccination even when it becomes clear that the pandemic is basically over.
  • The wide spread censorship and demonization of anyone asking questions, or refusing to take the shot even though under Emergency Use Authorization the shot cannot be mandatory.
  • The fact that the vaccine appears to have a very short period in which the immunity is effective, requiring boosters in the near future, which Moderna is already producing even before it is known which variant will be in circulation in the future.
  • The large sums of money put into research in eugenics, rapid distribution of vaccines in the future by nonprofessionals, using multi-needle applications which can be easily applied subdermally, with or without consent.
  • The stated intent to vaccinated the young in the near future - all under 16 including new born babies when these populations are known not to be of any substantial risk from the virus, and being done under the guise of being necessary to reach herd immunity.
  • The fact that the paper you sign is not informed consent because you are not informed of the possible negative consequences, or it is presented in such a manner that almost nobody knows what they are signing, or they are signing under a large number of social factors but mainly peer and situation pressure.
  • The indication is that there are different batches of vaccines with slight changes (for any number of reasons) for different populations, different countries, etc.
  • The fact that Phase I and II trials excluded women who were pregnant. With many vaccines, those who are pregnant or lactating are advised against receiving a particular vaccine. Generally, only the healthy were accepted for these early trials.
  • The request by Pfizer and Moderna from the FDA for Emergency Use Authorization even before completion of Phase III trials.
  • Changes in the rules and definitions of reasons given for causes of death, use of a testing instrument which was never meant to be used for general testing purposes, number of cycles used in determining infection. and whether or not the fragment is alive or dead, all in order to keep the number of deaths and then cases high in order to maintain the fear.
  • Research on the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) database indicates less than 1% of all injuries and even underreporting of deaths to a database. There are too many factors mitigating against reporting, including too much trouble when you are suffering, the time and staff needed to report, and the fact that many doctors do not even know about the database.
  • The lack of supply to possibly keep the tension and the demand high.
  • Shipping vaccines to other countries when there is supposed to be a shortage of vaccines to vaccinate own citizens.
  • The censoring of information, the attacking and discrediting of individuals who are attempting to warn us. Its like book burning in past ages to keep the population from learning the truth.

We see it now, but in the heat of the moment, we lose perspective and get caught up in the dissemination of fear, and control.
You might say that all of these can be explained under the large number of deaths, the fear, the demand, the lack of sufficient supply, no indication of deaths, infertility, cases of Covid-19 infection to those already vaccinated, etc.

In other words, there is no good reason for the production and basically 'forced' vaccination of the world using these mRNA vaccines. None, except for the demand of people who are afraid of the virus, and believe that cases, and the prospect of variants, and the pressures from others, and not the deaths, are the new justification for continuing a vaccination campaign which in any other context would be discredited.

Be very careful, you may think that you are exempt, even if you are not in one of these groups. Remember the writing
" First they came for the ..., and I did not speak out—
   Because I was not a ....
Then they came for the ..., and I did not speak out—
   Because I was not a ....
Then they came for the ..., and I did not speak out—
   Because I was not a ....
Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me."
original by Martin Niemöller after the Holocaust

If you have gotten this far, the question becomes 'What is important now'. All those who have not taken the shots, refuse to take them - even under mandatory law when the FDA finally approves these two vaccines - and especially do not let them vaccinate our children. Once you grasp this fact, everything that is happening will have a different significance from our present take on the situation, and all the pieces will start to fall into place. Do not be in a position in the future where you are saying 'I wish I had listened'.

The possibility that you will contract the virus at the present time is next to zero, even if you have all the comorbidities which have been shown to cause more severe cases, treatment in ICU and deaths. Resist the pressure from your officials and your neighbors to get the vaccine to protect the elderly, the children, the individual who is screaming at you. Listen to those who have been shown to evaluate the data correctly, and not those who are ramping up the fear.

The time frame is very short, Israel is poised to be the first country in the world to be fully vaccinated, including its youth and its children. That could happen in the next 4-5 months, or in the U.S. with Biden's demand' that every state complete its vaccination program, with or without FDA approval, but continuing inclusion of lower and lower age ranges under Emergency Use Authorization. Once these are accomplished, we then sit and wait for the next true wave of the Corona virus to hit, and almost surely with massive horrendous results.

Save yourself - do not take the mRNA vaccines regardless of the social pressures on you, or because of the restriction of access to major parts of your life, or because of your fear. I will tell you why. And if you have already taken the mRNA vaccine, you can save your children or other members of your family who have not yet done so. Also, for you there is some light at the end of this page, and more to come.

