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Emergency Pages:
CPR-Not Breathing
Choking & Asthma
Poisons, Bites, Stings
Antivenom Sources

Deal With Natural Hazards:
Lightning Safety
Desert Survival
Nonprofit Rescue Teams
Coping with Forest Fire  (Wildland)

Disaster Plans & Control Centers:
Family Emergency Plan
Emergency Planning Schools, Businesses
Safe Room Tips
Crisis Response Paradigm
Conflict Assumptions & Achieving Security
Response to Terrorism

Animal Emergency and Care:
Animal CPR
Whale Dolphin Stranding
Oil Spill Rescue
Pet Bird Care Hazards

Approaches To Dyslexia
Women's Girls' Education In Development

Water Availabilty:
Desalination, Saline Agric, Fog Collectors
Well Water & Sanitation

HIV/AIDS Controversy
Hepatitis C
Iron Overload

Problem Solving:
Peace Agreements and Their Failures
Observations on Problem Solving
Realistic Decision Making
Basic Principles of Action
Teach Thru Problem Solving
Modalities of Learning
Organizing For Success (Word Doc)
Conflict Reduction
Assumptions of Conflict
Crisis Response Paradigm (Word Doc)

Nonprofit Help:
Nonprofit Cycles / Chairs
Computer Recycling

Other Pages:
Sustainable Agriculture
Street Children