We are a worldwide emergency help information site with pages on preparedness, assistance, disaster plans, preparation, aftermath, rescue, survival, weather, maps, CPR hands-only, care for birds, homelessness, problem solving, decision making, teaching, nonprofits, sustainable development.

We are a not-for-profit, non-political, non-religious, non-governmental organization founded in Israel.
Director: J. Morgan Thomas PhD Demography

Besides the Web Problem Database, our mandate involves development of the following activities in the future:

  • direct problem area solution funding and on-the-ground help where other funding sources are not available
  • multimedia spotlight on different problems and their solutions for television, newspapers, educational purposes, training, and information
  • invited reports and evaluations on specific problems 
  • tailoring of national, regional, local and institutional plans for crisis prevention, crisis response and aftermath by expert teams and resident experts
  • reporting on problem areas for syndication and spot coverage
  • expert witness in legal proceedings, inquiries, investigative committees
  • notification and recommendation to non-profit grant and funding organizations of potential, ongoing, or recidivist problem areas
  • sub-contractual monitoring of specific problems in the attempt to alleviate, prepare for, and handle long term or emergency situations


    J. Morgan Thomas

    Educational Background

    • Horace Greeley High School, Chappaqua, New York, 1953
    • Yale University B.A. (History), 1957
    • Harvard Divinity School Cambridge, Massachusetts, one year 1958
    • Hasting School of Law San Francisco, one year
    • University of Southern California PhD (Sociology in a Demography framework), 1970
    • Certificate in Systems Analysis, Retraining for Academics, Department of Labour, Israel, 1986
    Academic Positions and Editor
    • Founder & Editor, Soiological Journal "et al" 1967-75
    • Research Assoc, Public Systems Research Inst, University of Southern California, 69-71
    • Extension Program Lecturer U.C.L.A. & University of Southern California, 1973-75
    • Assistant Professor, California State University, Fullerton, 1973-75 (sociology)
      courses taught: Social Change, Cycles of Man, Deviant Behavior, Statistics, Sociological Theory
    • Senior Lecturer (Fulbright Hayes Fellow), University of Zambia, 1976-78
    • Outside Lecturer, Recanati School of Management, Tel Aviv University
      Introduction to Computers (java programming) 1998-2000
      Advanced Java Programming, Summer 1999, 2000
    Programming Positions
    • Lead Programmer - project funded by Ministry of Science
      MIRS(Metaknowledged Intelligent Routing System) 1988-89
    • Systems Programmer, Teldan Company, Tel Aviv 1987-90
    • Head Programmer - MAPAT (Inst Teaching & Technology) AMAL, Tel Aviv 1990-95
    Previous programs for commercial and educational institutions
    • include retrieval engines, parsers, editor and support facilities - Examples:
      Specialized database input & retrieval system (Teldan)
      Smart topic-retrieval educational tool for high school
      Research projects (Ministry of Education CDrom Project)
    Latest programs (Java)
    • Fast natural language query analyser for determining intent
    • Smart internet crawler for direct online search
    • World University Service - two year speaking tour of Southern U.S. 59-60
    • U.S. Army (2 year draft) PFC Anchorage, Alaska, active duty, Second Lieutenant, Reserves 60-61
    • Winfield China door to door sales representative, Ancorage, Alaska
    • Bank of America, Trust Department, Stockton, California
    Unpublished papers
    • Learn Java Basics - 1999 (teaching tool - html format)
    • Specification of the Associative Mapping Concept To Search on the Web, June 2001
    • Fast Natural Language Query Analysis for Inter/intranet Access, (lead author)
    Self Published Opinion Papers

    Self Published Globalcrisis Theoretical Papers

    Self Published Globalcrisis Originals
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