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Letter to those involved in the great reset

OPINION   Oct 31 2021

Letter to those involved in the great reset
Our justice far exceeds your injustice and brutality.
Our healing far exceeds your injury.
Our love far exceeds your evil.

Our wealth as the 7 billion you want to extinguish consists of infinite possibilities, infinite innovation, infinite connection far exceeding any wealth you could ever amass.

While you pose to rule over an earth devoid of love and infinite variation, we are one with the earth through future generations of new discovery, innovation with the spark of genius in every cell, with true free interaction between sons and daughters ever expanding in understanding and the fruition of hope.

In death WE return and have everlasting life, while you live your one long life fighting off impending death.

The universe is ours to explore in peace, not as half robot and transmutated self - to conquer and subdue, with robots at your side.

You may destroy our commerce, our institutions, and try to destroy our interaction with each other, but you cannot destroy our willingness to share, to help each other, to guide and support one another, our love, and our resolution to survive regardless of your attempts to destroy us.

The heaven - the universe is ours for we are at one with God.


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