Even if you do not believe this could happen, at least say 'No' to vaccinating the children. This is the primary objective - Once you have the kids, who are not asymptomatic carriers, are not affected by the virus except in what would be called rare cases, ..., ... and ... they are the future, a future which they cannot control. So, whatever else you do, protect the children. There is absolutely no reason to vaccinate them aside from control. You are not saving lives that do not need to be saved in this instance - you are setting them up for grievous injury and possible death.

There is a lot we can do together to stop this from happening, because in the future the possibility of reclaiming freedom will be closed - it does not fit the new world order which is a total authoritarian state worldwide where every movement, every word, every contact with others will be monitored and controlled by an ever present monitoring system worldwide - you will think you are free but you wil be totally controlled.

Listen very carefully to a former VP and chief Science officer of Pfizer. He knows what he is talking about and is not constrained by political, or financial or other constraints. Exclusive: Former Pfizer VP to AFLDS: ‘Entirely possible this will be used for massive-scale depopulation’ reported by Mordechai Sones, Mar 25 2021 "America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) spoke to former Pfizer Vice President and Chief Science Officer Dr. Mike Yeadon about his views on the COVID-19 vaccine, hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, the regulatory authorities, and more." on website America's Frontline Doctors

Let me repeat:
What you don't seem to appreciate is that the mRNA vaccine was never meant to help reduce the threat or protect us from the Covid-19 virus or its variants. It is meant to eliminate a wide swath of the world's population. Earlier attempts to develop this mRNA vaccine ended in severe injury or death to test animals in trials for the SARS and MERS pandemics, such as the 2005 ferret experiment. This problem was never solved, as attested to in the application for emergency use authorization (EUA) by the companies Moderna and Pfizer/BioNTech. The same or similar vaccine has now been authorized for emergency use, and applied to more and more segments of the population under the proclaimed assertion to vaccinate the entire world (every man, woman and child) in order to get back to normal.

A constant state of fear has been generated by those in control in order to facilitate this roll out. It is part of Bill Gates' and others stated objective (which he has openly repeated again and again) to reduce the population of the world from 7.8 billion to 1 billion or less in order to save the earth from overpopulation and ecological disaster. A genocide of monumental proportions. Apparently, the idea is to rid the earth of all those who are the undesirable - those who 'should' be the most prone to die from the effects of being faced by the virus when it re-emerges. If you think that this could never happen, that something like this could not be true, you are possibly submitting yourself and some of those you love to an early or chronic-illness filled death. There was a reason we were not presented with the real data of the Phase I and II trials of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. And the authorization has been granted before the end of the Phase III trial. What you may not realize is that a large portion of the industrial world and major media are on board with this agenda - each for their own reasons, or in some cases, because they themselves do not believe that it is true.

The fact that massive deaths and injuries have not happened so far, with so many people vaccinated, is that the rollout is taking place now when the peak wave of the virus has passed, and we are not facing the 'wild' virus which will confront us within the next couple of months when the next wave of the virus is again circulating. It is estimated that the injury and death toll is already fairly high, but is being covered up as having nothing to do with the vaccine, as normal for those who are still being effected by the virus, or totally coincidenal and having no connection with the vaccination of the individual.

Please, if you still cannot believe that something like this could happen, look up the 'Great Reset' on the internet. Ask around. There are members of your community who see what is happening, but may be afraid to speak out, or to buck the tide of those who think that those who are not getting vaccinated are baby or grandparent killers because they are not helping create herd immunity. In a true epidemic with a truly effective vaccine, it could be argued that this might be true, but in this case, the vaccines themselves are setting up the vulnerable population to a fate similar to what happened to the test animals in earlier pandemics, when the vaccine was found to be highly effective with high antibodies (as the current vaccines have shown) which would seemingly protect against the virus when exposed, but, in these experiments, when the animals were exposed, something very unexpected happened. there was a cascade of exaggerated immune responses causing a massive attack on its own tissue in what is called a cytokine storm and the animals died or were severely injured. This effect has many names, but is now generally called immunity enhancement or antibody dependent enhancement (ADE).

THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO REASON There is absolutely no reason to take the vaccine - particularly a vaccine which normally takes 5 to10 years to prove its safety. There is no proof of safety with the two mRNA vaccines currently circulating. The Biden administration seems to be generally on board with what is happening, and the FDA has given its authorization for emergency use, but not final approval. This is particularly true of the new experimental mRNA vaccines of Moderna and Pfizer which when previously developed for the SARS and MERS epidemics, caused severe illness and death of the test animals. This problem has not be solved as evidenced by the FDA in relation to applications for fast track EUA (emergency use authorization).

They know that there is a possibility that we will face a similar situation involving ADE when we are again visited by this virus or one of the variants, and that this will only happen to those who are vaccinated.

