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    Term Definition:'site'
    In the following agreement, the terms "the site", "this site" or "Center" (not case sensitive) shall refer to two definitions depending on the context within which the terms are used: the Global Crisis Solution Center and all of its services (including but not limited to all web sites), and the site as aforementioned, and its directors, officers, partners, employees, volunteers, material and financial contributors, owners of material, members, distributors, agents, servers, and to all of its assignees, subsidiaries, affiliates(holding rights or interests), branches, licensees, licensors, or inheritors.

    Section titles and 'to top' indicators are not part of agreement, but Term Definition of site on left side of page is included in agreement

    By using this site (see definition on left) in any way, to include but not limited to, viewing, copying, downloading, submitting material, linking to other sites, participating in or using its services, or otherwise making use of the material from this site, you agree to the terms and conditions of this agreement and as otherwise specified in the site and agree to be bound by and act in accordance with these conditions and to abide by applicable laws and regulations. We grant you a limited license to access and to use the site for your own noncommercial, personal use. Such license is not exclusive and is not transferable. If you do not agree, you may not use this site or its materials.

    The material on this site in all of its formats is provided as a guide to problems and their solutions and not as an authority or as best practice or in any form the best solution of or definition of the problem, even if experts in a field are the originators or grant approval of material presented. You understand and agree that all services, including their functions, and materials available on this site or emanating from this site are provided on an "as is" or "as available" basis.

    Therefore, you indicate your understanding and accept that you can NOT rely on the material presented on the site whether created by those connected with the site or submitted to the site by others and published on the site. If you make decisions based on any material on the site, you alone are responsible for the results including any damage or loss occasioned due to use of the site or for your use of or reliance on any of its contents whatsoever, or downloads, or links. Therefore we advise you to check other sources and authorities before making any decisions based on the material of this site in any of its forms or forums.

    You agree that you will use the site and information at your own risk and your own discretion.

    Further, using this site or its product in any way carries with it your agreement not to make use of the site or of materials presented on the site or have their base on the site, or to transmit to the site, or cause the site to display or transmit any material in any way which is illegal, illicit, offensive, harmful, immoral, fraudulent, defamatory, inciting, disruptive, misrepresentative, misleading, objectionable, abusive, harassing, degrading, contrary to the spirit of the site, intimidating, impersonates another, in bad taste, violates the sensibilities, violates the international convention on human rights; discriminates against individuals of any age, sex, ethnicity, race, or creed; impinges on or violates the rights of others under local, national, international law or codes of ethics, codes and agreements of disclosure, other rights including but not limited to copyrights, intellectual property rights, international conventions, patents, trademarks, business contracts, confidentiality codes, personal and professional codes, or infringes on or invades confidentiality, privileged status of information, or privacy in any way; violates laws at any level including laws covering transmission of technical data; or to engage in any way in promotional schemes, or solicitation, collect or store information on site users in order to send unsolicited bulk communications, or use the site for commercial or gambling purposes, or engage in any activity which will disrupt, impede, destroy, limit, or fail to comply with regulations, rules, and procedures, or otherwise interrupt the site or users of the site or any linked sites, and all transmissions between the parties involved, or use any information from this site to engage in any activity which is not in keeping with the purposes of this site.

    You acknowledge that you are solely responsible for any submission or transmission and its content or operation which you initiate to the site, including but not limited to the above provisions. Any violation or transgression not specifically mentioned or covered by the above but which has a negative or potentially negative effect on the site or its users shall be treated as included under the spirit of intent of the above paragraph.

    The site may post changes to the terms of use as posted on this site, as well as the terms of this agreement at any time and without prior notice and such changes will become effective immediately. You agree that by continuing to use this site or the material of this site in any way, you agree to the terms as changed.

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    Information and advice (implicit or explicit) is provided as a public service and we can not and do not warrant or represent as possessing, either expressly or implied, the accuracy, reliability, usefulness, completeness, quality, timeliness, delivery, updatedness, error free state, non infringement, fitness for any particular purpose or fitness in general, or that it will fulfill expectations. The provision of this site is not to be construed as a contract between the site and any individual or group to provide an accurate, complete, or even a safe solution to a problem, nor is it claimed that the interpretation of the problem is correct, nor that facts or views expressed in whatever form are correct and complete. The site shall not be liable for and is not responsible nor does it make any warranties with regard to use of the site either directly or indirectly, or for consequences arising from the use, misuse, misunderstanding, or nonuse of any material including but not limited to facts, suggestions, solutions, analyses, or conclusions whether or not published in their entirety, and whether or not free from errors, to include negligence on the part of the site with regard to any communication, or any posting or failure to post.

