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Cook Food, Make Water Safe To Drink, and Sterilize Instruments among other uses.
Using the sun for cooking and water pasteurization has come of age. With new designs, experience, the ability to make your own, lower prices for manufactured units, the need to reduce the carbon footprint, save the forests, cooking where fuel not readily available, reduce electric and fuel costs, it is being increasing used worldwide.

Advantages: It is something you can easily make which really works - saves fuel, doesn't burn your food, even makes your food taste better, no stirring, lots of great recipes, and depending on type of cooker and time of day as fast as any stove (microwave? Well, that's another story).

  • Projects In Water Disinfection
  • Related information - Boiling Temps, etc.
  • Solar Cooking Forums, Reviews
  • Personal experiences, accounts of use
  • Experts Worldwide
  • Resolutions of Solar Cooker conferences and seminars
  • Solar Cooking News

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    Videos are in English, French and Spanish (click picture twice to play; click title to enlarge and go to Youtube)

    Solar Cooker

    Baking bread,
    eggplant parmesan,
    baking potatoes
    in solar oven

    Solar Cooker
    Workshop in

    Cuisson Solaire

    Four Solaire
    et Cuiseur Solaire

    Cocina Solar

    Cocina Solar

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    General Description of Solar Cooking

  • CooKit from Wikipedia Description of solar cooker developed by Introduction to solar cooking by Wikia In 25 languages. In particular, Heat Principles, Materials Requirements, Design and Proportion, Solar Box Cooker Operation, and Cultural Factors Principles of Design
  • Best description of solar cooking Types: Box cookers, Panel cookers, Solar kettles, Parabolic cookers, Hybrid cookers, Using a solar cooker: Advantages, Disadvantages, Solar cooking projects: Bakeries in Lesotho, Darfur refugee camps, Indian solar cooker village
  • Solar Cooking and Health One of the best descriptions found. Covers overcoming barriers to acceptance, practicality, benefits to health, FAQs, and description of basic cookers 
  • Solar lifeline saves Darfur women
    Story Highlights: Violence in Darfur has left more than 200,000 dead and 2.5 million displaced
    Solar cookers in refugee camp reduce the need for firewood by up to 75 percent
    Fewer trips outside leaves women less prone to beatings, rape and murder
    Accompanying cottage industries provide entrepreneurial opportunity" 
  • 利用太阳能加工食品
  • Types and how they work
  • Cocina solar
  • Solar Cooking in Somalia
  • Cozinhando com o Sol
  • 联合国服务全球--可持续发展
  • Cookit in Arabic

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    A few of the many manufacturing organizations
  • Solar Oven Society produces the SPORT Solar Oven. A not-for-profit organization. Your purchase offsets cost of sending overseas where use dramatically reduces the use of wood for cooking. One report - bread baked in 35 minutes. Easy to use, Weather resistant, light (10 lbs), uses free sun for all your cooking. "Designed by solar engineers to be used in sun rich but fuel poor areas in the world to improve the quality of life and nutrition of some of the 2.4 billion people who lack adequate cooking fuel, the Sport is also captivating U.S. consumers. Constructed of post-consumer recycled plastic pop bottles, aluminum and state of the art insulation, it is efficient, environmentally friendly, cost effective and fun to use." Details of groups which have funded distributions in developing countries.
  • EarthEasy Tulsi-Hybrid solar cooker Sun Ovens Energy-efficient appliances
  • Producer of Hotpot Energֳ­a y Biodiversidad:Olla Solar Can purchase Hotpot here Solar Household Energy (SHE), a 501(c)(3) not-for profit corporation.
  • Vietnam Solar Serve, Phục Vụ Năng Lượng Mặt Trời Việt Nam English and Vietnamese. The aim is to provide teaching and training through workshops, home visits and group meetings. Up-to-date news. Own designed box cooker, parabolic cookers, solar still (as of 12 Oct 08 still researching device) . Mobile: 0919 511552 E-mail: solarserve@yahoo
  • Extensive list of Manufacturers and vendors wiki by Solar Cookers International

