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Upd: Jan 18 2022

Two videos that are critical for the whole world to see:
The Stew Peters Show with Researcher Karen Kingston
Discovered: actual documentation of funding to create a bioweapon and methods of distribution. Gain-of-function research in the NIH grant database

2. TOXIC and SUPERTOXIC BATCHES OF VACCINES IN CIRCULATION in the USA and outside produced by Moderna, Pfizer, Janssen (Johnson & Johnson)

Hackers Reveal DEADLY Jab Lot Numbers, HORRIFIC Pfizer Teen Trial Data and MORE!, The Stew Peters Show, January 7, 2022
Starting at about 13.00 on time line

copy of original with commentary
Dr. Jane Ruby: Big Pharma companies intentionally deploying toxic batches of COVID-19 vaccine Stew Peters Show, Brighteon.TV, Planet Today, January 09, 2022
Another copy of original
Dr. Jane Ruby | BREAKING Deadly Vax Lot Numbers IDENTIFIED, Still in Circulation The Stew Peters Show

More information: Reiner Fullmich and 50 Lawyers Free West Media
Reiner Füllmich and Jesper Johansson - 50 lawyers - The vaccines

TO LOOK UP YOUR BATCH CODE How Bad is My Batch? Batch codes and associated deaths, disabilities and illnesses for Covid 19 Vaccines

Former Pfizer VP Mike Yeadon declares covid vaccines are “toxic by design” – they’re weapons to reduce global population by Planet Today, Jan 11 2022

Another copy
Dr Reiner Fullmich and Dr Michael Yeadon Interview Jan. 2022 First published at 11:23 UTC on January 8th, 2022
and Another copy
Genocide, Premeditated Mass Murder Evidence – Dr. Michael Yeadon & Attorney Reiner Fuellmich [VIDEO] By Red Voice Media, Jan 9 2022

Paul Schreyer: Pandemic Simulation Games – Preparation For a New Era? + has Table of Contents
Other copies if above does not work
Paul Schreyer: Pandemic Simulation Games – Preparation For a New Era?
youtube Paul Schreyer: Pandemic Simulation Games – Preparation For a New Era?
seemorerocks Paul Schreyer: Pandemic Simulation Games – Preparation For a New Era?
If you want to see more news about what is happening behind the scenes
Pandemic News


It's a game.
It is the biggest game in written history - taking in the whole world.
They took in world leaders and others with a 30 year secrecy contract, when most of the current individuals involved will be gone or too old to do anything about.

They are gaming those who are willing to believe - those who fear a virus, whether it exists or not, regardless of its pathogenicity. They got the media, on which everyone depends, to play the game. And they've done a masterful job - the media as the ministry of truth - with the threat of disassociation to keep everyone aligned. And the major sources making sense of the world - no longer making sense. And the interconnected lines between us all, wrapping us so tight we are fearful of being cut loose.

But the game has a plan and an end goal.
An end goal so terrible that almost no one can contemplate it. No, we say, it's not happening now. What happened before in history was always led by those who knew full well what they were doing. But now? They are trustworthy, operating on normal give and take sequencing - calling nothing into question as to an alternative motive, although detailed by those we pay little attention to, or those we thought could not mean what they say. And in any case, they are not showing us what is going on behind the scenes or being displayed so sporadically that we do not put it tall ogether to assign a single cause.

You ask, what is the end goal? What would they get out of it. Certainly it's not money. No, it's not money, although that is what they want us to think, after the altruistic part fades in that which we were given and would likely not have bought in the first place - especially for those who were in the cross hairs. And then they refused to assume responsibility for any damage caused by their gift. No, it is something else. Can you guess what that might be?

I want to tell people, but no one wants to listen.
I don't have the stature of those who are pushing.
Who am I to think what I see when almost no one else sees?

But I'm not wrong.

And when everyone finally wakes because the endgame starts to arrive in tsunami form - then it is too late.

And I weep for all who have covered yourselves to keep from the drowning tide of evil as it sweeps across the land.

We will lose everything because we did not believe that anyone could do something like that.

To lose all - our lives, our children, our ability to produce a new generation, our wish to create and dream, to see the Milky Way and believe that someday it will be within our reach in our love and caring - reaching out to the universe.



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