Multi Stage Functions
Communication should be centralized and the primary unit operating at all stages, with agreed upon delegation of command within the separate sub units.
Make sure that communication lines are established and physical communication capabilities are operational at all times. Establish alternative communication routes to minimize any breakdown or delay and provide open lines to all operational levels including a central open line for the public to call in information related to emergency, alert, information.
communication should provide:
procedures to avoid jumbled or incomplete information, biased or too narrow in scope.
sufficient channeling to avoid overload, identification of correct target for communiation, and speed of delivery.
separate free communication channels for fast and timely delivery of critical information.
correct production, reproduction, backup and overlap to avoid misunderstanding.
increased coordination and a communication loop to include all involved regardless of level.
communicate in order to:
direct the different stages of system response reduce confusion and time needed to respond.
clarification of orders, laws and rules affecting each stage.
increase provision of help.
warning of dangers pre and post event and precautions to be taken.
prevention of side events and collateral damage.
increase participation of population affected.
develop support and resources.
prevent and or ameliorate events and sub events.
develop for operational functions to direct, request orders, clarify, receive information.
support performance of all duties, actions to, from and within all levels.
keep all relevant personnel and bodies updated on any changes in any part of the preparedness system.
within group communication involved in each stage.
between groups, interagency communication.
communication from operational personnel in field.
communication with and to affected population.
communication capabilities to expert advice if needed.
alert the public and provide public awareness of possible threats and countermeasures to be taken.
inform, reduce panic, misinformation in general population.


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