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    We do not warrant that the site is free of any harmful component (viruses, etc.) which may cause damage, or that software or any materials will be free of errors, or when discovered that they will be corrected. Further, we do not accept responsibility for changes in any user personalization settings, changes in, deletions of, or additions to materials which are sent based on user requests, nor are we liable for changes , whether due to processing or transmission protocols or non conformity with those protocols or changes due to loss of material or meaning. The site and its incoming and outgoing transmissions may be interrupted from time to time and we do not and can not be responsible for any problems arising from such interruption, including but not limited to, loss, misunderstanding, or any breach of security, or incompletion.

    The site does not provide any warranty for the storage or non storage of materials, or failure to provide such storage of the material received or provided through the site.

    With relation to communications between user and the site, the site can not and does not assume responsibility with regard to any material offered to it, for the timeliness of acceptance or notification of acceptance, the storage or failure thereof, the non duplication, the completeness as published, the understanding of, the placement or non placement on the site, or its duration as presented on the site.

    You also agree that any communications with the site, or through the site, and any materials posted on the site or retained or used by the site do not establish any financial, legal, promissory, confidential, or contractual relationship or commitment on the part of the site either to you or to a third party other than those specified within the terms and conditions within this site use agreement.

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    The site CAN NOT BE LIABLE or HELD LIABLE FOR ANY FORM OF INJURY, LOSS OF ANY KIND including lost revenues, or DAMAGES, either directly or indirectly, including but not limited to, those caused by use of or inability to use the site or the information provided or not provided, or any recommendations (implicit or explicit), or for any loss whatsoever occasioned by any errors or omissions or defects, or failures to post or remove or edit or otherwise restrict or present material of any kind, or for any failure of any user or submitter of material for failure to follow this use agreement, or any failures or interruptions or non integrity of transmission or errors in or delays in transmission , or viruses or other transmissions which may adversely effect the integrity of the recipient systems.

    The site is not responsible for any failure to remove or delay in removing harmful, inaccurate, unlawful, or otherwise objectionable content originating with or otherwise provided by third parties, or material as provided by the site.

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    You agree to reimburse, defend and hold harmless this site (as defined above) and keep it fully indemnified from and against all actions, demands, costs, losses, penalties, damages, liability, claims and all expenses whatsoever arising from your breach of this agreement, your use or misuse of the services of the site or in your communication with or through this site , or claims or liability arising from attributed infringement by you including but not limited to all categories stipulated in the 'use of site' section of this agreement, but shall not preclude the right of the site, at its sole discretion to assume full control over all indemnification actions and proceedings, including settlements, at our own expense.

    This site is not protected, and we can not be responsible for any unauthorized (known or unknown) use by third parties of the material contained on or accessed through the site which may be obtained either legally or illegally.

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    You acknowledge and agree that the site can not be responsible or liable for or guarantee, either directly or indirectly, information, contents, products, promises, availability, delivery, contracts, agreements or understandings, nor any liability whatsoever regarding losses, damages, inconveniences or problems and their consequences sustained due to dealings with or reliance on any sites or products with links to this site. All transactions between users of the site or anyone using information from the site relating to advertisers, or other linked sites shall hold the site blameless for any damages what so ever arising from such transactions and will hold the site not responsible or liable to any and all parties to the transactions, or effected in any way by the transactions or aftermath.

    Other sites linked or pointed to by the site does not imply endorsement of those sites in any form nor is the site responsible for any contents, materials, advice, downloads, or products, including their transmission or communication, appearing in those sites including links contained within those sites. You agree that you use those sites at your own risk.

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    You agree that any information or material presented to the site, including personal details, will be true and complete, and that you will not misrepresent yourself, your affiliations, or the origin of any material offered to the site, relevant to the information given and any information requested.

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    With regard to your privacy, we will not transfer or sell any personal information you provide to us for any reason except under legal government orders, or to protect or administer the site, or fulfill the requirements of this agreement, or safeguard ourselves, the users, or the public.

    However, our privacy policy does not cover any individuals, companies or groups which this site does not employ, own or control, which may be capable of being contacted through the site who are not part of the site, and we shall not be held liable for any contact which you may make either through the site or outside with any such company, organization or individual including individuals or groups or governments whose material appears on the site as providers or owners of information. We are not liable for any such material gathered by a third party with or without our knowledge.

    Personally identifiable information which may be collected for purposes of providing you with the service you request or for transferring you to the emergency or help service the site deems you need will be of two forms: 1. requests by the site for such personal information as may be deemed necessary for the provision of the service. 2. automatically recorded information on server logs which include your IP address and the page requested. We do not use cookies.

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    You agree not to use the material found on this site for any purpose other than personal, non commercial use, unless you have received specific permission to the material used from the copyright owners of the material whether they be the site, individuals connected to the site or contributors of material to the site either through direct contribution or by reference.

    Requests for permission may be addressed to copyright division email addresses for Center address of this site.

    You agree that you will not use the site or its name for any soliciting of funds, material, or otherwise utilize the site for yours or anyone else's purpose without our express written agreement and approval to the exact nature and manner of such use. Furthermore, you agree that you will not use addresses or other information available on the site for sending unsolicited communications.

