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Preparation and Response To Disaster, Emergency, Terriorism:

  • NEW All Emergencies Page
                  Emergency information central: Provides links to many emergency, information sources
  • NEW Peace Agreement Negotiation Failures Principles & Checklist
                  Factors affecting the process plus negotiation checklist.
  • Checklist For Overall Planning (planning for success)
                  Relevant to any critical field operation as well as for group organization or for creating systems or products
                  for clients. The terminology may be different but the conceptual framework is relevant to each of these fields
                  and other instances in which some control is exercised over the outcome of events whether it is on the individual
                  or group level. Emphasizing the value of independent initiative in operation continuity and problem solving.
  • Crisis Response Paradigm
                  Development of a basic emergency, terrorism, accident, natural disaster or catastrophe contingency response
                  system towards planning capability, preparedness, security enhancement, effect reduction, and mission
                  completion. Highlights major segments of the system, some of which are often minimized or overlooked, and
                  identifies major issues without fully outlining each segment.
  • Conflict Assumptions-Achieving Security
                  On Achieving Security, Assessment of Possible Strategies, Factors Leading To Escalation,
                  Thoughts On De-escalation
  • Response to Terrorism
                  A basis for assessing the correct response to terrorist attacks - an attempt to provide a basis for developing
                  a long term strategic response to terror within a framework allowing for a calculated and informed response to
                   the basis of the terrorist action and not just to the individual acts of terror themselves.

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