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    Making your own solar cooker
  • Solar Cooker Plans by Gives instructions in a number of languages.
    Includes: Photos, materials needed, instructions, tips, variations. The simplicity of some
    of these designs is amazing. See Windshield Shield Shade Solar Cooker or Bamboo Solar Cooker
  • Parabolic cooker Five pages - sections include: Advantages of cooking with solar energy, Average cooking temperatures, How to build one yourself, Mathematics behind the parabola shape.
  • How To Make A Solar Cooker
  • Make a compound parabolic solar cooker
  • Categoría:Planos para la construcción de cocinas solares "Las siguientes 20 páginas pertenecen a esta categoría, de un total de 20"
  • Build your very own solar water distiller
  • Detailed instructions on building a solar cooker Photos and description for each step.
  • Suntastic Panel Cooker - Construction Plan
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    Where to donate funds to help distribute where most needed
  • Rotarians Village Oven Project "The Temple Solar Project finances, purchases, delivers and sets in operation large baking and cooking sun ovens in world-wide locations where natural fuels are depleted and populations are undernourished. The large Villager Sun Ovens are the basis for self-supporting community bakeries to replace outdated and environmentally harmful methods of cooking and to provide new, healthy means for feeding the citizens in deprived areas of underdeveloped nations."
  • Solar Cookers International SCI is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with headquarters in Sacramento, California, USA and an office in Nairobi, Kenya. "SCI has enabled 30,000 families in Africa to cook with the sun's energy, freeing women and children from the burdens of gathering firewood and carrying it for miles. Tens of thousands of individuals and organizations from all over the world have learned about solar cooking through excellent publications and education resources, and have benefited from information exchange networks, research, technical support, and the SCI-sponsored, internationally recognized Internet resource for solar cooking information: the Solar Cooking Archive."
  • Simple sun-cooker takes off as a way to help Darfuris Grass-roots giving for the solar cooker, donated to women who fled Darfur, takes root in the US. "Once the solar cooker project proved to be feasible, fundraising efforts spread to purchase the cookers, build manufacturing facilities on-site in neighboring Chad, and teach women to assemble them." Jewish World Watch Solar Cooker Project
  • Sun Fire Cooking Distribution of butterfly solar cooker in Somalia

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    Water Pastueurization

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    Projects In Water Disinfection

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    Related information
    • Boiling point of water at sea level is 100 degrees centigrade or 212 Fahrenheit
    • Boiling point of water calculator using your altitude and barometric pressure.
    • Portable Microbiology Laboratory "Containing the best tests for E. Coli that the water and food industries have to offer, each PML includes 25 water tests with sterile plastic pipettes, collecting bags and a portable UV light, all of which are carried in a gallon sized zip lock bag...A simple, easy to use method for making water safe to drink involves heating water in the solar-powered CooKit...Together with Water Pasteurization Indicator (WAPI) to aid in the process of pasteurizing water with solar energy...CooKit addresses two fundamental problems people in villages face every day: no wood for cooking and contaminated water."
    • What you can do to promote solar cooking nonprofit Solar Cookers International.
    • freznell lense can boil water

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    Solar Cooking Forums

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    Personal experiences, accounts of use, good advice
  • Cook With the Sun-Solar Cooking - Solar Oven Information "You can cook almost anything with the sun and a "low tech" solar oven!" Home made cookers, recipes and a dialogue.
  • Hot off the grid Personal experience with solar cookers and some recipes.
  • A Solar Cooking Day Solar Cooking for a family in Tiruchirapalli.
  • Good advice and information about solar cooking from
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    International Directory of Solar Cooking Promoters
  • International Directory of Solar Cooking Promoters Individuals who have indicated to Solar Cookers International they have solar cooking experience . Listed by country.

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    Resolutions of Solar Cooker conferences and seminars  Resolutions and 2006 Collaborative Actions Asia/Africa Seminar of Solar Cooker Leaders, Kenya 2005
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    Solar Cooking News

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