    The site or its subparts may not be exploited for any commercial purpose and you agree that you will not copy, duplicate, link to, or in any other way compromise the non profit nature of the site.

    You also agree not to display or use the site logo or banner in any way.

    Framing of this site or any part of the site is expressly forbidden.

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    While framing or mirroring is prohibited, linking to this site or any of its parts or contents is permissible as long as there is no stating or implying or situating in such a way as to imply that your site is sponsored by or has any connection with this site and that the provision of link does not in any way show the site in an untrue, misleading or defamatory matter.

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    The site reserves the right to modify, add, remove, discontinue, restrict, edit, refuse to post, display in any format or on any service of the site, use in any way we see fit, or otherwise manage any or all parts of the services on the site, including all material or parts thereof displayed or made available on the site at any time without prior notice and in any way which is perceived as necessary to fulfill the goals of the site or to maintain conformance with applicable laws and rules of conduct. The material provided through the problem/solution database, the forums, or by other communication will be fully covered by copyrights and other intellectual property rights to the original authors. We do not claim ownership of any material or ideas you shall include or submit on any service of the site. However, you grant us the time unlimited, compensation-free and non-exclusive license to make any use anywhere of the material or ideas whatsoever, to include but not limited to, any changes to the material, and to reproduce and to publish in any format, and on any service of the site, and without your inspection or approval as to such changes.

    The site is protected in its entirety, and in its composition, and structure, and in any separate parts not specifically covered by the copyright of individual contributors, by copyright and by international and national conventions to include intellectual property conventions. You agree to abide by all laws and conventions in your use of the site and in any loading, transmission, downloading or transference of material to or from the site including retention of all copyright or other proprietary designations.

    We welcome any suggestions, ideas for changes, improvements to the site or its base of support, but we cannot be responsible for maintaining confidentiality regarding submissions nor can we be responsible for reimbursement of any kind regarding such submissions including their use or presentation in any form or in reasonable facsimile on the site, or through the site and their subsequent use by others or by anyone connected with the site for any purpose whatsoever.

    You agree that any claim or cause of action which arises in relation to this site, copyright or intellectual property laws will be permanently barred unless filed within 1 year after the cause of the action arose.

    Owners of material which appear on this site or are available through this site are requested to immediately inform us of any improper posting, error, distribution, or use of their material.

    If copyright or intellectual property rights are violated, send an email email addresses for Center with an exact description of the material or parts of material which you claim has been violated, its placement on the site including the date on which it was last available on the site, personal data including name address, contact information including email, the form of violation and where and when such violation took place and its use by the person or persons infringing these rights, plus a statement, made under penalty of perjury, that you believe in good faith that your copyrights or intellectual property rights have been violated, and that you in fact are the owner of the material covered by the infringement or a legal authorized agent to act on behalf of the owner. Such notice with all details must be sent by email email addresses for Center only.

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    We may discontinue, restrict, cut, change, limit or block access, or move the site or parts thereof, or change the domain name at any time without prior notice. Further, we may handle or change any content on this site to our discretion without notice to interested parties.

    Our failure to enforce any part of this agreement does not waive its validity or the validity of the whole agreement, or our rights under this agreement in the future.

    The invalidity of any part of this agreement shall not effect the validity of your agreement to all other parts of the agreement.

    If there is any ambiguity as to meaning or application of the terms or provisions of this agreement, the intent of the agreement or the part under discussion as a part of the overall agreement shall prevail.

    Duplication or similarity of provisions does not limit the force of the duplicated segment in any way. Section titles and material divisions within the agreement or appearing anywhere else on the site, are stylistic only and does not limit the applicability or force of any provision which is deemed to be misplaced or does not appear within a particular section.

    Any information or statement or promise, either written or oral, from anyone connected with the site shall not abridge, change, add to this statement, or be binding if it is not expressly stated in this statement as updated from time to time.

    Any content or request for funds for any charitable or non charitable purpose are prohibited unless expressly authorized in writing and as to period by the site.

    Individual presentations of any kind found on the site do not necessarily reflect the views of the site or its supporters, advertisers, or linked sites.

    We reserve the full discretionary right to block the use of the site, or cancel subscriptions to materials from the site of anyone who is deemed to have violated the terms of this agreement to the detriment of the site or of its users.

    Please report any violations of this agreement which come to your attention email addresses for Center and place the phrase "Report of Non Compliance" in the comment field at the top.

    We invite you to inform us of any inaccuracies you may find in the site email addresses for Center with the word "ERROR" in the comment field at the top. The site is not bound to respond, correct the inaccuracy, or otherwise relate to the information sent, but such information is kindly requested in the attempt to constantly improve the accuracy and usefulness of the site.

    Due to a number of factors including limited staff, communications regarding this agreement by any other means than email will not be considered or handled.

    Last Modified - 01/12/2002

    End of Site Use Agreement

    Note: email is the only form of communication which will be handled by this site except for Instant Response and Forum and then only within the scope of these facilities.

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