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My Suggestions On Being Homeless
If you are facing cold weather, the first thing to worry about is socks. Have two pair. People will often worry about you not having a coat, but nobody worries about socks, and they are essential.

A bit of cheap philosophy: remember that what goes up - will come down, but, most importantly, the opposite is also true - what goes down will come up. There are no flat lines - there are cycles in everything. Just hang in there and you will make it through. Some individuals dive deeper than others, but the forces are all pushing you toward the top. Don't fight them. Relax and know that eventually you will come out of this. It sometimes takes a lot of tries to break through the surface, but if you don't give up, you will succeed.
Finally, two pieces of advice:
Make peace with anyone in your past. It's amazing what a simple 'I'm sorry" can do (Burgreen's "I was wrong" may be better). It may not solve your problem, but it will lift weights from you that you didn't even know were there. And secondly, do not antagonize anyone. They have enough problems. And you don't need any more.
And, remember to do one thing. Do whatever you can to stay clean. Clean gets you into more places and will provide you with more help than you could ever imagine.
THAT'S It. Good Luck.

Do you want more?
1. If you are more than one - a partner, family, etc., always have a 'home' base so that if there is a misunderstanding of where to meet, or you are cut off for any reason, everyone knows that as a last resort, this is where you can locate each other - even if you all have cell phones - which can be lost, stolen, powerless, in constant use, etc.
2. Memberships - you need to belong - for yourself, members of your family - for places to go, things to do, resources you might be interested in, so that you have options and if needed sanitary facilities - library, health club, movie pass, and tickets, cards for available transportation.

3. Things you didn't know you needed until you do, and that is a fold-up, carry in your pocket set of tools - screwdriver, saw, pliers, pick, etc., a fold-up fork and spoon, a collapsible stainless steel cup, small flashlight.

4. The last thing you want to do is carry stuff around with you. For one thing, it is totally inconvenient if you are constantly moving during the day. But, secondly, there is the constant possibility of having it stolen. Depending on what you have, if there isn't someone to leave your stuff with, check out self storage, pick up and delivery storage, bank deposit box, or for short term storage, places like health club lockers.
Self storage
A good overview of costs, and what to look for and who to ask. cost of self-storage. Should be 24/7 guard. climate controlled, etc.  cost runs less than $50 per month for a 5x5 cubical. Be sure to thoroughly check them out and search for some reviews.
Pick Up and Delivery Storage
Storage in a safe 24/7 guard, climate controlled warehouse (moving company and warehouse storage may not be the same thing). Can be less than $7 for storage by the actual amount of space taken for one carton. Be sure to check them out and search for some reviews.
Safety Deposit Box in a bank
This can be under $25 a year (small box). Just let someone you trust know where it is. If anything happens to you, it can be opened with a court order.
Check out What you should and shouldn't put in.
Also, check out  Reasons To Use or think Twice About What You Keep There

Online Storage for photos and documents
Free or paid-for online storage. Valuable photos and documents should be stored in at least 2 places - physical and digital.  If you have documents or art which can be lost or destroyed, take photos and upload them to online storage info on free online storage

5. And last but not least, you need a schedule of where to go, what to do, and a reason for doing each thing. There is nothing worse than aimlessly wandering around, unless that is one of the activities you have scheduled for each day. This is for the following reasons: you don't overstay your welcome, you give yourself and others the impression that you are not totally lost, you give structure to your daily existence, and if part of each day or each week is visiting the offices of agencies who can help, or fend for you, it gives you hope.

Just because you are homeless doesn't mean that you can't get on with living your life while getting over this period.

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