The reason for the death of the animals, which is the reason that mRNA vaccines have not come to market before this, is what is now called ADE (Antibody Dependent Enhancement or immunity enhancement) in which the body raises an attack against itself, causing a cytokine storm which can kill the individual. This problem has not been solved as of the rollout of the current mRNA vaccines or for that matter, for any other mRNA vaccine in the near future. The fact that the vaccines do not work - do not protect against getting Covid-19, and does not stop transmission of the virus to others is immaterial to the manufactures or those in charge of the Great Reset.

Secondly, even if a vaccine did provide some protection, you don't need it. If you are reasonably healthy, getting the disease will normally give you long lasting immunity, while an artificial mRNA vaccine gives short term immunity requiring a booster in six months, and will possibly set you up for devastating consequences when the next wave of the disease or a new variant comes along, when it is said the immunity provided by the vaccine has faded. No, It is because the vaccine which has set the body up to react to the virus has faded and is no longer sufficient to cause a cytokine storm, so it must be boosted in order to cause massive damage to every organ of the body when confronted with the virus or a variant in the near future.

It has been shown that almost all vaccines which have been proven useful in the past because it reduced the incidence of the disease, were provided after a pandemic had already reached its peak and was receding, causing those who produced the vaccine and the health department to say "See? The vaccine worked to reduce the epidemic/pandemic." The flu vaccine which is given each year has very little to do with the rate of mortality - as in years where the vaccine does not match when there is little change in the mortality rate. The changes in the rate of mortality has to do with the flu strain itself.

Most importantly, why do the vaccine makers and their funders want the vaccine to be rolled out as fast as possible? - to hopefully cover the world (100% except for the few at the top)? Because when the next wave of the disease comes, if the rollout has taken too long or there are too many resisters, than the plan will become clear and the goal will not be attained.

I can provide links to research which back up every point above.

You have been led into this by fear. It is best to deal with your fear, and come out of this continuing pandemic alive.

It may be asked, is there the possibility that given any of the following: too many resisters and antivaxxers, or the rollout is taking longer than planned, or the truth is finally out, that those orchestrating this will bring in a new and possibly more infectious or virulent disease to frighten us into taking the vaccines. Yes, it may get very frightening, but know that there will always be ways to save yourself and those you love other than through the use of a non-safety tested, fast tracked mRNA vaccine.

ONE THING TO KEEP IN MIND Keep in mind that during the black death in Europe, the bacteria (not a virus as now) swept over all of Europe - very few were not in its path, and yet half of the population survived. What gave them the edge? For one reason or another, their immune system protected them. In some cases it may have been immunity developed because of another disease earlier in life, or because of genetics and the innate immune system, or the adaptive immune system because they provided themselves with the basic nutrients which allowed the body and the immune system to fight against the bacteria (or virus) and survive with a milder form of the disease or actually be resistant to the pathogen. Do yourself a favor - find out what you are lacking in terms of nutrients (vitamins, minerals, supplements) and improve your adaptive immunity - starting now - not sometime in the future. There are many experts (free) online who can help in this.

There has been a lot of coverage of the following: hydroxychloroquine, zinc, ivermectin, selenium, azithromycin, melatonin N-acetyl cysteine (NAC), vitamin C, vitamin D which have been used in the initial phases of Covid-19 problems, and reduce ICU visits in the treatment of Covid-19. But what are the possibilities of improving the immune system so that the body can handle the virus, and perhaps even ADE?

And then there are a number of signs that you are deficient in a certain nutrient. Check this out by searching for:
What are the benefits of (name of vitamin, mineral, or supplement)
What vitamin/mineral deficiency causes (name symptom, condition, or disease)
What are symptoms of deficiency in (name of vitamin, mineral, or supplement)

There are a number of spices or herbs which improve or maintain an immune system which can help you survive. This is true whether you have taken the vaccine or not: turmeric/curcumin, coconut oil, ginger, clove, cinnamon, garlic, aloe vera, green tea... which are all against inflammation in the body, even if you don't feel the inflammation.

If the internet goes down, go to a book store (if they will let you in without a pass) and get a book on vitamins and minerals, or form an online group or meet for real, where each individual is tasked with one or two vitamins or conditions to research and report on.

Below are some links which may be helpful

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Turmeric or curcumin - keeps Indians healthy in some of the worse conditions in the world. I use [curcumin] on just about anything - has a very mild taste - except for [a sprinkle of the black pepper which helps the body absorb it]. I use at least 2 heaping teaspoons a day but you can start with less. The other way is with pills - but they must be liquid gel pills or it is very difficult to get down. Quick Start Guide Turmeric GreenMedInfo look at the curcumin tea, and using it in a blender

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Coconut Oil 20 Coconut Oil Benefits for Your Brain, Heart, Joints + More! Dr. Josh Axe, DC, DMN, CNS, Apr 24 2019

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